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The Billionaire Returns hunt is going as planned

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in the presidential office at MR Micheal sat going over some paperwork. He had the lieutenant inform Zhao that he was in jail and Andy was about to be let go. Suddenly there was a knock on the door of his office. Micheal looked at the door and told whoever there to come in.

As the door one of his female secretaries Popped her head in.

"Sir there is a young man here to see you. He doesn have a appointment but he said he knows you personally and you asked him to come here."

Then suddenly the door flew open and a man in a military uniform walked in and stared at Micheal.

"Well apparently I have to make a appointment to see the great Micheal Yang huh."

Micheal looked at him and then stood up.

"Well at least I don barge into other peoples offices like I own the place"

The aura coming from these two was terrifying. The secretary standing in the back started shaking. What is the relationship between these two. Did this man have a issue with Micheal. The two walked towards each other. As they came to each other all the secretary could think about was calling security. However suddenly the two started laughing and the secretary face then looked confused.

"Man its good to see you again Micheal"

The man then gave Micheal a hug and Micheal immediately started to hug him as well.

"Its good to see you as well Adam"

This man was Adam Song of country B Song family. The Song family was almost a rich and powerful as the Yang family. However, the Song family was more involved with the military and training soldiers. Even Adams grandfather held the unofficial title of god of war. There was no bad blood between them in fact the two family were very close and on good terms with one another. In the past both family intermarried with each other. And both Micheal and Adams grandfathers were brothers in arms. The two had also planned on marry there kids together when they were younger but since neither had a girl the plan never came to being.

Micheal told his secretary that everything was alright and bring them some tea. As the secretary left Micheal had Adam take a seat, and the two started talking.

"Who Micheal this is some place you built, I gotta hand it to you."

Micheal smiled

"Thanks it wasn to difficult I grew up here so I new the best places to invest my resources and build up from there."

Adam began laughing

"Yay that sounds like you always planning three steps ahead. So what is it you wanted to talk to me about?"

As Adam asked this Micheal smiled

"Well its simple Im going hunting"

Adam face looked a little confused at Micheal answer when there was a knock on the door. In walked the chief of police with Andy Mo. Micheal stood up and pored some tea for them.

"Good everyone is here, Lets begin"


Richard Lu was pacing in his apartment waiting to get a phone call.

"Damn it what is taking so long?"

He had heard from Zhao that Andy had been released from prison and Micheal was in his place. He was now one step closer to getting the info on master Yang in order to get his revenge. Then there was a knock on his door. As he opened it he was a little surprised standing there was Andy.

"Richard, you really are a true friend"

Richard just smiled at him

"Of course how could I let you rot in prison"

However, Richard didn care about Andy at all. He would have no problem letting him rot in prison. To him Andy was just a pawn to be discarded when he no longer had any use, but right now he needed him.

Richard invited Andy in and sat him down.

"Andy remember what you told me in prison, if I got you out you tell me about master Yang"

Andy shook his head.

"I remember, so what you wanna know?"

Richard smiled and got some drinks.

"Andy, I want to know everything"

Thus Andy started telling him everything about master or in fact everything Micheal told him to tell Richard.

"Master Yang is a elderly man. White beard and hair , kinda looks like one of those old martial arts masters you see in old movies."

Richard was writing down every detail. He then looked up at Andy

"Is master Yang a cautious man?"

Andy nodded

"Very cautious. When I first met him he was sitting in a tea house read old scrolls."

This made Richard a little upset. If master Yang was cautious and well experienced he would have a hard time getting his revenge. Just then Andy decided to include some other important information.

"Yeah master Yang is the complete opposite of his grandson"

When Richard heard these words he raised an eyebrow.

"His grandson?"

Andy nodded his head.

"Yep he has a grandson, I believe his name is Adam. Real spoiled rich kid his grandfather gives him anything he wants and will pay what ever amount to keep him out of trouble."

Richard then got a big evil smile on his face


Andy could see that Richard had taken the bait just like said he would.

"Oh yeah, I heard that he got a girl pregnant, and In order to avoid a scandal he paid her family a fortune to get rid of the kid and keep quite about the whole thing."

Richard knew what he had to do now. Master Yang might be to much of an opponent to take head on but he does have a weakness. His grandson.

"Andy do you were I could find his grandson Adam?"

Andy finished his drink and got up and looked at Richard

"I can do even better I know were he is right now"

Andy took Richard to full moon a club on sunrise strip. It was one of the most expensive clubs in east city. Anyone who has the ability to come does, because it allows them to rub shoulders with top people in town.

As the two walk into the club Andy leads Richard to the VIP area were he points to a man sitting with a beautiful women on each side and a couple bottles of expensive wine on the table.

"That is Adam, his vices are wine and women he shouldn be to hard to befriend"

Richard smiled and looked at Andy

"Andy what would I do without you."

High above the club floor in the managers office. A lone figure stood looking at Richard and Andy. It was Micheal he was like a tiger watching his prey walk into his trap.

"Well done Andy, the hunt is going as planned"

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