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Elizabeth seeing how nervous Michael and Adam at the mention of this Black Death was making her worry.

"Michael, please calm down, and tell us who this Black Death person is"

Michael and Adam turned to look at the Wu family. They both could see that their reaction to this news was scaring everyone. It was no surprised that they had no idea who the Black Death was, the only reason they new was because they were both briefed when they enlisted. Michael and Adam then looked at each other, Michael nodded his head and then sat Amy and Elizabeth down.

Adam stood up straight and cleared his throat and then began to tell everyone who The Black Death was.

"The Black Death is the crime boss that stands above all other crime bosses in the world. Every aspect of the underworld is either controlled directly by his organization or controlled by those who has his blessing. He is without a doubt the most powerful criminal in the world."

The Wus were shocked at what Adam was telling. How could this be, why was someone so powerful after them it did not make sense. Mark Wu then stood up.

"Why us, why my family. I will admit that i have never been the most perfect human being however, I kept my business clean and never once worked with anyone from the underworld. Why does this man hold such a grudge against us."

Adam then started to think and then stated something else that puzzled everyone.

"If what you say is true, then yes he would have probably never concerned himself with the Wu family. However, what is really puzzling is the fact that he is taking his time in trying to deal with you"

When Adam said this everyone was confused, what did he mean by taking his time? Adam could see that Amy and her family was confused. He wanted to avoid scaring them to much but with how things were turning out he felt he had no choice. he clenched his fist and decided to tell them the history of the Black Death.

"20 years ago after the terrorist group known as the Red Hand fell, this person known as the Black Death appeared. he gathered the Red Hand remnants and established his organization, and then seized key industries. Money laundering, smuggling routes, and various others. once he had control he then was able to force other criminal organization to get in line. However, some groups were not a willing to bend the knee to him and tried to fight him out right."

Amy then asked a question that Adam did not want to answer

"what did he do with those that tried to fight him"

Adam took a deep breath and spoke.

"in a single night every gang and group that stood against him was wiped out. the most notable was the county J syndicate known as blood leaf, they had controlled the underworld of country J for over 50 years and were one of the most fierce organization in the world. However, to the Black Death and his men they were nothing not even ants. After that any thought of fighting him vanished and he established complete control, and anytime someone gets in his way or starts talking about forming their own group he quickly has them taken care of. that is why i said it was odd that he is taking his time in going after you

e family Mr. Wu"

Hearing these words everyone in the Wu house began to tremble. when Michael saw how scared Amy was he knew he had to do something to calm her and family down. After thinking for a moment he stood up and knew what to do.

"Mr. Wu because of this new development i would like to assign some men to protect you and you

e family. I know it might seem sudden but we have no idea just what exactly this man plan is so we have to take precautions"

Hearing Michael say this Mr. Wu understood, right now him and his family were in extreme danger. His heart felt heavy life was just starting to return to normal for them and now this. then Michael made another suggestion that shocked Amy the most.

"Also we know that the Black Death is cautious due to him believing the Wu family has the backing of Master Yang and MR international. So for the time being let make him keep believing that."

Elizabeth was curious about what Michael just said.

"how do you intend to do that?"

Michael looked down at Amy and took a deep breath, he did not know how her or her family would react to what he was about to say.

"Amy and I will pose as couple and publicly announce our engagement"

When Michael said these words everyone in the room were frozen with shock, especially Amy. What was Michael even talking about getting engaged, she remembered them making such a promise when they were younger but now after everything that has happened. She quickly stood up lowered her head.

"Michael, I cant do that"

When she said these words Michael was stunned by her response. Why was she saying this, he thought he knew why she did what she did 6 years ago and that now with everything that has happened maybe they could begin again. Was she not in love with him anymore?

Just then Elizabeth stood up and walked towards her daughter, she knew why Amy said she could not be engaged to Michael. She viewed herself as unworthy because her of her parents situation and that a family like the Yangs would never accept her.

"Amy, listen"

Before Elizabeth could utter another word Amy stopped her

"No I said I cant"

Amy then ran out of the Wu house, Michael stunned by her reaction didn know what to say, but he knew that he could not let her run off on her own.

"Amy wait"

Elizabeth then intervened

"Michael please let me go talk to her please stay here"

Michael understood and then looked back at wolf his body guard

"Send some men to go with Mrs. Wu and make sure nothing happens"

Wolf bowed and then selected a group to escort Elizabeth to find Amy.

While Elizabeth and the men left Adam then stood up and brought something to Michaels attention.

"Michael, Andy also said that they were going after Brandon Chen right? it might be wise to grab him before they do, he may have some insight as to why the Black Death has it out for all of them"

Michael realized Adam was right. They were after him as well and Brandon was also not as clean as the Wu so he might have done something to offend the Black Death. He turned to wolf again.

"leave a group here to guard the Wu house and Master Wu, Everyone else come with me we need to find Brandon Chen."

As they were about to leave and search for Brandon, Mr. Wu stopped Michael

"Master Yang my I have a moment I have something to tell you and it concerns Amy behavior just now.

Michael nodded and sent the rest out and told them he would be soon, Mr. Wu decided that Michael needed to know why Amy say what she said. he could see that these two people loved each other outside factors kept getting in the way.

"Master Yang there is something you must know"

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