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Chapter 22

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Ah, the yellow candy tasted like apples.

Its really delicious.

As expected, sweet things are the best.

I rolled the candy with my tongue, enjoying the taste of apples spreading in my mouth.

Damian asked me with a disgusted face.

“You almost threw up, why put candy in your mouth”

“When I feel nauseous, I have to eat something sweet.”

In response to my answer, Damian looked as if he was saying,What kind of person is like this

“Alright, if you think so…”

Then he nodded hastily, as if he couldnt understand my answer.

Hey, many people can love candy.

Dont you know that humans are designed to basically like sweet things

Then, Damian opened his mouth.

“By the way, Ive never seen a maid as young as you.”

“Ah, well, I have been in the Imperial Palace since I was born.

Thats the reason why.”

I answered him politely.

Then, for the first time in a while, Damian, who had been disgusted at me or expressionless the entire time, opened his eyes wide.

“What Why”

“My mother used to be the maid of the Imperial Palace, but they say she passed away after giving birth to me.”

Damians eyes flickered briefly.


I tilted my head.

Are you sympathizing with me

Actually, I dont really mind.

Then, my eyes lit up.

Okay, Im gonna seize this opportunity!

Im gonna make him more and more sympathetic!

I pretended to be as pitiful as possible and faced Damian.

“You dont have any parents either”


As my shoulders dropped down, I looked into Damians eyes slightly.

Damian was frowning.

Oh, oh, oh.

Have I finally managed to create a connection with Damian

Right, come to think of it!

Didnt Damians parents passed away

I put candy in Damians hand.

“I dont eat candy…!”

“Youll like it when you feel down.”

Damian, who was reflexively trying to swat my hand away, stopped.

I made eye contact with Damian and used my special move.

“If you eat something sweet, everything will be fine.”

I smiled until my eyes are nearly closed.

What do you think Arent I cute

If I smiled like this, not only the Empress, but the other maids would all gush over me!

However Damian didnt react like I expected.

“Dont smile like that.

Its ugly.”

I was a little shocked.

I-is it really because Im ugly

I looked at him sullenly.

Seriously, with that handsome appearance, I would be nothing in front of him is it

… But I dont want to admit that.

By the way… Damian really looks just like the one depicted in the novel.

I glanced at Damian.

‘He looks so handsome.

On his smooth forehead, his blue hair fluttered softly.

His neck that stretches beautifully like a deer is as white as a whipped cream.

His features and small face seemed to have been created by God with all his heart.

And his golden scarlet-tinted eyes.

All of that was completed with a slender body and slender limbs that looked elegant.

‘Hes still dazzlingly beautiful… and in the future, hell be the most beautiful young man in this empire.

But that dazzling appearance and the place where he lived doesnt really match.

I looked around.

My maids senses were tingling.

Ah, its dirty.

Look at the dust on the window sill.

I want to clean it, I want to wash it thoroughly with detergent!

With Damians thin and small body, how did he usually clean an area this big…

If we get to know each other a little later, can I do some cleaning for you

Thinking that way, I smiled at Damian.

“What are you looking at”

… Our eyes just met.


Instead of answering, I smiled vaguely.

The palace you live in is really dirty!

I was thinking about it, cant you tell”

Damian asked with a confused face.

“Come to think of it, youve been calling me the Crown Prince for a while now.”

“Whats wrong with that Youre Crown Prince, am I right”

Eh, arent you the crown prince

No, he looks exactly like the prince depicted in the original, right

“… Of course I am.”

Looking at me as I tilted my head, Damian narrowed his brows.

After a moments hesitation, he opened his mouth.

“You dont even know what other people call me”

“I know.”


People only call his name without any title that way.

‘He shouldve been called respectfully with Your Highness or the Crown Prince.

It was because everyone would gossip that Damian would be deposed as a Crown Prince.

‘But, I know that hes going to ascend beyond the Crown Prince title and become the Emperor.

And even if that doesnt happen, he was still the Crown Prince, he should be called politely.

Its not that I dont know about that, I just thought its the least I could do for him.

After pondering for a long time, Damian asked again carefully.

“… You dont mind it”

“Why should I Youre the handsome Crown Prince after all.”

Damian was silent.

I faced him with confidence.

Right now, Im being generous.

He said I was ugly, but I tolerated it.

After a while, Damian quickly turned his head away.


I opened my eyes wide.

Damians ears… are turning red

“Thats funny, truly.”

A moment later, Damian muttered begrudgingly, but I decided not to hear it.

“Ah, I have to go back now!”

Then, I got up from my seat.

I didnt plan on staying for too long.

Actually, I never thought Id run into Damian like this.

I picked up the bundle of clothes placed on the bench.

“I have to get some clothes for the maid Weber.”

“Maid Weber”

“Yes, shes the senior maid in the Empress Palace.

Shes a nwice person.” (Yes, shes the senior maid in the Empress Palace.

Shes a nice person.)

I think I have regained some strength in my legs now.

I took a couple of steps and looked back at Damian.

“Twen, Ill come back next time.” (Then, Ill come back next time.)

“Enough, dont come back.”

“No, Ill come back.”

When I answered stubborny, Damian looked at me with squinted eyes.

He asked me again.

“You said you were a nice kid before”

“Well, umm, coming to you is what a nice kid does.”

I didnt say I was nice.

When I said I was nice, I meant Im nice to myself!

Upon hearing my answer, Damian sighed.

Hes still young, yet he kept sighing.

I smiled brightly.

“See you later!”

“… Okay.”

After a while, Damian answered with a small voice.

Ah, I got permission to come next time, right

After bowing down, I crawled back into the doghole.

Ah, really.

Im so tired!


Damian stared intently at the doghole through which Charlize had disappeared into.

‘What the hell is she doing

At first, he thought the kid really was an assassin.

Of course, after their exchange, he felt pathetic for worrying about being assassinated by a kid like that.

Besides, no matter how surprised he was, the act of pointing a knife to her neck first…

‘… I was wrong about that.

Damian frowned involuntarily.

The little girl that looked up to him looked like a rabbit.

Her frightened look kept lingering in his mind.

‘Ah, come to think of it.

He didnt even ask for her name.

… Will she really come back next time

Damian blinked.

He know hell be disappointed if he look forward to it, but the words “See you again” left behind by that kid replayed over and over again in his head.

‘Nevermind, what do I expect

She will soon disappear.

Just like bubbles disappear, not even a trace will be left behind.

Damians expression quickly turned cold.

Then, the boy felt something in his pocket.

‘This is…

When he put his hand in his pocket and took it out, his expression crumbled in an instant.

A candy was in Damians pocket.

It was a candy wrapped in colorful paper.

How did she do it so discreetly

After some time, Damian peeled the candy and put it in his mouth.

Come to think of it, its been a long time since he had eaten candy.

The pink candy tasted like strawberries.

Maybe its because of the taste, but it tasted strangely sweet in his mouth.


When I returned to the Empress Palace, I was immediately caught by the two maids.

The maids who saw me were surprised.

“Oh my God, Charlize! What is this!”

“Did you get grass on your apron”

“Also, your clothes are a mess because of the dirt!”

“I, um.

I fell on the road on the way here…”


I tried to cover it up with a smile, but the Empress, who had just come out of the room, joined in.

“You fell on the road Are you hurt!”


Im not huwt.” (No, Im not hurt.)

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The only problem is that I almost died…

I mean because of Damian, that little boy.

How dare he aim a dagger at someone so recklessly

Fortunately, the Empress and maids were only concerned about whether or not I was seriously injured, and didnt question anything else.

But, the Empress suddenly whispered in my ears.


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