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A long breath came out.

Damian slowly opened his eyes.

 I don’t feel lightheaded anymore, it seems that my fever has gone down a bit.

Then, something tickled the corner of his arm.


 What tickled Damian’s arm were strands of Charlize’s fine silver hair.

Damian, who inadvertently looked at Charlize, chuckled without realizing it.

That’s right, Charlize was lying on the bed, asleep without a care in the world.

She was even snoring a little.

“Ugh, my hair is a mess.”

Damian’s eyes sank deeply as he reminisced.

Normally, I would have combed my hair so that it wouldn’t be choppy, but my hair today, sure is tousled.

Gazing back at Charlize, it was probably all the rushing she did to reach the empress for a doctor that tired her out.

Damian was both awe-struck and saddened by what Charlize did for him, it was a bittersweet feeling that slowly darkened his face.

‘Because of me, Charlize seems to be suffering all the time.’

Damian gently stroked Charlize’s hair while apologizing to her under his breath for all the trouble she had to go through.

Then she blinked. 

Charlize opened her eyes, still drowsy and her vision blurry, to see someone running their fingers through her hair.

In an instant, despite her sleepiness, her eyes lit up at the fact it was Damian and he was awake.

Charlize raised her head abruptly, bringing her face closer to Damian’s albeit a little too close for comfort.

Out of nowhere, a scream rang out.

 “AHH, are you really awake now!”

 “Um, yes.”

Damian nodded shyly.

Damian then looked into Charlize’s eyes before asking her carefully.

 “I’m sorry, did I worry you too much”

“Of course, I think my heart could have fractured from all of my worries!”

“… …Well on the other hand, Lize, did you know you drooled in your sleep There’s dry saliva right now on the corners of your mouth.”

Damian replied with a devious, cheeky smile.

Startled by what she heard, Charlize then immediately rubbed her lips with her sleeve.

“Huh, really!”

“It was a lie.”


Damian burst into laughter, content with himself.

Charlize, who stared at Damian despite wishing just to strangle him right then and there, sighed.

“Anyways, it’s my fault that I fell asleep… … I’m sorry.”


Damian stopped smiling, his cheerful demeanor ebbed away by Charlize’s unexpected reaction.

It was just meant to be a small joke, I didn’t even think that Charlize would take it so seriously.

Charlize shrugged her shoulders, disappointed in herself.

“I needed to stay alert and take care of you… … the fact that I feel asleep is unacceptable for me.”

“Lize, I’m not… …”

“Prince, I’m sure you’re disappointed with me.

I have nothing to say.”

Her sullen voice resonated in Damian as the atmosphere in the room grew somber.

Charlize’s downcast eyes stung Damian to the core as he hurriedly opened his mouth to reverse the situation.

“No, Lize.”

“However… …”

“I know how much you suffered because of me but there’s nothing to be disappointed about.”

Then, Charlize glanced at Damian with her lilac-colored eyes.

She snapped back unevenly at Damian.

“…Does everything have to be a joke to you!”

Oh, no.

Damian smiled awkwardly to lighten the situation but it was to no avail.

Charlize crossed her arms, turning her head to the side, exasperated by Damian’s antics.


She’s sulky, I guess I went too far considering she went through so much so that I could get better.

Cold sweats broke out, running down Damian’s back.

He called her again.



Charlize remained taut at the first call but after hearing Damian sincerely call out to her the second time, she slowly turned to face him.

Damian spoke with a mournful voice.


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