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I held back my tears for a brief moment as I looked into the eyes of the maids around me, their faces now red.

Then, with a deep breath, the handmaiden embraced me in her arms. 

“Don’t cry, sweetheart.”

“Um, I don’t want to cry either…huu, huu, huu, it’s because the maids are so scary… “

After saying that, I buried my face in the handmaid’s arms. 

The handmaiden wide-eyed, patted my back.

“Tell me what happened.

Be honest.

I’ll make sure no harm comes to you.”

“Well then… …”

With a runny nose and sniffles, I told her what they said. 

“They told me if I gave them an order because I was a maid of the Empress’s palace, they wouldn’t leave me alone!”

“Hey, when did we say that”

Each of the maids was furious but I just shrugged my shoulders and continued.

Do you think I’m just Charlize

I’m Charlize, who’s had years of education and is a maid of the Empress’s Palace!

People develop!

“She knows that I’m a maid of the Empress’s palace and told me not to lie.”

Well, to be exact, she didn’t say, ‘Don’t lie.’

But honestly, isn’t that what she meant

“Madame, all those words are lies!”

“How could you say such rude things to a maid of the Empress Palace!” reprimanded the handmaiden. 

“It’s because we’re being framed right now!”

The maids’ mouths curled and tightened, it even looked like they would die of frustration. 

Really That’s how it comes out.

I never thought that I would be pushed to this extent, I’m tired.

I probably shouldn’t have cried and run like crazy from the start.

I made a pitiful expression as I placed my arms around her neck and hugged the handmaiden tightly.

“I’m sorry, handmaiden.

I will keep everything that happened today a secret… …”

“What are you talking about all of a sudden”

The handmaiden asked me back in a puzzled voice with her eyebrows raised.

I looked up at the handmaiden, my vision a bit blurry from all my tears.

“Because of me, I’m worried that Her Majesty and the Empress dowager will end up hurting each other’s feelings….”


“You know, it’s because I am a maid of the Empress’s palace.”

I sniffled a little bit.

At that moment, the handmaid’s face hardened slightly.

“So, I’ll keep this a secret for sure.

I will never tell the Empress about this.”

In fact, it doesn’t matter if what I’m saying is true or false.

More precisely, what can be gained from this situation in the Empress dowager’s palace is more important.

‘According to the Empress, most of the employees of the Empress dowager’s palace were people who were selected and brought in by the Emperor.’

Truth be told, the word ‘most’ is a gross understatement.

Except for the handmaiden, the Empress said that everyone was nothing but a spy for the Emperor.

Well, if you think about it for a bit, it makes sense.

In the first place, the insidious Emperor can’t let there be servants loyal to the Empress dowager, right

In addition, it was easy to replace maids with someone who suited the taste of the Emperor.

Since his Majesty doesn’t reside in the Empress dowager’s palace, it’s easier to come into contact with outsiders.

Which means.

‘……It means that if you take good advantage of this, you can replace all of those spying maids.’

It’s a bit embarrassing to actually say even if it’s in my mind but anyway, I’m the Empress’s extremely beloved maid. 

What if such a maid was insulted by the maids belonging to the Empress dowager’s palace

An insult inflicted on a maid is also an insult to the employer of the maid.

It means that if the Empress takes issue with this, things could get really big.

Insteading of adding more words, I cried more crocodile tears. 

The handmaiden has survived the Imperial palace for much longer than I have.

So, she must have already noticed what the benefits can be from the current situation.

As evidenced…

“…Are you all out of your mind”

The handmaiden, who was usually calm, spoke with a loud and harsh tone.


I buried my face in the handmaid’s collar and smiled satisfactorily.

As I expected, the handmaiden was making the most of this problem.

“If the Empress gets angry, will you take responsibility for it”

“But, handmaiden!”

“No matter how young she is, don’t you know that this child is an official maid and your superior!”

At that rebuke, the blood on the faces of the maids vanished, their faces pale. 

“In any case, messing with the maidservant of the Empress’s palace could lead to a quarrel between both of her Majesties!”


Swallowing, the maids were fearful of what might happen next.

The handmaiden glared fiercely at the maids.

“As the handmaiden of the Empress dowager, I cannot ignore this matter, and I will deal with this matter strictly.”

“What! No, handmaiden!”

The maids clung to the handmaiden, their intuition telling them that their time was up.

But right then.

A cold voice rang out.

“Handmaiden, don’t worry about that.”

The maids shuddered and shook as if cold water had been poured on them.

Wait, what This voice!

Surprised, I looked behind my back.

The Empress dowager was looking at me with a serious face!

“I am going to do everything I can to avoid damaging the relationship between me and the Empress.”

“Woah, your Majesty, the Empress dowager!”

“As expected, these maids will be punished severely for their actions,” said her Majesty.

I opened my eyes wide, talking to myself internally.

Your Majesty, I didn’t know you were being so gentle when you treated me.

With such an intimidating face, the Empress dowager is terrifying, isn’t she

Shocked and as if on the verge of fainting, the maids began to beg with sobbing cries. 

“I’m so sorry!” exclaimed one maid. 

“I never meant to offend or go against you, Empress dowager!” pleaded another maid, tears streaming down her face.

However, the Empress dowager’s momentum did not subside at all.

“Did you really not know that acting the way you did while bearing the title of a maid of the Empress dowager is detrimental to me”


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