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Dowal digs his grave


 ”Because of the exiled Wirk’s halfhearted work, all of this is happening.

He’s seriously a hopeless man.

But rest assured, the seeds of concern have already fallen.”


 Having said all that, Dowal looked like he felt he’d pulled it off.

Anyways, he could keep up appearances if he just pushed the responsibility for what happened here on someone else.

 Dowal thought so.


 ”You are a minister of this country, right”


 Toa suddenly asked him so.

“What’s up with this little girl”, he thought as he scowled, but quickly nodded his head.



That’s why I have the authority to single-handedly have that fool-”

 ”If so, then you should have noticed it before it got this bad, right”

 ”-expelled, yes”


 When Toa asked that, Dowal’s mouth stopped, and he let out an idiotic sound.


 ”It’s as the princess says.

If I may say so, with all due respect, at least in your position as Minister of Construction, I think you should have done something before the problem became bigger.”


 Heim rubbed his chin while hurling a harsh question his way.

“Ugh”, Dowal faltered.


 ”Th-, that man was an extremely clever guy, and we had our suspicions, but we couldn’t find any definite evidence.”

 ”That phrase sounds like an excuse the adventurer’s guild would say, but if there was no evidence yet the construction was done halfheartedly, then a thorough investigation is all I think would be needed.”

 ”Tha-, that’s—”


 Dowal tried giving a reason anyway, responding with deceiving words, but Heim saw right through it and hit him in a weak point.


 ”In the first place, I’ve heard that this kingdom that’s superior has an job known as a magic architect, so why aren’t you doing things that way”

 ”Th-, that is—”


 On the tip of his tongue were the words “I banished that very same person”, but he managed to swallow those words.

He figured it would be even more suspicious to tell them that he had the magic architect expelled in this state.


 ”Of course, we’re also going ahead with those preparations.” (Dowal)

 ”I see.

In that case, may I meet that esteemed magic architect” (Toa)

 ”Th-, that is, actually, he’s out on a business trip right now…” (Dowal)

 ”Fumu, then wouldn’t it be better to have him back as soon as possible” (Toa)

 ”That’s right.

Since this is a serious situation.” (Heim)

 ”Of-, of course, that is my intention.

Even so, all this troubles coincidentally piling up now really is just bad luck.

We’ll recover him immediately.” (Dowal)

 ”… is that so.

I originally heard of this country’s technical prowess, and I have high hopes for the future.” (Toa)


 Toa replied as such.

Her expression oozed with worry, but at any rate, she could do nothing else other than trust in this country’s technology now.

[TL: Nooooo.

Don’t let him off so easilyyyyy…]

 But then, the big problem was that there were presently no such technicians.

 Then the carriage which the committee members were riding arrived at the stadium’s construction site.

 Having exited the carriage, the members of the committee stared in amazement.


 ”How is it This is where we plan to build the stadium for hosting next years’ Grand Festival of Sorcery.”

 ”Uhm, you say build, but this, it seems like you’re tearing it down…”


 Blinking in surprise, Toa enquired.

Indeed, before their eyes, the stadium’s demolition work was currently underway.


 ”That’s exactly right, zamasu.

The stadium which had been here originally shall be all broken up, zamasu.

Here we will build a completely new stadium, designed by this Me~, that combines nature and innovative technology like nowhere else in the world, zamasu.”


 As the members of the committee were wondering “what on earth are they doing” with concern written all over their faces, someone came up and approached them.

 It was the newest member appointed to the kingdom’s court, the planner Zamasu.

[TL: he’s supposed to be an architect… at least, that’s how I TLed it before… welp, guess it’s planner now]


 ”Fumu… and who are you” (Toa)

 ”He is one who Our country has specially hired this time around for the sake of the Grand Festival of Sorcery, the planner Zamasu.” (Dowal)

 ”Zamasu zamasu.” (Zamasu)

 ”Fumu, I see.

Zamasu Zamasu, huh.” (Toa)

 ”It’s Zamasu zamasu.” (Zamasu)


 Somehow their conversation wasn’t quite on the same page, but anyway, Toa chose to voice her question.


 ”I’d heard that there originally existed a building here that could be used for this time’s Grand Festival of Sorcery, but for you to go out of your way to demolish it, was there a problem”

 ”Unfashionable, zamasu.”

 ”Huh Unfashionable, you say”


 Toa asked back, her cheeks tightening.

And Zamasu proudly replied back.


 ”Right, zamasu.

The stadium that used to be here was nothing more than a relic of the past, zamasu.

Even if you’d like to respect its legacy, such a Galapagoic structure that’s mismatched with the era is far too much an article of old nationalism, zamasu.

Therefore, to offer a session of future-oriented sensations matched with futuristic contents, a direct decision to scheme innovation that points to the prospective age was needed, zamasu.” [TL: Confused Don’t worry, I got you.

The TL of the TL is, the original stadium is out of fashion; even if you wanted to keep it as a legacy, it doesn’t match current times; therefore, I decided we needed to try something new.

Everything else, is complete gibberish which he threw in.]


 The committee members listened to Zamasu’s explanation with their mouths wide open.


 ”If you leave it to this Zamasu, I will commit to create an All perfect!, safe and smart city that represents diversity, a clear environment assessment, and implement a wise-spending Grand Festival of Sorcery that springboards gratingly into a creative festival, zamasu.

Because that is what the legendary planner Zamasu’s mission is, zamasu.” [TL: It is worth noting that he uses loanwords that, when in Japanese, would sound like overly snazzy lingo]


 Dowal nodded his head “yeah, yeah” to this resolute declaration…

 [TL: I’ve checked a bit of the LN, and there are a few problems.

The LN has extra content to it, so there might come a point where something we’ve never heard of gets mentioned.

The LN also uses different naming sometimes.

I assume this is to avoid copyright issues, since I’ve only noticed it so far happening to the moles.

And lastly, the LN is bound to take longer for me to TL.

Since it’s been edited, you can assume that the writing is more complex, and with this author’s writing style, that isn’t good for me.

I’m going to check out the LN a little bit more; if I think that there’s going to be too much of a disconnect between the WN and LN, I won’t be picking it up.

It wouldn’t be a comfortable read for anyone.]


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