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"How did todays class go jax?"

"Hmm mm.... Mom? Could you tell me more about mate bonds?"

"Hmm... In what aspect love? Though I might not be able to tell you much but I can try" Sheila says to him patting his auburn air.

"Its all so complicated, augur Deirdre said once we are created we are created with a partner, someone that highlights the essence of our lives but where is he?

"He? Well not to be biased, I hope its not a he but then...." She looks towards her son, "How do I explain this to a four years old? Why do they even teach you kids these things?

"Because for every wolf, a mate is important and not just wolves too" Emerson, Alpha of the Blue moon pack. A powerful man once known as a lone wolf until his mate, Amelia Paxon came to his life and changed it all. "They are taught this now and in many more years to come so that they embrace their wolves, be one with it."

"Alpha!" Jaxon calls out immediately making an obeisance.

Sheila stands to her feet bowing her head.

"How many years now and you people still treat me like a stranger? Please don do that" he directs to Amelia, he faces the boy still in his crouching position, "Alpha Jaxon! Heard you challenged your father" by his arms he pulled him up, Emerson sits on the bench where Sheila was already seated.

"Come child, let me tell you a secret" he pulls the boy to sit beside him, "no matter who or what power the person weilds, always know your father should always be your hero, one you hold much respect more than any other man to walk the face of this earth because only he would do for you what no other could even think of."

Sheila smiles to this. No matter how much she tries to treat him like family, there was just this unexplainable thing that made her want to run, maybe it was the powerful aura he carried with him she just didn know.

"And Jaxon, no alpha bows to another, you

e only showing weakness then. Every power an alpha wields should make any other creature cower." Jaxon just kept staring at the man, he held much respect for the man, this man was his idol, his model.

"About the mate bond, let me explain it this way. There is always a someone for everyone, thats basic but a mate bond is like a thread that pulls you towards YOUR someone. Now... let me give you how different mate bonds work" He suddenly shots his head at Sheila. "Amys waking up, do help check on her for me, please."

"Sure." Sheila pecks her son and leaves immediately, the thought of her son being in danger didn even cross her mind because she knew he was at his safest.

"The mate bond works in different ways, for two creatures of the same species, theyd feel it sometimes it depends solely on the age, for now all you would feel is an attraction to each other and that attraction is based on protection and making your patner happy, as you grow, it keeps growing until you

e lets say 18? The mate bond is built and along with it comes other attractions youll find out when you get to that age." As if knowing what it meant, Jaxon face turns red.

Emerson chuckles. "Cheeky! Anyways if its of different species...."

"Like my mom and dad, you and aunty?" Jaxon chips in

"Yes, something like that and for the beginning part, its only the wolf that feel that attraction,that pull, it..."

"But what if the other party find someone else?" Now he was getting confused, how can one person be allowed to bear all those feelings alone.

"Well..... Like I said,every one was created with a someone, a soul mate so no matter how involved the other party is, theyd always end up with their forever."

"What if it takes long?" Such a smart boy. Emerson thought to himself.

"No matter what, even if it happens in the next life to come, our soul mate would always be there but let me tell you a trick, if your mate is of a different specie," Emerson leans to his ear, "Kill her with your charms, make her fall over and over until that bond is built and she has no way to escape."

"Don teach the child to be mischievous like you." Amelia said, her arms interlocked with her sisters.

Jaxon laughs out seeing as they were caught.

"Don mind them, I bet theyll be shy to say we choked them with it until they finally gave in." Emerson counters. "But also do make sure you take of her, make her happy and show her how much you could do for her." He takes Amelias hand and kiss her knuckles.

"Hmm mm... I think im getting it now." Jaxon said nodding his head.

"Don think too much little man, you

e just four, youd have a long time to explore all these." Emerson pats his head.

"Of course. Well..... Uncle? Id like to borrow aunt Amelia, you have eternity to explore." He said pulling Amelias hand from Emerson.

"Using my words against me now?"

"I have a sister to take care of uncle... Alpha, so Im taking my sister not your mate now! Byeee" He said and left Immediately.

"Such a sweet child, I feel like I wouldn even have to worry about Bella." He smiles at their now disappearing backs as they walked into the mansion.

He relaxes as Sheila sits beside him on a bench, hands clasped on his knees, he stares at the beautiful flowers that surrounded them. He inhales breathing in the fresh air of flowers. He loved everything about nature.

"Wow... You both agreed on the name?" Sheila asks


e her aunty, you have the right to name her of course." He closes his eyes.

"No matter how we try, peace would always be disrupted. Things that we hope to last forever is taken away from us so fast that the memories feel like yesterday, life would always teach us a lesson that we wonder when with those lessons learnt would we be able to implement them and finally live. Its all like a cycle, right Shelia?"

"You talk in riddles." She knew but she wanted to make sure she was right on track.

"There is going to be a war, weve all know it but for once we wanted to feel what it meant to actually live." His voice quiet and forlon mixed with the beautiful but slow breeze.

"How do you know about these things, I know you

e not a seer." Sheila asks mesmerized at how he views things, how he predicts them. Emerson smiles.

"Im an alpha and I would always want to make sure my packs safety is secured, there are other alphas thatll think this way. When the blue moon pack alligned with the crescents, other packs became suspicious until the rumors about our collision having to do with mates intervened. I bet now they know our mates are actually ability users and that in both packs, strong ability users wander about and theyd think we are preparing for a war."

"I dont blame them, even I will think the same. Im telling you this because we are never ready for what tomorrow brings but we should be always be prepared. Well be taking the fight to them, I don want Amelia being at the center of it all, I don want her to worry at all." He faces her, "no matter what keep her out of this war."

Sheila nods in agreement. If there was only one way, it was important they made it theirs.

**** The Foretold Story Of The Full Moon****




"creaturae tenebrarume incuso te inpotenia,sentio ignem ab interioribus" These words flew out from a figure that stood in black cloak, her hands outsretched as she kept repeating the spell. In front of her laid bodies, from her fellow witches to the demons. As she weakens them her witches go for the kill.

With a bleeding nose she continues, it was a powerful spell and she knew what she was up against, she couldn lose concentration right now or shell be dead along with five other witches she drew strength and magick from. They were linked!

"Enough witch!" A voice suddenly strikes through the agonized voices of people that lay on lay on the floor clutching whatever parts of their body they could hold on to.

Endora smiles revealing a bloody tooth. She finally had his attention. Lord of all demons, Lothaire.

"How are yo...?" He begins but before he finished his question, his answer came running, "How did she even tell you about it? You Witches always being one step ahead" He snorts. "What do you want?" He knew! He knew she wanted something.

"Im going to be very generous, you see. Only I know about this spell. The spell that weakens both the demons and vampires." She smirks, her aura being nothing but pure evil right now. "Its such a handy spell you see so lets make a deal, right now i and my witches are leaving this abode you offered to us."

She drawled out with a scorn on her face,a tense silence slicing through the air. That wasn the deal, there was something more.

"Of course...." She was really enjoying this, "but..... I want us to join hands to create some mercenaries. I can promise that this mercenaries are good for both of us."

"And what are these mercenaries?" Lothaire wouldn make baseless promises

"Monsters, ones that had never walked upon thie face of this earth." Her voice has so much confidence.

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