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Chapter 47: Parents’ hearts and grandchildren

[Grandpa PoV]

To be honest, I couldn’t watch Taeko back then.

My son… Taeko-san’s husband, Shuji, had died in a car accident, which had left her heartbroken.

My heart ached every time I looked into those lethargic, powerless eyes.

As someone who had lost someone important to me, I couldn’t believe that the pain was someone else’s.

That is why I did not hesitate to help her.

And the only immediate relatives I had were my two grandchildren left behind by my son.

I felt that helping them would be a way to connect the proof of my son’s life.

That is why Taeko-san’s confession, or should I say that was a confession Anyway, when I heard it, I was beyond angry and felt hatred.

She had done something unforgivable and irrevocable.

It was not a matter of apologizing.

I couldn’t maintain my composure when I thought about how much damage she had done to Shuya.

I yelled at her.

I yelled like a spoiled child.

I just kept blaming the little back in front of me.

When I was about to do something about it, my wife stopped me, and that’s when I finally came to my senses.

After Taeko left, I called Sachi.

I asked her if she and Shuya would come to my house.

I have heard what happened.

So come to my house.

I told her not to worry about her schooling.

“I trust Onii-chan, so I won’t go.”

What came back to me from Sachi was, unsurprisingly, such words.

Of course, I was surprised.

The reason was too unexpected.

Because she believes in Shuya, the victim.

I could not grasp the intention of her words.

But the answer came immediately.

It was by Shuya’s words.

”Because I want to change.”

Hearing those words, I finally realized my mistake.

This family is struggling now.

Sachi, Shuya, and Taeko-san are trying to change somehow.

After the phone call with Shuya, I was alone and silently shedding tears.

It was because I saw a shadow of Shuji in Shuya.

Shuji hated to lose.

He was a selfish child.

Now I could feel that from Shuya, my grandson.

That made me so happy.

I want to help him.

I thought so again.

Even if this family could not be restored to the way it was, I will do everything in my power to help them take a new step forward.


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