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Chapter 199 - "It's me, Wen Rugui." (3)


It was when Wen Rugui had spoken that Jiao Boshan noticed that his voice was hoarse from exhaustion.

Jiao Boshan felt bad.

“Hurry up and get some rest.

Don’t worry about returning to the laboratory right away.

I’ll talk to the principal myself about your time off.”

Wen Rugui was exhausted after running around for about 10 or more days.

He nodded in acknowledgement and headed toward his dormitory.

An Yuemei happened to see Wen Rugui as she stepped out of the office and quickly ran up to him.

“Comrade Wen, Comrade Pu called you a couple of times while you were out.

He said to have you return his call as soon as you are back.”

Wen Rugui paused a little when he heard that before turning around and calling Pu Jianyi.

After he hung up on the phone, he did not return to his dormitory.

Instead, he turned and left the base.

The Tong family was having dumplings tonight in celebration of having a bicycle and the Tong brothers returning to school.

The entire family sat around the living room, wrapping dumplings together.

Even the little bun Tong Mianmian was participating.

Naturally, the ones that were made by Tong Xuelu were the most presentable.

Tong Jiaming didn’t do a good job at the beginning, but since he had a steep learning curve, his dumplings looked much better after observing Tong Xuelu for a bit.

Tong Jiaxin’s clumsiness surprised Tong Xuelu greatly.

She thought that as a future fashion designer, he must have had at least some skills working with his hands since young.

Lo and behold, all of his dumplings were so crooked that she couldn’t even bear looking at them.

“Third Brother’s dumplings ugly!”

Tong Mianmian was young, but even she couldn’t stand looking at them.

Tong Jiaxin dabbed some flour onto her face and said, “You’re telling me Yours are worse than mine!”

Tong Mianmian felt aggrieved.

Pouting, she said, “Third Brother your dumplings ugly!”

Tong Jiaxin made a face at her.

“Your dumplings are uglier, as ugly as you are!”

The two siblings started to bicker, and finally, Tong Mianmian got upset and shouted, “Third Brother, I will not be cleaning up your poop after I’ve grown up!”


Tong Xuelu couldn't help but burst out laughing when she heard that.

Tong Jiaxin had always been telling Tong Mianmian that since he took care of her now, she had to take care of him when he grew old.

She would feed him and clean up after him, and Tong Mianmian had agreed.

Lo and behold, now that the two got into a fight, the little bun no longer wanted to clean up after him.

Tong Xuelu was laughing so hard that there were tears in her eyes.

Tong Jiaming’s eyes, too, curved.

Suddenly, they heard knocking on their door.

All of the Tong family members were stunned.

Tong Xuelu wiped her hands clean and said, “I’ll go get the door.

You guys keep doing what you are doing.”

She walked toward the door with her long legs after she speaking.

When she arrived at their front yard, Tong Xuelu  asked through the wooden door, “Who is it”

There was a short silence outside the door before she heard a hoarse voice.

“It’s me, Wen Rugui.”

Wen Rugui

He is back

Tong Xuelu finally opened the door and saw Wen Rugui standing there, covered in dust from his travels.

He looked disheveled and seemed to have lost quite a bit of weight.

Wen Rugui’s eyelashes fluttered when he caught sight of Tong Xuelu after many days of not seeing each other.

The moon tonight was bright, and Tong Xuelu’s eyes reflected the night sky, making her eyes twinkle.

She looked even more charming in his eyes.

Tong Xuelu’s lips curved.

“Comrade Wen, when did you get back”

“This afternoon,” said Wen Rugui with difficulty.

His voice sounded even more hoarse than before.

Is he that clingy He came over as soon as he had gotten back

He really is like a puppy.

The smile on Tong Xuelu deepened.

“C’mon in quickly.

You haven’t had dinner yet, have you, Comrade Tong”

The tips of Wen Rugui’s ears were warm.

He shook his head and said, “Not yet.”

He didn’t even think it through and rushed over after he learned about what had happened to the Tong family from Pu Jianyi.

His mind was much clearer and his heart much calmer after he had gotten out of the car and felt the evening breeze.

He now felt that he was being too impulsive.

Well, he was already in the city by then, so he decided to head over to the Tong family’s house anyway.


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