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“F*ck, no way”

As soon as this thought appeared, everyone felt that they were about to go crazy.

Was Violet Cloud Peak that rich Two supreme-grade immortal artifacts He was simply a local tycoon.

He was too rich.

Lin Qingzhu slowly walked out and gently stretched out her right hand.

In an instant, a scarlet blood screen enveloped her, and a shocking murderous aura instantly erupted.

It was as if an Asura sleeping in the Nine Nether was restless.

The sky was covered in a blood-red screen, and cold killing intent surged over.

The air was filled with the smell of blood, and the wind trembled with the sound of swords.


A blood screen flashed past and a stone sword appeared in Lin Qingzhus hand.

“Immortal Slayer!”

That incomparably familiar stone sword instantly caused the entire venue to erupt.

The weapon in Lin Qingzhus hand was actually the Immortal Slayer! Everyone was stunned.

Wasnt that Ye Qius weapon Why was it in Lin Qingzhus hand

“H-how is this possible Junior Brother Ye, you actually passed the Immortal Slayer to Martial Niece Lin.

Thats your Intrinsic Immortal Sword that has fought with you for many years! You!”

At this moment, all the masters could no longer remain calm.

Ye Qiu actually passed down the Immortal Slayer.

Wasnt he too generous

The successors of the other peak masters revealed envious gazes and disbelief.

They did not even have a low-grade immortal artifact in their hands, and Violet Cloud Peak was already about to have a supreme-grade immortal artifact each.

Was the difference between people that great They looked at each others masters and watched eagerly.

They were both masters, but look at him.

Cant you work hard and get me one too

The few masters felt a little embarrassed and began to blame their masters, who had been dead for many years.

If they had worked hard back then, wouldnt they have been able to live a good life

At this moment, many elders and peak masters felt a little embarrassed.

Fortunately, they were thick-skinned and pretended not to see their disciples expectant gazes.

Perhaps they were still thinking, Im still counting on your grandmaster to climb out of his grave and work hard.

Youre counting on me What a joke.

“Phew…” Ming Yue took a deep breath and looked at the Immortal Slayer in Lin Qingzhus hand in shock.

Then, she looked at the Heaven Burning Twin Spears in Zhao Waners hand and felt incredulous.

Ye Qiu actually passed down his intrinsic Dharma treasure today.

She couldnt help but start to worry.

“Junior Brother Ye, you actually passed down your Intrinsic Immortal Sword.

Doesnt that mean you wont have any weapons to use in the future”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone immediately came to a realization.

Thats right.

Without the immortal artifact, what would Ye Qiu use in the future He couldnt rely on his fists to be invincible, right It was unrealistic.

Seeing everyones puzzled gazes, Ye Qiu rubbed his nose and smiled faintly without answering.

Immediately after, Qi Wuhui said, “Junior Brother Ye, youre too generous.

Everyone says that youre selfless to your disciples.

A few years ago, I thought you were pretending, but now I believe it.

Damn it, you can even give her your Intrinsic Immortal Sword.

Youre a ruthless person.

Im convinced.”

Qi Wuhui was really convinced at this moment.

In any case, he couldnt do what Ye Qiu did.

He gave away two supreme-grade immortal artifacts just like that.

His selflessness to his disciples was out of the world.

The disciples of the other peaks present all revealed envious gazes.

They wished they could kneel in front of Violet Cloud Peak.

If Ye Qiu didnt accept them, they wouldnt leave.

Hearing Qi Wuhuis admiration, Ye Qiu laughed and said, “Senior Brother must be joking.

Its just two weapons.

Its not worth mentioning.”

Pretentious, too pretentious.

A supreme-grade immortal artifact was not worth mentioning How arrogant are you to not even take a supreme-grade immortal artifact seriously

At this moment, the meticulous Ming Yue seemed to have sensed that something was wrong.

After carefully comparing the auras of the two weapons, she asked in confusion, “No, that formation just now was extremely domineering.

Its completely different from these two weapons.

That phenomenon just now was definitely not caused by these two weapons.”

As soon as these words were spoken, everyone instantly reacted.

Ye Qiu still had a divine weapon! As this thought appeared, everyone instantly looked at Ye Qiu, wanting an answer.

Ye Qiu naturally knew that this matter couldnt be hidden.

He might as well not hide it anymore.

He had to show off today.

“Haha, Senior Sister is indeed Senior Sister.

Youre indeed smart and witty.” Ye Qiu praised, then said, “Just as you said, Ive already passed down the Immortal Slayer.

Then I should have a weapon I can use, right”

“What weapon Quickly take it out and let us see.”

When everyone heard that there was indeed a divine weapon, they were immediately interested.

Ye Qiu smiled faintly and said, “I dont have any weapons, so I casually picked one up and used it.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Qiu took out the Overlord Halberd.

An incomparably domineering aura swept through the entire Violet Cloud Peak immediately.

At this moment, everyone was extremely excited.

It was this aura, the invincible aura of a ruler.

Everyone was stunned when they saw the Overlord Halberd in Ye Qius hand.

Ye Qiu was dressed in white and held the Overlord Halberd in his hand.

He was like a god as he stood in the center of the square, forming an incomparably terrifying God of War Domain.

“Heavens, this… This is called casually picking up a weapon and using it” Qi Wuhui directly cursed.

Where the hell did you pick it up Tell me, Ill pick it up too.

Damn, he was too pretentious.

As soon as the Overlord Halberd appeared, it swept through the surroundings.

The powerful aura instantly pressed down on everyone until their breathing tightened and they almost suffocated.

Even the Immortal Slayer and the Heaven Burning Twin Spears were not a match for that aura.

“Oh my god, this has probably already exceeded the domain of an immortal artifact, right”

Everyone could not hide their fear and disbelief.

The knowledgeable Meng Tianzheng immediately said, “Chaos Immortal Treasure! This is a Chaos Immortal Treasure, a supreme immortal treasure that surpasses immortal artifacts.

Heavens… How is this possible”

His heart raced and he found it difficult to breathe.

Meng Tianzheng couldnt believe his eyes.

Ye Qiu actually had a Chaos Immortal Treasure.

Everyone present was even more shocked after hearing Meng Tianzhengs explanation of the Chaos Immortal Treasure.

They recalled Ye Qius calm appearance just now.

He said that he would just make do with it, but he took out such a terrifying thing.

This is too much.

When will you make do with me Youre inhumane.

Seeing that the aura was about to spread throughout Qin Chuan, Ye Qiu immediately retracted his aura, afraid that it would cause unnecessary trouble.

The power of this immortal treasure was too shocking.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, it was better not to use it easily.

Looking at his senior brothers and sisters confused expressions, Ye Qiu secretly laughed in his heart.

Hey, you forced me to show off.

You cant blame me.

Sigh, this was the first time he had encountered such a request.

It would be difficult not to fulfill it.

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