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“Oh my god! This is unbelievable.”

“Such a holy artifact is shocking! How can the mortal world tolerate it”

“How terrifying.

Just from the aura alone, it makes one feel a fear from the bottom of their hearts.

Such pressure is really despairing.

If we fight it, Im afraid we wont even be able to withstand the aftershock.”

Everyone looked at the halberd in Ye Qius hand in shock.

Their faces were filled with fear and disbelief.

Usually, they could not even see an immortal artifact, let alone a Chaos Immortal Treasure.

Ye Qius actions today had completely blinded them.

For a moment, their admiration for Ye Qiu was like a surging river.

How ruthless! Why did he have everything A few years ago, he was just a poor kid guarding a godforsaken Violet Cloud Peak.

Now, the tables had turned, he had become an existence that many people could only look up to.

Ye Qiu was also happy to see their performance.

Haha, awesome.

This was too f*cking awesome.

This bragging was really too awesome.

It had been many years since I had bragged so perfectly.

It really made me miss it.

The Overlord Halberd shocked everyone.

Ye Qiu spun it around and dissipated that terrifying aura.

He put away the Overlord Halberd again.

Everyone finally heaved a long sigh of relief and sighed from the bottom of their hearts.

“Junior Brother is really a celestial being.

Such a holy artifact is rare in history.

Im convinced today.” Qi Wuhui said from the bottom of his heart.

Why did such dog ** luck always fall on Ye Qiu Couldnt he let Old Qi have a good time too The difference between people was too great.

It hurt.

Hearing the praise of his senior brothers, Ye Qiu smiled indifferently, indicating that he didnt care.

“Haha, thank you, thank you.

Im just casually using it.

Its not worth mentioning.”

Everyones mouths twitched and their faces darkened after hearing Ye Qius words.

Alright, he had benefited from it.

He was a typical local tycoon.

This was too much.

“Ah… Im so angry.” Ming Yue was shouting and was a little angry.

She panted heavily.

The great evil was bouncing was exceptionally moving.

Ye Qius eyes widened.

Senior Sister was indeed Senior Sister.

She had never lost in this aspect.

Only now did everyone finally understand why Ye Qiu had imparted the Immortal Slayer and Heaven Burning Twin Spears to his two disciples.

It turned out that he already had an even more terrifying weapon.

At this moment, the masters were also a little embarrassed.

Look at the treasures in the hands of the disciples of Violet Cloud Peak.

Then look at them.

What kind of trash were they giving to their disciples Moreover, the disciples beside them were all drooling with envious gazes.

They were even more ashamed to stay.

However, they still comforted themselves in their hearts, “However, its not that everyone on Violet Cloud Peak has an immortal artifact.

“Martial Niece Lin can have an immortal sword because she inherited the mantle as the chief disciple.

Martial Niece Zhao has contributed greatly to the sect.

She has worked hard for so many years, so its reasonable to reward her.

“Its just two.

Its not a big problem.

Violet Cloud Peak might look glorious on the surface and everyone seems to have an immortal artifact, actually, thats because they have fewer disciples.

If their number of disciples is similar to the other peaks, do you think he can still take out so many immortal artifacts Thats impossible.

Didnt you see that Linglong is still holding that lousy hammer”

The few masters comforted themselves.

This was how they explained to their disciples to prevent them from thinking too much.

Violet Cloud Peaks treatment was so good because their mountain range was not exuberant and they had too few disciples.

They only integrated all their resources into one or two people.

When the disciples heard this explanation, they felt relieved.

Thinking about it, it made sense.

Seeing that they had calmed down, the few peak masters finally heaved a sigh of relief.

At this moment, a very inappropriate voice sounded.

Little Linglong suddenly said aggrievedly, “Master is biased.

Senior Sisters all have new weapons, so why dont I have any Master doesnt like Linglong anymore.”

The strange little girls eyes were red.

She liked the immortal artifact in her senior sisters hands very much.

However, she didnt want to snatch it from her senior sisters as she was afraid that her senior sisters would be sad, so she directly aimed it at Ye Qiu and began to wheedle.

Ye Qiu couldnt help but laugh when he saw her pouting mouth and aggrieved look.

Good lord, so many things had happened at once.

He had almost forgotten about her.

Ye Qiu stroked her little head in amusement and said, “Who said that Master doesnt like Linglong Master has never forgotten to prepare a gift for Linglong.”

After comforting her, Linglongs eyes suddenly lit up and a surprised smile appeared on her unhappy face.

“Really What gift did Master prepare for me” As she spoke, Linglong immediately jumped up happily.

She also had a new weapon Was it powerful Was it as domineering as Second Senior Sisters weapon She liked domineering weapons, such as hammers and spears.

The more domineering, the better.

When everyone saw this formation, their hearts suddenly trembled.

They had an ominous feeling.

“No way, he still has an immortal artifact That shouldnt be the case…”

It wasnt easy for them to calm the disciples down.

Why did it feel like Ye Qiu was going to stimulate their fragile hearts again

Qi Wuhui turned around and looked at his precious son, who had just calmed down.

He had a headache and thought to himself, Why dont I chase him back first to prevent him from seeing anything bad that would affect his mentality and be disadvantageous to his future cultivation

However, Qi Haos curious gaze was filled with anticipation as he watched every move in front of him.

He had no intention of leaving.

Old Qi immediately had a headache.

That was a supreme-grade immortal artifact.

I couldnt get one even if I sold everything.

Dont look at me like that.

Im in a difficult position too.

I also want it.

Why dont we discuss going to the Netherworld to find your grandfather and let him climb out of his grave before working hard to let the two of us live a good life

For a moment, the masters also had a headache.

They wondered if Ye Qiu would cause any big commotion again.

Their little hearts could not withstand such stimulation.

“Master, what kind of gift are you preparing for Linglong” Hearing that her master had prepared a gift for her, Linglong was no longer sleepy.

She perked up and waited silently.

Ye Qiu smiled and turned around to look at the ugly expressions of his senior brothers.

He was secretly delighted.

“Ahem ahem…” Ye Qiu coughed lightly and said, “I came back in a hurry this time and didnt prepare well.

Make do with it this time.

Ill give you another one next time.

I guarantee that youll be satisfied.”

Ye Qiu first apologized.

When everyone heard this, they immediately heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed like Ye Qiu was also poor and didnt have anything to give.

This time, he would draw a pancake and prepare to deal with his little disciple.

Thinking of this, everyone laughed heartily.

Unexpectedly, in the next second, their laughter stopped.

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