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The Prince and The Fake Village boy Chapter 6

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" YOURE AWAKE!! HES AWAKE. COME DOWN NOW. "screamed a voice, Luxs eyes were barely open. There came footsteps from above him. Someone is walking down. Lux didn care and tried to fall back to sleep.

"Are you sure he is awake?" a mans voice questioned.

"Yes, Im sure he was awake, I saw his eyes open. A bit…" Delia replied.

"Alright, I trust you." the man replied.

At that moment, Lux tried to sit up, but a pain fell into the wound, a scream came out.


Delia quickly rushed to help Lux.

"Don sit up so quickly, its still healing," Delia said softly.

"Alright, alright. And whos that?" Lux questioned while looking up at a blonde tall man.

"I told you, its my brother." Delia smiled.

Lux looked shocked, I only thought that he would be a few years older- before I even finish my thought. He spoke.

"Hello, my name is Ciaran, 21 years old. Im guessing you

e my sisters friend. She was just picking some fruits when she saw you on the ground. She quickly ran to me and asked for help. Even for a small man, you

e heavy." Ciaran introduced himself.

"Hello, my name is Lux and Im 23 years old. Thank you for your help." Lux replied.

"I wanna ask about your blindfold. Can you take it off? I tried to take it off, when I carried you in. It was like one of your skin." Ciaran said horrified.

"Yes I can, Im just not used to showing my face to people. I only show it to the people i trust" Lux went silent before he even finish his sentence.

"WHO WANTS TEA?" Delia screamed in excitement. They both stared at her. Lux smiled, responding "Sure". They all sat down at a table and started talking while Delia wanted to make cookies.

"Why did you say yes when you

e still injured?" Ciaran asked

"Well, she reminded me of someone. But I don know who…" Lux frowned.

"Thats sad, but do you remember anything?" Ciaran asked again.

"Uhh… No. I only remember that I have never been outside before." -Lux

"Oh… did your parents didn let you out?" -Ciaran

"Something like that, plus my mother was accused of killing, and my father hated me for that." Lux said while trying to remember things.

"Thats all?" Ciaran asked. "Yep." Lux replied.

Delia finished making the cookie dough and now its in the oven. She ran to her seat, looked at Lux. "What do you want tonight? She asked. "Oh yea, its your turn to choose, its a family tradition, everyone gets a turn to choose what food to eat at every family dinner. " Ciaran followed along.

" Oh, I don know. Maybe you guys choose? Or porridge. Is that alright?" Lux smiled remembering his mothers favourite was porridge.

"Alright, Ill go get the rice. You prepare the pots, Im cooking. I guess." Ciaran said.

"YESS!! IM FREE!" Delia ran into the kitchen and took out a pot, she quickly ran upstairs after.

"You go rest, not upstairs, only the couch." Ciaran said before opening the door.

"Alright." Lux replied.

Ciaran walked out the door.

Why can I go upstairs? Well its their problem. Lux thought

A scream came through, for the upstairs room. Lux quickly ran, even though the pain in him was hurting more and more.

He saw a cockroach on the floor, he looked up to see Delia trying to step on it.

"YESS!!" Delia screamed after killing the cockroach with scissors from cutting it in half. She took the broom and sweep it away. Delia saw Lux, "Oh, did you come up here because I screamed?" Delia asked. "Y-yea, i got a bit worried, sorry." Lux replied.

"Its alright. Wait…" Delia looked carefully, "Your shirt has blood, is it still painful?"

"Oh, its just a bit of blood, it isn bad."

"Alright, remember to wear extra or get a blanket if it gets too cold. Fall is coming around." Delia said

Lux just stayed silent, while Delia walked away. He looked back into Delias room. He saw some dolls on the ground. He walked into Delias room, and picked them up. These look familiar.

"You play too?" Lux looked back to see Delia amazed to see someone play. "Can you play with me?" Delia asked happily.

"Of course, I can \ Lux couldn resist peoples smiles,and played with her.

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