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“Go tell Grandson-in-law Shen1The raw saidSun instead ofShen, but we assume its a typo., that Second Miss has fainted! If something happens to my beloved granddaughter, that Wei boy better not think hell have good days after this!”

Jiang Mingyue regained consciousness, but before she even opened her eyes, she heard her grandmother speaking fiercely outside the screen.

She could tell from the sound of her grandmothers voice that she was truly feeling anxious this time, as it carried a sense of reckless ruthlessness as if she were throwing caution to the wind.

13-year-old Jiang Xian chased the medical shops Physician Sun and asked, “Mister Sun, whys my second older sister still not regaining consciousness”

Pitiful Physician Sun was someone who was over 60 years old, yet he was being disturbed by this half-man half-boy and couldnt even write a prescription in peace.

“This… Old Madam, why dont you take your manors identity book and go into the palace to request for an Imperial Physician” Zhao Lingyun was affected by the sight of Old Madam Xus eyes reddening.

At this moment, Old Master Zhao was in somewhat of a panic.

Physician Sun had treated every illness and injury Eldest Master Zhao had suffered since he was young, so he knew Physician Sun well.

However, Physician Sun was ultimately not an imperial physician.

When the Jiangs second miss suddenly fainted scrupulously, Eldest Sir Zhao watched her scrupulously.

The young ladys face completely lost its color in the blink of an eye and became deathly pale like window paper2In ancient China, window panes were not made of glass but paper..

What if Physician Sun was truly unable to treat the Jiangs second miss

Physician Sun was feeling apprehensive too.

The Jiangs second miss had a normal pulse, but she simply wasnt waking up.

He pricked her with a needle, but she still did not wake up.

This made Physician Sun very puzzled.

“Thats right.

Lets request for an imperial physician,” Old Madam said.

After hearing Zhao Lingyuns mention of an imperial physician, she told Huan Cui, the woman servant beside her, in an anxious panic: “Right, right.

Quickly return to the manor and get the identity book from Old Husband.

Enter the palace and request for an imperial physician.”

Huan Cui reiterated what she should do and then broke into a run towards the medicine shops doors.

“Ill go find that guy with the surnameWei!” Jiang Xian ran out as well.

His head seemed even more swollen than before, but he was still very spirited.

He ran extremely quickly, surpassing Huan Cui in just a few steps.

Jiang Mingyue opened her eyes at this moment and just so happened to meet the gaze of Jiang Yuee, who was keeping watch by the bedside and had just lowered her head to look at Jiang Mingyue.

Jiang Yuee had been solemnly vigilant this whole time.

It was only when she saw Jiang Mingyues eyes open that she called out, “Mingyue”

Jiang Mingyue blinked again.

Jiang Yuee turned her head and yelled toward those on the other side of the screen, “Grandma, our second miss has woken!”

Footsteps rang out.

A moment later, Old Madam Xu appeared before the wooden bed and extended her head out to watch Jiang Mingyue open her eyes.

Old Madam Xu also called out, “Mingyue”

“Grandma,” Jiang Mingyue replied.


Oh, heavens.” Old Madam Xus legs went soft, and she fell, sitting right down on the bed.

She called out to Jiang Mingyue, asking, “Lass, how are you feeling Are you feeling any discomfort anywhere”

“Im fine,” Jiang Mingyue said softly.

“I was seriously… When I saw you wake so quickly and seem so lively earlier, I thought you were fine and didnt call for a physician,” Old Madam Xu said vexedly.

“I even let you come along with me, running all the way over here.

What will I, your old grandma, do if something were to happen to you”

Old Madam Xu felt fearful just from thinking about what might have happened.

Jiang Mingyue used a hand to prop herself against the beds headboard and sat up.

By the bedside, there so happened to be a small solid wooden hammer.

Jiang Mingyue pulled the hammer under the spring quilt and exerted some strength with her hand.

She crushed the solid wooden hammer into powder with that one hand.

In her past life, Jiang Mingyue suffered an illness during this time when her marriage was being discussed.

She was ill for quite a long time, and when she was well again, she possessed a strength that far surpassed that of an ordinary person.

After coming to this life, she once again fainted for no particular reason, but she was ill for a much shorter amount of time.

This allowed her to find out about all these things that had occurred while she was sick in her previous life.

“Wheres Mister Sun”Old Madam Xu called out loudly for the physician at this moment.

Jiang Mingyue noiselessly pulled out her hand from under the quilt and shook her hand under the bed, scattering the powder onto the floor.

In her previous life, she had been very ill and in a coma.

Old Madam Xu would definitely have been keeping watch by her side, so her two brothers, Jiang Yu and Jiang Xian, presumably wouldnt have gotten off so lightly from the fight with the Weis third young master.

“Stuck in your thoughts again!” Old Madam Xu turned back after calling out for the physician and then smacked her palm onto Jiang Mingyues forehead.

She said in a worried tone, “Just how do you have so much to think about every day When I see you with your head lowered and not uttering a word, it makes me worried.


“Grandma!” Jiang Yuee yelled out hurriedly upon seeing Old Madam Xu raise her hand to smack Jiang Mingyues forehead again.

“Mingyue is ill.

Dont hit her head.”

Unbeknownst to the others, Jiang Xian had run back to the medicine shop.

He ran over to them with his footsteps ringing out, deng, deng.

The first thing he said was to protect Jiang Mingyue: “Dont hit Second Sister.”

When Jiang Mingyue saw her little brother whose face had been beaten until it looked like a pigs head, she sighed inwardly. Who could imagine that this little brother of hers, who failed at his studies from a young age and whose best skill was fighting, would ultimately be the one to protect their grandparents and Anyuan Houfu

Physician Sun walked in at this moment.

He took one glance at Jiang Mingyue and felt very astonished.

The Jiangs second miss had regained her initially rosy complexion! Upon checking Jiang Mingyues pulse again, Physician Sun found that her pulse was extremely normal.

This person wasnt ill at all!

He thought it through from different angles, but he still couldnt understand what had happened.

As such, Physician Suns expression became filled with distress.

The moment this happened, Old Madam Xu became worried.

What else could be more frightening to an ill persons family members than a change in the physicians expression

“I…” Old Madam Xus words no longer sounded sharp.

She trembled with fear as she asked Physician Sun, “My granddaughter… Is she very… very ill Can… Can she still be saved”

Jiang Mingyue: “…”

‘Grandma ah, cant you just hope for better things for me

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1The raw saidSun instead ofShen, but we assume its a typo.2In ancient China, window panes were not made of glass but paper.-

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