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Physician Sun checked Jiang Mingyues pulse twice in a row.

During this period of time, Old Madam Xu, Jiang Yuee, and Jiang Xian didnt even dare to breathe loudly.

Zhao Lingyun was also waiting anxiously outside the screen.

Then, Physician Sun exhaled a mouthful of air and removed his hand from Jiang Mingyues wrist.

It was at this moment that Old Madam Xu finally asked with a trembling voice, “What sickness does my familys second daughter have”

Physician Sun had taken a long time to check Jiang Mingyues pulse.

This gave Old Madam Xu adequate time to prepare herself for the bad news she might receive.

If something bad were to happen to her Mingyueer, the first one she would go and tear apart was Wei Ziting, and the second was Zhao Qingrong.

As for what did Jiang Mingyues illness have to do with Zhao Qingrong and Wei Ziting… Well, if you were to try and reason it out with Old Madam Xu, shed say…

‘Why was it that Jiang Mingyue didnt fall ill before or after, but right when Zhao Qingrong arranged for her to marry into the Tushan Wangfu

‘Why was it that Jiang Mingyue didnt faint before or after, but immediately following her encounter with Wei Ziting

Old Madam Xu gathered her luck and prayed in her heart to Buddha, requesting for her Mingyueer to be well and without sickness and for this misfortune to be turned into a blessing.

While she was doing that, she also clenched her hand into a fist, fully prepared to go tear someone apart.

When Jiang Xian was worrying about Jiang Mingyue, he turned his head very much by chance and caught a glimpse of his grandmothers ferocious expression.

He was so frightened by it that he quivered and hurriedly turned his head back around.

Oh, dear.

His grandmother wanted to destroy someone!

Physician Sun was in no hurry to answer Old Madam Xus question and instead spent quite a long while thinking.

Right when Old Madam Xu could wait no longer and wanted to stomp about, Physician Sun said one line: “Second Miss probably fell into a coma due to extreme anger.”

Jiang Mingyue: “…”

She truly hadnt gotten angry.

She really hadnt!

“All right,” Old Madam Xu said, jumping onto her feet and then slapping her thigh.

She continued loudly, “I just knew it!”

Jiang Yuee, who had not uttered a single word this whole time and hadnt dared to breathe loudly, said confusedly at this moment, “Grandma, what do you know”

“Send your younger sister home,” Old Madam Xu told Jiang Yuee grumpily.

“Then where are you going, Grandma” Jiang Yuee asked in a hurry.

“My familys second daughter cannot suffer this mistreatment in vain.” Old Madam Xu gazed at Jiang Mingyue with an expression that said,Your grandmother understands what youre feeling.

Jiang Mingyue said, “Grandma, I havent been mistreated.

I— Im not angry.”

She just wanted to live a steady and uneventful life this time around, living her life in peace as an average person.

So would she find it worthwhile to get angry with someone she no longer has anything to do with

“You, come with me!” Old Madam Xu ignored Jiang Mingyue and instead smacked a palm onto Jiang Xians back.

She scolded, “Are you a physician Is there a point in you standing here”

With the wind beneath her feet1phrase: meaning to walk/move fast, Old Madam Xu pushed and shoved, driving Jiang Xian out.

At present, Zhao Lingyun, who was waiting outside the screen, was actually drinking some tea.

Upon seeing Old Madam Xu and Jian Xian emerge, he stood up hurriedly and said, “Where are you going, Old Madam

“Ai!” Old Madam Xu let out a heavy sigh.

Old Madam Xu was a person who appeared petite and withered, with horizontal and vertical wrinkles making deep grooves on her face.

The sorrowful sigh she let out made the hardships she had endured even more evident on her face.

Faced with Old Madam Xus pained expression that was as if she had just experienced the bitterness of Chinese goldthread2a herb, Zhao Lingyun felt his heart tense in an ineffable manner.

He had taken a look at the Jiangs second miss earlier.

‘Shes truly a beautiful woman.

Has she died of an illness just like that Whats this supposed to be A case of how beautiful women suffer unhappy fates

Master Zhao thought while staring blankly.

“I need to go find that rascal from the Weis,” Old Madam Xu said furiously.

“My granddaughter has been well-behaved and dutifully stayed at home.

Even this could lead to the Weis third son causing a disaster to fall from the sky onto her.

I need to find the Weis and demand the reason for this!”

“What about Second Miss” Zhao Lingyun asked Old Madam Xu quietly.

“The physician said my second elder sister fell ill from anger,” Jiang Xian said.

“Pa!” Old Madam Xu fiercely smacked her palm onto Jiang Xians back.

She said, “What are you still dilly-dallying for Come with me!”

“You want me to go beat up Wei Ziting” Jiang Xian said, not quite understanding what was going on.

“Do you want Elder Brother and me to give him another beating”

“Brainless fool,” Old Madam Xu lamented bitterly and hatefully.

“Youve been beaten up so badly that your father wouldnt recognize you even if he came back.

Shouldnt you let others see this horrible appearance of yours You suffered a beating and shed blood, yet you still want to help the Weis third son hide the evil acts hes done”

Jiang Xian wanted to say that he hadnt shed any blood, and furthermore, hed won the fight.

However, his familys old madam did not give him any more chances to speak.

With one hand, Old Madam Xu shoved Jiang Xian straight out of the medicine shop.

Zhao Lingyun hurried to keep pace with them.

How could he pass on the chance to watch this exciting show Uh, no, he had always had a good friendship with Brother Jiang Xian, so he had to go help out.

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1phrase: meaning to walk/move fast2a herb-

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