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Ch 8 – The Weis Third Son, Who Got a Basin of Poop Dumped Onto Him1-to buckle a basin of poop/** on someone: to falsely accuse and slander someone

“What” The retainer was in disbelief.

Just how important did this Jiang Mingyue think she was that it was her right to pick their Crown Prince as a candidate to marry Y-Yet she wasnt going to pick him!

On the street, Old Venerable Su was supported by two servants, as he hobbled over to the two involved parties.

“All right, stop fighting,” Old Madam Xu scolded her eldest grandson Jiang Yu: “Your father is a military general, you arent.

This Third Boy is taller and stronger than you.

Youre just taking him as a drum to beat with your fists like this.

Besides hurting your hand, what benefits are you able to get Foolish calf, youre just giving his back a massage!”

When everyone heard this, they felt that the Weis Third Young Master had gained yet another criminal charge the moment Old Madam Xus top lip met her bottom lip.

She accused him of bullying the weak, then she asked if he had no shame However, upon seeing the Weis Young Masters face, they felt that Old Madam Xu was truly a ruthless person who was unafraid of having a guilty conscience.

‘Its said that one can hit a person but not their face.

Your grandson hit the face of the Weis Third Young Master until it became a dyehouse, yet youre pretending you cant see it.

Is this something that a human does

Jiang Yu withdrew his fist.

His father was a general, but he was not.

So after wielding his fist, his hand did indeed ache.

Jiang Yu ran back over to his grandmothers side.

The Jiangs eldest young master thought for a moment and then sidestepped over to stand in front of Jiang Mingyue instead.

His grandmother didnt need him to worry about her.

After all, she was someone who could overturn the whole Weixiang Fu on her own.

His second sister, on the other hand, couldnt do that, so he had to protect her.

“This kid is mischievous, stubborn, and immature,” Old Venerable Su admonished Wei Ziting the moment he opened his mouth.

Upon hearing what Old Venerable Su said, Jiang Mingyue understood that he was trying to protect Wei Ziting.

She tagged so many charges onto Wei Ziting earlier, but this old venerable just lightly attributed them to Wei Ziting being an immature child, wanting to simply let the matter pass.

Jiang Mingyue could understand why Old Venerable Su did this.

As a teacher, who would you pick to protect between a good student and a bad student Wei Ziting was someone who studied seriously and was going to take the imperial exam and obtain scholarly honor in the future.

As for the one from her family Jiang Yu was a playful little rascal who idled away.

Would Old Venerable Su protect him

“Why arent you quickly apologising” Old Venerable Su urged Wei Ziting at this time.

Wei Ziting just stood still instead of taking action.

After all, he was a young master of Weixiang Fu, and he also had a temper!

“You!” Old Venerable Su got extremely angry.

“Little kid, when you fight, you should apologise if youre in the wrong.

Theres nothing better than being able to change after admitting your wrongs,” someone in the crowd said at this moment.

Jiang Mingyue looked toward the voice and realized that this person, who was dressed as a scholar, had fair and clear skin, as well as a short beard, was actually one of Zhao Lingxiaos followers.

Jiang Mingyue lowered her head and inwardly let out a cold laugh.

See, this was Zhao Lingxiao protecting a member of the Wei family for Wei Lanzhis sake.

Wei Ziting clearly knew this follower.

The moment he saw the latter, he shot a meaningful look over.

Then the Weis Third Young Master looked toward the teahouse on the side of the street.

Jiang Mingyue also glanced over at the teahouse and saw a person on the second floor by a window that faced the street.

That person only had half his face exposed, but that was enough.

It turned out that the followers master was currently sitting in the teahouse, watching this entire scene.

After seeing the person on the upper level of the teahouse, Wei Ziting bowed his head and admitted defeat in terror: “Im sorry.”

“Old Madam.” With a few tall and strong family servants helping clear a way through the crowd for him, Shen Qi—Jiang Yues husband and the Ningguo Gongfus second young master—squeezed into the center.

Shen Qis leg had a deformity, so he had a rather tough time limping his way in, and his face was covered in sweat.

“Why are you here” Old Madam Xu felt rather sorry for her second sons son-in-law.

“Old Madam, youre fine, right” The moment Shen Qi arrived, he first asked whether the old madam was fine.

“Aiyo,” the old madam immediately prepared to once again cry to the heavens and yell to the earth.

She could not let this little rascal from the Wei family get off so easily.

Did this little rascal think she did not know that he was her grandsons greatest foe at the Imperial College Every single time her grandsons got lectured and punished by the teachers at the Imperial College, it was due to a matter which was incited by this third son of the Wei family.

Yet Jiang Mingyue reached out with her hand and tugged on the old madam, shaking her head at the latter.

The old madam said in discontent, “Just let it go like this”

“Lets follow Brother-in-Laws decision,” Jiang Mingyue whispered.

Jiang Ruqiu was not in the capital, their old master was not present, and Jiang Yu and Jiang Xian were still too young to represent the family.

However, Shen Qi had hurried over at this time; this brother-in-law of hers was sticking his neck out for the Jiangs.

This was good.

He was someone they knew.

Shen Qi shot a very swift glance at Jiang Mingyue.

This sister-in-law of his was normally someone who was not charming but rather a strong-minded person who fought with sharp stabs.

He never imagined that she would actually be so sensible today.

“Kneel!” Old Mr Su chided Wei Ziting at this very moment.

While Wei Ziting was still hesitating, Old Mr Su gave him a kick behind the kneecaps, essentially kicking him into a kneeling position on the ground.

“Kowtow to the old madam and apologise,” Old Venerable Su hurriedly ordered Wei Ziting.

Since todays matter had already gotten to this point, inviting Wei Xiangfus old matriarch over would just make things worse.

Both Wei Xiangfus old matriarch and Old Madam Xu were elders, so they could not say who was older or that they were being startled and tired out by the younger party.

This meant Wei Xiangfus old matriarch had no way to compete with Old Madam Xu.

Unlike Old Madam Xu, the old matriarch of Wei Xiangfu was unable to risk everything to win this fight.

So what could Old Venerable Su do He could only get Wei Ziting to apologise until Old Madam Xu was satisfied.

Old Venerable Su was actually throwing caution to the wind at this time.

‘In any case, Old Madam Xu, you cant demand for the life of the Weis third son right here on the street, right

“I cant accept it.” Old Madam Xu gave a supercilious look.

“Grandmother,” Shen Qi quietly called out to Old Madam Xu.

“Brother-in-Law, you should wrap things up here,” Jiang Mingyue stated.

Then she tugged on her familys old madam and said, “Grandma, lets go wait in the carriage.

With Brother-in-Law here, the Weis Third Young Master wont dare to do anything to our eldest son anymore.”

The corner of Brother-in-Law Shens mouth twitched.

Everyone: “…”

‘Second Miss, your Jiang family really did not suffer much losses.

You cant even let the Weis Third Young Master off upon your departure When the surrounding crowd saw this, they all sympathised with the Weis Third Young Master.

‘Just how many basins of poop were dumped on his head in this short period of time

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1-to buckle a basin of poop/** on someone: to falsely accuse and slander someone


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