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Qi Zhian understood by looking at Qi Xins reaction.

So she wasnt even listening to what they were saying just now!

Thinking of this, his face suddenly became unpleasant.

He knew that Qi Xin had misunderstood Xia Xibei before, but it was all in the past!

Now things were clear, there was no problem at all between him and Xia Xibei.

Xia Xibei was now a Qi family child and Qi Xins cousin.

The two of them should get along well.

Even if it was too early for sisterly affection because it hadnt been that long, couldnt she learn some amazing skills from Xia Xibei

Qi Zhian was getting more and more disappointed with Qi Xin.

Before, he had thought Qi Xin was good in every way.

Talented, hard-working, and had good character.

Now, contrasted with Xia Xibei, all of her problems were evident.

Impulsive, capricious, and unrepentant, not to mention never learning from the wise.

Usually there were few opportunities to get in close contact with such a master as Xia Xibei, but she was distracted the whole time!

Even if she was distracted, she also stepped on the gathering-spirit grass and got herself into such a state.

Seeing Qi Zhians expression, Qi Xin became anxious.

She panicked, but at this time, she did not know what to say in order not to make a mistake.

How could she have known that her mental-wandering would be discovered

It was embarrassing to be caught in such a humiliating way, and now it was even worse.

Luckily, the pain in her arm reminded her.

She held her arm and yelped, “It hurts!”

Her face was scrunched up together as if it was very painful.

Seeing this, Qi Zhian didnt have time to scold her anymore and hurriedly said with concern, “Ill walk you out!”

Now was not the time to talk about this.

She had to be sent out for treatment, or her injury would be delayed.

Qi Xin could only bow her head and answer yes.

Qi Zhian bid farewell to Xia Xibei.

“Ill take her out first and come back later.”

“Okay, you guys be careful,” Xia Xibei waved at them.

Looking at their backs as they left, Xia Xibeis eyes were deep and thoughtful.

Qi Xins injury this time was just the beginning.

With this in mind, Xia Xibei went back to finding the red top grass.

Now that she didnt need to coach Qi Zhian, she soon found the place where red top grass grew according to her knowledge.

She smiled brightly looking at the red red top grass.

The Qi family really did have red top grass!

Although this garden was not big and more limited than a forest, it was full of all sorts of things, and there were quite a few spiritual plants.

Fortunately, there was also red top grass here, otherwise she would have had to waste time finding it.

After finding the red top grass, Xia Xibei asked Qi Zhian to take her to a lab.

After all, who would bring these things to meet their parents

With Qis family, these things must be around.

Qi Zhian certainly did not refuse her request and was more than happy to do so.

Soon, Qi Zhian took her to a courtyard.

There were several rooms in the courtyard which looked ordinary on the outside, but inside there were a lot of instruments that outsiders could not understand.

Xia Xibei looked around and nodded in satisfaction.

“Do you need my help” Qi Zhian asked.

“No,” Xia Xibei shook her head, “Ill just do it myself.”

“Then… Can I watch it from here” Qi Zhian cautiously put forward an idea.

Xia Xibei looked at him and nodded, “Yes.”

Qi Zhian was not an outsider anyway, so it was good to let him learn something.

Seeing that Xia Xibei agreed, Qi Zhian got excited.

Finally he could see Xia Xibeis operation up close!

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