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Ye Chen has nothing left now.

What can he do to seek revenge

Even the entire Ye Family didn’t dare to take revenge.

What can a useless person like him do

Therefore, as far as the current situation was concerned, he could only follow his family’s decisions.

On the other side.

In the Qin Corporation’s office.

Qin Tian didn’t expect the Ye Family to be thinking that far.

He was under investigation right now.

And the person here to investigate him was an old acquaintance, Liu Ruoxi!

It seemed that because of Qin Tian’s identity, there was a special police responsible for events related to him.

And that person was none other than Liu Ruoxi.

She brought a male colleague named Gao Yugang over today.

He was tall and handsome, and looked very capable too.

After they arrived at Qin Tian’s office and learned the full story, they were also in shock.


Qin, according to your descriptions, we understand most of the events now.

But don’t you think the self-defense is a bit extensive” Liu Ruoxi said.

Although it was true that Qin Tian was being attacked,  but this result…

Qin Tian didn’t even get scratched, and the other four all ended in the hospital.

Judging from their injuries, they’ll still have to be bedridden for another few months.

“Excessive defense” Qin Tian, who was sitting in the office chair, couldn’t help laughing a little: “There seems to be something you don’t understand here.”

“Do you know how strong they are Just one of them can beat up a hundred police officers without even trying.”

“If I don’t beat them up to such an extent, what if they came to assassinate me again”

“There are many things you all don’t know yet.

After you learn them, you won’t call me extensive defensive anymore.”

“Of course, if you find my words suspicious, you can get someone who’s professional in this field.

I’ll be willing to be investigated at any time.” 

“Alright, we understand.”

Liu Ruoxi stood up, “Sorry, Mr.

Qin, for disturbing you today.”

“It’s okay, it’s my duty to cooperate with your work.”

“Then we’ll be going now.”

“I won’t be sending you off, take care.”

Liu Ruoxi hasn’t finished the matter with Jin Sanye last time yet.

So after she and Qin Tian understood what happened, she left Qin’s building with her colleagues.

Qin Tian opened his system.

He has 12000 Villain Points now.

After hesitating, he decided to buy a spiritual energy pill.

He had already thought about it last night that he should focus on improving his own strength first.

He must be able to stand up for himself when he’s in trouble.

He asked the system before.

To promote from the Grandmaster realm to the Great Grandmaster realm, one must have very incredible spiritual energy.

His physical strength was basically enough now.

Therefore, what he needed to do the most at the moment was to improve his spiritual energy.

Although he could try the lottery to get 10 years of spiritual energy, but you can’t always hope for the best in RNG systems.

So, he decided to directly buy a spiritual energy pill.

[Spiritual energy pill: 2000 Villain Points]

“I’ll take it!”

[Purchase successful.

Have fun with the pill!]

A light blue pill appeared in Qin Tian’s hand.

[Spiritual energy pill: Can be used multiple times.

One pill can increase the user’s spiritual energy by 10 years.

Although there are no side effects, the pill must take 7 days to be absorbed by the body.

Hence, this pill can only be used once every 7 days.]

[Note: A human body can only withstand a limit of 100 years of spiritual energy, please use with caution]

“A hundred years is the max”

Seeing this description and note, Qin Tian immediately understood the effect of this pill.

Because this was a real spiritual pill, the body must spend 7 days to absorb it.

Plus, a person can only have a limit of 100 years of spiritual energy.

Which meant, his current self can still take up to 8 more pills.

Qin Tian nodded thoughtfully.

Either way, as long as this can improve his strength, that’s all he needed.

As for the 7-day usage interval

Well, at least that’s better than the lottery.

He has all the skills he needs, so if he got some unuseful abilities from the lottery, he might as well just wait 7 days.

Qin Tian ate the pill.

In terms of pills, Qin Tian was very experienced.

Since this was over a span of 7 days, there didn’t seem to be any immediate effects.

But well…

During the waiting time, he might as well buy another Innate master.

He still had over ten thousand Villain Points, even after buying one, he still had enough time to go earn more.

Mm, the more he thought about it, the more he felt like that would be the right decision.

With that, Qin Tian didn’t hesitate any further.

He went to the purchase subordinates page and clicked buy.

[Ding, congratulations, your luck this time is heaven-defying.

You received Pill Refiner “Dan Chenzi.”]

[Ding, Pill Refiner ‘Dan Chenzi’ will contact you within 72 hours.

Please ensure that you keep your phone on.]

Qin Tian: “…”

The **

Pill Refiners are so rare that he needed “heaven-defying” luck to pull one

Seeing this message, Qin Tian suddenly started to look forward to meeting this pill refiner.

Dan Chenzi His name alone sounded powerful.

It was similar to those top-tier masters from cultivation novels.

He must be a super powerful guy.


Qin, my classmate is getting married tomorrow.

Shall we go”

When Qin Tian was studying the system, Deng Yuqing suddenly sent him a message.

Attending the wedding was something they had already discussed.

After seeing the message, Qin Tian smiled.

Recently, I have been planning, or executing his plans.

It was about time he should relax a little.

Qin Tian replied quickly.

“Yes, I have time.”

“My classmate’s wedding will be held at Jiujiu Farmhouse outside the east of the city.

Should I wait for you tomorrow morning at somewhere or…”

“It’s okay, you can come live at my place tonight.”

“Ah This… can I”

“Why not” Qin Tian replied.

“Oh right, I haven’t bought you anything for a long time, right Do you have time today I’ll take you shopping…”

“Yes, I do!”

Deng Yuqing quickly replied.

After knowing Qin Tian for so long, she knew Qin Tian didn’t like ambiguous replies, so she went very directly.

Since the first time Qin Tian bought her something and gave her some money, Qin Tian hasn’t shown any signs for the next few times they were together.

Now that Qin Tian asked her to go shopping, even if she was busy, of course she would still say that she could come.

“Alright then, in one hour, wait for me at the city center square.”


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