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Li Miao and XI xiujuan were good friends.

Both of their grades were about the same.

In this era, the requirements for a computer science major were not high.

Li Miao and XI Xiujuan got their grades here together.

Everyone said that they were the same kind of person as the kind of person they played with.

Li Miao and XI xiujuan were the kind of people who hung out with boys every day and introduced each other to the boys they knew.

If they liked each other, they would fall in love, they also had to constantly gossip about who was with whom and who had broken up with whom.

They even had to say a few dirty words to the girls when they were usually with the boys.

Moreover, the scariest thing was that Li Miao and XI xiujuan were still smoking.

When Yun Jian had just arrived at the dormitory, he had seen Li Miao and Xi Xiujuan throw a few cigarette butts beside their seats.

It was obvious that they were the ones who smoked.

It was not impossible for them to smoke.

If they were addicted to smoking, no one could stop them.

However, if they smoked indoors, not only would they harm themselves, they would also harm others.

If someone else smoked indoors, they would inhale the smoke into their nose.

It was second-hand smoke.

Second-hand smoke was more likely to cause cancer than if they smoked alone.

It would bring serious danger to the lives of others.

Cancer-causing, as long as one got cancer, one would die without a doubt.

There was no way to treat it in this world.

So even if one wanted to smoke, one had to smoke outside.

At least, one could not harm others.

However, Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan did not care about this at all.

When Yun Jian and Zhu Huili were in the dormitory, they started smoking one cigarette after another.

After surrounding Yun Jian, Miao Li lit another cigarette and crossed her arms as if she was a socialite.

Yun Jian ignored Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan.

She walked past them and went to her bed.

“Hey, Hey! Im asking you a question!”When Miao Li saw this, she yelled angrily.

She immediately put out the cigarette in her hand and rushed to the front of Yun Jian to stop him again.

“Im asking you how you know the foreigner beside brother Kai! Are You Deaf Wont you reply if you hear me”Miao Li said righteously.

When Zhu Huili saw this, she was stunned for a moment.

She quickly ran over to stop Miao Li and protected the Yun Jian as she said to Miao Li, “What do you want to Do”

“We dont want to do anything! Look carefully, she was the one who ignored US just now!”At this moment, Miao Li said as she moved her body and spoke righteously.

This level of arrogance was as if Yun Zhi was at fault.

“Get out of the way,”Yun Zhi suddenly said coldly.

Miao Li, who had just said those words to Zhu Huili righteously, suddenly heard yun zhi say, “Get out of the way.”She actually blurted out the word “Get out of the way.”She felt that she had been ignored!

Girls like Miao Li and Xi xiujuan were the easiest to overthink.

When Yun Zhi said “Get out of the way”, it instantly turned into a sarcastic word in their ears.

“What did you say Youre actually asking us to move aside”Miao li stared at Yun Jian as a wave of anger surged out of nowhere.

“Xiujuan, this newcomer is really too shameless.

Lets teach her a lesson and see if she still dares to be arrogant!”Miao Li said to Xi Xiujuan.

After that, the two of them were about to rush over to Yun Jian and try to suppress it.

“Stop!”Zhu Huilis round body was not flexible to begin with, but she still stood in front of Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan, preventing them from dealing with Yun Jian.

However, just as Zhu Huili stood in front of Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan, Yun Jian pulled her away and did not give Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan a chance to react, zhu Huili did not even see when Yun Jian made his move.

Yun Jian had already kicked Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan to the ground.

When Miao Li and Xi Xiujuan reacted, they were as shocked as Zhu Huili.

At that moment, Yun Jians calm voice rang out.

His words were enough to make the three people present suck in a deep breath:

“Im sorry, I went to a military academy in high school.

I was born in the special forces.

My fists and legs are blind.

If I accidentally sent you to the hospital, it would have been an accident.”

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