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Chapter 15: Waking Up

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The doctor scraped away the rotten meat in Song Jingchens wounds and bandaged him up again. He opened his mouth to remind Song Jingchen to take care.

However, he thought twice about it. This person might not even be able to recover from this and survive. Even if he did, he probably wouldnt have a chance to recuperate properly.

He could not be bothered to waste his breath, so he left two bottles of ointment and left.

Shen Yijia had been “lucky” enough to experience the pain of having her flesh cut away and knew how painful it was, but Song Jingchen didnt wake up during this period.

Uncle Yang personally brewed the medicine and brought it in. Shen Yijia quickly took the medicine before Madam Li could reach out, and smiled awkwardly. “Ill do it. Mother, take a rest.”

With that, she walked straight to the bed with the medicine.

In a place where no one could see, she secretly put a drop of spiritual liquid in.

Song Jingchens collapse was sudden, and the doctor also mentioned that it was a dangerous time for him. Everyone was already prepared to stay awake overnight to watch over him.

Unexpectedly, after drinking the bowl of medicine, the excessive heat in Song Jingchens body slowly dissipated.

This was naturally because Shen Yijia had added something to it.

Shen Yijia was quite surprised. She had already fed him two drops before. Although two drops couldnt make the wounds on his body disappear immediately, it should at least strengthen his body, right However, Song Jingchen still managed to fall sick.

Part of her wondered if the spiritual liquid had expired due to her transmigration. Thankfully, the drop of spiritual liquid showed obvious effects this time, which cleared away her suspicions.

In her previous life, she was able to avoid being beaten to death by those lunatics in the hospital because of this spiritual liquid.

It was hard to determine all of its possible effects, but she knew for sure that it could detoxify, heal, and strengthen the body.

She didnt know if it could cure Song Jingchens crippled legs. Even if it could, it would take a lot of spiritual liquid to do so.

Shen Yijia decided to give it a try in the future.

After everyone finished their simple meal, Song Jingchen woke up.

“Mother, thank you for your concern. Take the twins with you and get some rest.” Song Jingchens face was still very pale, but he looked much better.

He was also very surprised. There seemed to be something wrong with his body.

He knew his own condition better than anyone else. Previously, when he was in the prison, those people had nearly tortured him to death without saying anything.

Of course, he knew who instructed them to do such a thing.

If not for the fact that he had practiced martial arts since he was young and had a strong body, it would have been impossible for him to come out alive. It was obvious how serious his injuries were.

He had already vaguely sensed that something was off when he woke up yesterday. Today, he felt even more certain that something was wrong. The weakness he felt when he fainted previously had been greatly reduced.

Furthermore, even the internal injuries in his body had recovered quite a bit…

Hearing Song Jingchens words, Madam Li glanced at Shen Yijia.

She wanted to say something, but she noticed the determination on her sons face. She had no choice but to say, “Alright, rest well.”

Shen Yijia naturally saw Madam Lis glance before she left.

Blinking, she moved to the bed of her own accord. “Is there something you want to tell me”

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Song Jingchen didnt say anything. He just calmly took out an envelope and handed it to her.

He felt that as long as Shen Yijia saw it, she should understand what he meant. There was no need for him to say anything else.

However, Shen Yijias next words almost made him lose his cool.

“Is this for me I cant read though. What does it say” After saying that, Shen Yijia scratched her head in embarrassment and blushed.

She couldnt read in her previous life, but Da Hua had taught her a lot.

After all, those old men wanted her to grow into a tool that knew nothing. Naturally, they would not teach her how to read.

Moreover, the original host didnt seem to have studied before. She didnt have any memories before the age of five.

After the original hosts mother died at the age of five, she had no chance to learn how to read in the residence. The original host was even worse off than Shen Yijia…

Shen Yijias eyes widened as she carefully read the three words on the envelope.

The words that Da Hua taught her were not so complicated.


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