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“The ceremony is complete, to the water.” Commanded the monk, wearing a gray robe with a 6-dotted scar on the top of his head.

The bamboo raft carrying a bundle clad in a red wedding dress and covered with a large red veil was pushed into the turbulent river.


When Meng Changjin opened her eyes, she could only see a red color.

Her hands and feet were tied securely, so she could not move.


Before she could think of a way to untie her hands and feet, she felt her body being dragged down by a heavy object at an incredible speed.

Then she was plunged into the cold water.

The unprepared Meng Changjin choked hard, and she quickly stopped breathing.


The thing pulling her down kept sinking to the bottom of the water.

At first, Meng Changjin was able to hold her breath.

But after a long time, this mortal body’s lungs could not bear it.

Finally, after a few minutes, or less, after falling into the water, Meng Changjin died.


Before her death, if she could speak in the water, Meng Changjin would have cursed the evil God!


Why let her come back to life to let her die again What kind of hatred and what kind of resentment!


Practically forcing her to give the middle finger!


Before she died, Meng Changjin didn’t know if she had raised her middle finger as she wished.

All she knew was that she opened her eyes again and met a pair of… fish eyes.


And she was wrapped in a vast, transparent bubble.


Meng Changjin:  …


What the hell would you do this time


“Human, you are finally awake.”


The voice of a young boy came.

Meng Changjin quickly glanced around and fixed her eyes on the golden-red fish outside the bubble.


Except for her, there was only the creature outside.  Who else would it be if the sound were not from it


“Human, you’re dead.” The golden-red fish, waving its tail.


“I just found out.” Meng Changjin said lightly, looking at the fish outside the transparent bubble leisurely, waiting for the other party’s following words.


“Do you want to live” The golden-red fish asked.


Meng Changjin smiled.

“Look at your question.

Of course, I want to live.

You can let me live, right Let me guess, do you have something to ask me”


Golden Red Fish:  …


How could he answer this


What could he say after all the words are spoken




Bah bah bah!


“What do you mean by asking you for something It’s cooperation.

Do you understand cooperation Do me a little favor, and I’ll let you live.

A fair deal.” The young boy’s voice contained a hint of exasperation.


“Okay, okay, what you say is what it is.” Meng Changjin spread her hands in a tone that didn’t care about children.


Golden Red Fish: …!


It felt like he was being coaxed as a little kid!


“Cooperation” The young boy’s voice became serious, and his fish eyes stared at Meng Changjin, waiting for her answer.


“Well…” Meng Changjin raised her hand to touch her chin and stopped talking.


Golden Red Fish: …!


Would you dare to finish your sentence in one breath!


“Okay.” Before the golden-red fish was about to lose its temper, Meng Changjin smiled happily and agreed.


Anyway, she was already a ghost.

How much worse could it be


If there was a modern person next to her, they would know Meng Changjin’s thoughts.

He would seriously tell her that this kind of stand was not allowed.


So Meng Changjin, who had finished, also became serious.

Looking at the golden-red fish outside the transparent bubble, “Now, tell me what I’m going to do”


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