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After the Da Niu and the Er Niu were brought in by Meng Changjin, they saw their beaten and bruised father.

The two little girls shivered.


In fact, the two little girls often saw this kind of scene.

But the person who was beaten in the past was their mother, while their father was beating people.


And this time, the identity of the person being beaten and beating people turned their positions.


In the past, when the scumbag beat people, the two little girls always shivered in the corner.

If they were noticed at that time, they would be smashed together.


“How can you just watch your father get beaten up Hurry up, cover your eyes.” Meng Changjin smiled and reached out to cover the little girls’ eyes.


Hearing Meng Changjin’s words, the beaten and in pain Hao Jianye almost vomited a mouthful of blood.


He wanted to instruct the two girls to help him, but watching Meng Changjin’s protection, he didn’t dare to make a sound for fear that he would be beaten again.


Meng Changjin carried the ragweed back to where these things should be placed.

She dumped the ragweed out and took the two pheasants.


The two pheasants were pressed under the ragweed along the way and were now dying, but they were not dead.


If they were not dead, they were fresh.


In fact, for these two pheasants, Meng Changjin was torn between taking them to the market to sell them or eating them.


The client was indigent, and her pockets were cleaner than her face.


Therefore, Meng Changjin felt that the pheasant should be sold for money.

Still, because she desperately needed nutrition to repair her body with spiritual energy, she thought it would be good to eat them.


Meng Changjin used her divine sense to complain to Xiao Si.


“Isn’t it enough to eat one and sell one”  Xiao Si said as if she was so stupid.


Meng Changjin raised her eyebrows slightly.

“What you said makes sense, but I choose to eat two!”


Xiao Si: …!


Then what the hell are you talking about!


Meng Changjin slaughtered one of the pheasants, bleeding and plucking the feathers.

The movements were really skilled to the core.


Eating just one pheasant was not enough.

Potatoes were the most common food in the client’s house, so Meng Changjin added a lot of potatoes.


While Meng Changjin was busy, the old lady came back.


As soon as she entered the yard, she saw her son with a bruised nose and swollen face.


The old lady went out early in the morning because her son “did not return all night.” So she went to her son’s usual favorite places to inquire around.

She wondered if her son was drunk again at someone’s house and did not come home or play cards all night.


It turned out that after asking around, there was no such thing.

Instead, a person’s son’s friend said he had left yesterday afternoon after drinking.

The other party was surprised that Hao Jianye did not go home.


The old lady didn’t find her son, so she thought about going home first, and maybe her son had already returned home while she was out.


Then when she came back, she found that her son had returned, but with a bruised nose and a swollen face.

It was obvious that he had received a good beating.


“What’s going on here The one who beat you up be hacked to pieces!” The old lady was generally quiet and did not like to talk.

But the old lady would be like an exploding hedgehog when she encountered something about her son.


Of course, she would not dare to beat back the person who had beaten her son, but she would definitely run to the door and start shouting not far from the house.


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