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The content was mainly about how those capable people did not go to bully those who were prosperous but came to mock them, widows and orphans.


Then she started talking about how it was not easy for her to pull her son up.


She didn’t care why Hao Jianye was beaten.

She just thought it was because others saw them as an orphan and a widow as easy to bully.


This was how Hao Jianye was raised in his current situation.


When Hao Jianye saw his mother come back, he immediately complained.


He couldn’t beat Zheng Xiumei, the stinky bitch, but he could let his mother scold her to death.


He refused to believe that Zheng Xiumei had the courage to strike at his mother.


When a couple fought, people would say that the wife was difficult to deal with.

However, if a daughter-in-law were to defy her mother-in-law, if it was revealed to outsiders, Zheng Xiumei’s backbone would be broken!


In fact, Hao Jianye was really overthinking.

Every time he caused trouble outside, the old lady would be full of curses from the village.

Not many in the village now would be happy to take care of his family’s mess.


Not to mention that the wife beat the husband, or the daughter-in-law fought the mother-in-law, the village was not in the mood to care, but they should be very willing to watch the fun.


Knowing that her son was beaten by her daughter-in-law, the old lady couldn’t believe it.


She knew that her daughter-in-law had always been obedient and honest.


Hao Jianye usually scolded and beat Zheng Xiumei for not being satisfied with her when she gave birth to two money-losing goods, and the old lady pretended not to see it.


Today, her son actually told her that Zheng Xiumei dared to beat her son into this state.


“How dare she! What a nerve she has!” The old lady became angry all of a sudden.

She admitted that she was not the kind of mother-in-law who scolded her daughter-in-law.

Still, she didn’t expect that her daughter-in-law, who she thought was an honest and responsible daughter-in-law, would dare to beat her husband even if she didn’t give birth to a son!


This kind of thing was simply unbelievable.


The old lady immediately rushed over to the stove and scolded Zheng Xiumei.


“How dare you, Zheng Xiumei! Our Hao family fed and clothed you; you didn’t even lay an egg for our family.

And now you beat my son.

What did we do to you in the Hao family”

The old lady blah blah blah a bunch of words.

She was standing five steps away from Meng Changjin.

with her hands on her hips.

As for the attitude, those who did not know might think she was going to the battlefield.


Da Niu and the Er Niu beside Meng Changjin were startled when the old lady made her speech.

They looked fearfully at their grandmother, cursing with her hands on her hips.


Meng Changjin was the calmest.

She added some firewood to the stove with a peaceful expression.

When the old lady scolded until her mouth was dry, Meng Changjin spoke, “What’s the use of scolding You might as well persuade your son to divorce me, or I’ll beat him up daily.”


Meng Changjin spoke calmly as if hitting Hao Jianye once a day was as relaxing as eating a meal.


The old lady, ready to continue to scold, was suddenly blocked in her throat and could not spit out a word.


Meng Changjin was satisfied that the world was finally quiet but also realized that this marriage was not easy to divorce.


Whether it was Hao Jianye or his mother, when it came to divorce, they were all silent.


It was not hard to understand, and they thought it was hard to marry a woman.


Suppose someone better than the client was willing to marry Hao Jianye after his divorce.

In that case, whether it was Hao Jianye or his mother, they would have happily agreed.


But Meng Changjin didn’t want to exchange another woman into this fire pit.

Although she was not a good person, she would not do such a disgraceful thing.


In any case, she should continue.

The longer it took to beat the scum of the earth, the better.

She guessed this perfectly aligned with the client’s long-cherished wish to educate him.

It could also complete one of the tasks, and there was another free punching bag.

One should not be greedy.


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