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Meng Changjin looked on coldly at the antics of these so-called maternal family members.


She was merely a stranger doing a task, so naturally, she could not empathize.


But it was entirely possible to imagine that if it was the client herself, she should be very disappointed, right


No, perhaps not.

After all, in the client’s memory, this was all a family affair, and the client might have been used to it long ago.


But even if she was used to it, how could she not feel bad when she was made of flesh and blood


“You really want me to kneel and listen” Meng Changjin lengthened the final word.

With an unfathomable smile on her face, she looked up slightly.

When Hao Jianye’s eyes moved as she looked up, Meng Changjin’s smile abruptly closed.” Are you guys worthy”


Were you qualified


These four words were loud and clear, directly confusing several people.


After reacting, the old mother of the client, who was at the back of the group, was not happy.

“What are you talking about You damn girl.

Why are we not worthy If I knew you were so ungrateful growing up, I should have strangled you at birth!”


“Yes, how do you speak Do you want to be angry at mother” The client’s eldest sister and the eldest brother glared angrily at Meng Changjin.


“You, I will not say more about how I was abused as a child.

I could grow to this size also because the third grandmother secretly gave me food.

Otherwise, I would have died as a child.

When you married me to the Hao family a few years ago for 30 catties of grain, you said that in the future, even if I starve to death in the Hao family, I should not go back to the Zheng family.

The Zheng family will not give me a morsel of food, and now what does this mean” Meng Changjin pointed at the client’s mother.


She said these words from the client’s point of view.

The client had always been kind of honest nature.

In the end, it was because she couldn’t stand Hao Jianye, the scum of the earth, that she wanted a divorce.

However, she fell to her death after being pushed and shoved by Hao Jianye, who was unwilling to divorce.


Meng Changjin was not the client; she liked to return an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

These people had come to her to find trouble, and if she did nothing, it was not in line with her character of repaying kindness and revenge.


After talking to the client’s mother, Meng Changjin pointed to the client’s eldest sister and eldest brother and was not polite.

“And you guys, you came to someone’s house to look for trouble and, in turn, said that I am going to be angry at your mother.

I am surprised.

If the ancestors of the Zheng family knew that their descendants had produced such scum as you, they would be angry to come back to life.”


As soon as Meng Changjin opened her mouth, it was fast and poisonous.

She didn’t say a single dirty word, but she felt she was poking people hard in the lungs.


The people from the client’s mother’s family were turned pale by Meng Changjin’s mockery, but they couldn’t think of a way to fight back, and their faces were getting ugly.


“Xiumei, I just want mother-in-law and elder sister to persuade you.

After all, divorce is a big thing.

What have I done wrong Just say it, and I will change it.

How can you do this to my mother-in-law and elder sister No matter what, they are also your family.” Seeing that the invited helpers were muted by Meng Changjin, Hao Jianye immediately came forward to direct the topic to the divorce incident and moral issues.


Divorce was a big deal in this era.


Those aware of it could not help but persuade a good few sentences.

What should adults do if they have a child getting divorced Or was it normal for a man to make some mistakes In this case, he said he would change.


A woman’s reputation would be terrible if she got divorced, and so on and so forth!


The people saying these things were ordinary, and some might have really good intentions.


It was only because the person who was stabbed was not them.

So when they talked, they thought everything could be forgiven and accommodated for the person concerned.


Hao Jianye steered the topic to this, and as expected, the villagers watching outside started discussing privately.


After Meng Changjin’s spiritual energy repaired her body, her ears and eyes were clear, so she could clearly hear what those people were saying.


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