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Translated by ChewBerry

Edited by ChewBerry



Meng Changjin tied the fat wild duck with the vine and put it into the basket.


With this fat wild duck, the harvest wasn’t bad today.


Meng Changjin released her slightly stronger divine sense, looking for prey and herbs.


Because she had already searched around the area yesterday, there was nothing good.

Meng Changjin went deeper into the forest.


With her divine sense, Meng Changjin really found something good.


Looking at the small red fruit at the top of the plant, this was ginseng.

It looked like the age was not small, at least about a hundred years old.


Meng Changjin put down the basket.

She deliberately used the sickle to sharpen a stick into a shape suitable for digging ginseng and then concentrated on digging ginseng.


Compared to some ginseng diggers who had to tie red ropes and coins, Meng Changjin made it too simple.


But in fact, although the ginseng was not short in years, there was no such thing as a spirit or demon in it, so there was no question of it running away.


Meng Changjin had a little talent for refining medicine.

Not only in refining medicine but also in identifying and collecting herbs.


Now, when concentrating on digging up the ginseng, she looked good too.


When the ginseng root was dug entirely out, Meng Changjin looked up and found that the sky had darkened.


After finding a few large leaves to wrap the wild ginseng, Meng Changjin hurried down the mountain with her things.


She didn’t notice it when digging for ginseng, but now she realized that her legs were stiff because of squatting for a long time.

Her neck was painful because she bowed her head for a long time.


Meng Changjin moved her neck as she walked, and her free hand beat her leg.


The stiffness and numbness caused by poor blood circulation for a long time gradually faded away.

Meng Changjin had already walked out of the forest, and she could see the outline of the yard from a distance.


Meng Changjin looked and withdrew her gaze, ready to return home before it was dark.


But as soon as she looked back, Meng Changjin realized something was wrong.


Looking up, sure enough, she saw the smoke in the yard.


There was a fire in the house.


But there were only two little girls in the house.

Where could the fire be


Meng Changjin didn’t feel good, so she hurried down the mountain.

Maybe Hao Jianye and the old lady came back.


She was not at home.

If the old lady and Hao Jianye had returned, they would think that she had just left, and Da Niu and Er Niu would have become the targets of their anger.


This was something Meng Changjin had not considered carefully.

All she could do now was to rush back as soon as possible.


However, as the distance from home got closer and closer, Meng Changjin’s divine sense had already seen the scene in the yard clearly.


After seeing the situation in the yard clearly, Meng Changjin breathed a sigh of relief and was not so anxious.


Pushing open the door and entering the yard, Meng Changjin met two dirty, tearful little girls at a glance.


The next second, the two little girls rushed up like two small cannonballs and plunged into Meng Changjin’s arms.


“Mom, you’re finally back.

I thought you left alone and didn’t take us with you, hiccup.” Er Niu said while wiping her tears and finally burst into tears.


Compared to Er Niu, Da Niu was much more silent.

But the hand tightly clasping Meng Changjin’s sleeve indicated that she should be the same as Er Niu, thinking she had sneaked away and was not going to take them with her.


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