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Meng Changjin was a bit tearful and heartbroken.


“You’re hungry, right Go play.

I’ll cook first.” Meng Changjin patted the two little girls on the back and motioned them to play.


Da Niu and Er Niu were sure that Meng Changjin didn’t sneak away without them.

They were relieved.


Da Niu took Er Niu to the side and coaxed her.


Meng Changjin kept the ginseng wrapped in large leaves and placed it properly, then looked at the stove fire.


Da Niu and Er Niu were still too young.

There was too much firewood in the kitchen.

Meng Changjin took out most of the firewood with tongs.

Most of the firewood was wet firewood, and the rest was too big.

The kitchen was so full that it couldn’t burn without air.


Meng Changjin took out most of the firewood, and after blowing it with the blower again, the thick smoke no longer kept coming out, and the flames became brighter.


It was too late and time-consuming to kill the wild duck, so Meng Changjin made a simple meal.

After the three finished eating, Meng Changjin packed the fat wild duck, wrapped the ginseng, washed Da Niu and Er Niu, and rested.


With the 100-year-old wild ginseng, Meng Changjin felt that she would not have to worry about money in a short time.


Meng Changjin took Da Niu and Er Niu out again the following day.


But today was not a market day and no motorcycles on the road.


Fortunately, Da Niu and Er Niu were both tough children, and they didn’t get tired.

Left and right, they followed Meng Changjin’s side, not falling behind.


On non-market days, the market was deserted, and Meng Changjin didn’t think this small market could sell her wild ginseng at a reasonable price, so she aimed at the county town.


But the fat wild duck was sold at the market.


The five-catty fat duck sold for more than 40 yuan.

With Meng Changjin’s 100 yuan, she had just one hundred and fifty yuan.


Meng Changjin took Da Niu and Er Niu to a small station in the market to take a bus to the county.


After paying the fare for two adults, Meng Changjin took Da Niu and Er Niu to the bus.


There were less than ten people with Meng Changjin and the others on the bus.

The bus driver had not started, so he probably wanted to pull a few more people.


Meng Changjin and the other passengers on the opposite side were a little anxious.

They urged the bus driver several times, seemingly in a hurry.


The bus driver got a load of good words.

He was asked to leave immediately and was urged several times after no passengers got on the bus again.

The bus driver only started the vehicle under the curses of the anxious passenger.


The smell on the bus was not good, and the driving was stop-and-go.

The unique smell and the stop-and-go rhythm made Meng Changjin’s face ugly.


Compared to the windy motorcycle, the experience of riding a bus was not good.

Meng Changjin soon began to feel dizzy and even felt a little nauseous.


Meng Changjin learned from the client’s memory that this strange feeling was motion sickness.


Thinking of herself, although she was a rogue cultivator, she had good talent.

Her luck was also improved.

So before she died, she was able to travel by sword.


She was not afraid when stepping on the flying sword and overlooking the earth from the air.

She didn’t expect that in the first mission world, a small bus would teach her to be a human being.


Meng Changjin groped and opened the window on the bus, and the wind came in and blew on her face.

Her dizzy mind was blown away by the wind, and she regained her clarity.


But as the bus stopped and went, her head was still dizzy.


Compared to Meng Changjin, who was motion sick, Da Niu and Er Niu were just as normal.

Everywhere on the bus was full of novelty.

If it wasn’t for their calmness, ordinary children would have walked around and played.


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