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After the transaction was completed, Mr.

Zhai took the ginseng and left.


After the ginseng was bought, the package was completely different.

The container for the ginseng became an exquisite box, instead of just wrapping it with an old cloth like Meng Changjin.


The ginseng was no longer hers, so it was someone else’s business how to deal with it.


“Miss Zheng, please leave your contact information.

If you still have ginseng like this in the future, you can still find me.” Li Xiaohua said after helping Meng Changjin deal with Mr.



“If I could find another one in the future, I will take it to the pharmacy.” Meng Changjin watched in amazement as Li Xiaohua took out a titanium-white thing from his pocket, which had a vague impression in the client’s memory.


This seemed to be a thing that could communicate remotely, equivalent to the cultivator world’s voice transmission jade stone category, right


To be honest, Meng Changjin really wanted to have one.


But she didn’t know if she had enough money.


Li Xiaohua followed where Meng Changjin’s eyes were cast and saw the mobile phone he was holding.

He picked up the thing and waved it gently in front of Meng Changjin.

“Does Miss Zheng want to buy a mobile phone and leave a phone number”


“This thing is called a mobile phone, right Where can I buy it How much Can I afford it” Meng Changjin showed an interesting expression and asked three times.


Li Xiaohua:  …


It was suffocating.


Obviously, this Miss Zheng didn’t look like that person from the valley.

Still, sometimes, she unexpectedly knew nothing.


However, Li Xiaohua was quite patient.


This time, Meng Changjin’s ginseng helped him to have a successful relationship with Mr.

Zhai, so Li Xiaohua was also very grateful to her.

It was just a small favor, and it didn’t take much effort at all.


Li Xiaohua and Meng Changjin talked about how to buy a mobile phone and how much it costs.

He reminded Meng Changjin to get enough money and then took her to the mobile phone store in the county to buy one.


When the mobile phone store owner saw someone buying, he explained it seriously.

Meng Changjin also learned very seriously.

When she walked out of the mobile phone store, Meng Changjin felt magical holding a small mobile phone.


The things in this world were exciting.

She didn’t need spiritual power to transmit sound for thousands of miles.

The person who invented this thing was a genius!


Meng Changjin held the mobile phone with a small flip cover and loved it.

After leaving a phone number to Li Xiaohua, the pharmacy’s owner, Meng Changjin took Da Niu and Er Niu to go home.


When they came, she only had more than 100 yuan in her body.

When she returned, she had more than 2,000 in cash and a passbook with more than 200,000 in it.


Meng Changjin couldn’t wait.

It was said that Hao Jianye had been sent to the hospital for three days and should have been discharged.

She hoped that Hao Jianye would be at home when she returned.


Then rushed to divorce to fulfill the long-cherished wish of the client.

She wanted to use the rest of the time to understand this magical world.


Meng Changjin, a rogue cultivator, could cultivate to the extent where the sword could fly.

The most important thing was to love learning.

Wasn’t she also learning about medicine through various channels


No matter where she was, she couldn’t stop learning.

Some things may not be used when she understood them, but she could not guarantee when she could use them.


This was called being prepared for a rainy day.

Opportunities were reserved for those who were prepared.


Meng Changjin’s thoughts were very good, but when she saw the bus, she remembered the fear of being dominated by motion sickness.


Even before she got on the bus, her head started to feel dizzy.


Xiao Si looked at Meng Chang Jin’s face as if her soul wanted to be out of her body.

His tail swayed, and the fish’s eyes were full of schadenfreude.


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