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Meng Changjin: “You are not afraid to die laughing”


“I’m happy, so I laughed.” Xiao Si’s tone was smug.


“Tsk, as you wish.” Meng Changjin knew what Xiao Si was laughing at, and she felt that she was slightly stupid this time, but there wouldn’t be next time.


After the spiritual energy circled her mind a few times, Meng Changjin was refreshed.


She didn’t continue cultivating and took out the mobile phone from her pocket to check the time.


It was 4:28 pm.


She only had Li Xiaohua’s phone number in her and nothing else.


But there were simple games on the mobile phone.


Sokoban, Snake and Tetris.


These were games that Meng Changjin had not played before.

After calculating the time, Meng Changjin decided to play for an hour and a half and then make dinner at the appointed time.


Meng Changjin was a very organized person.

If she said she would play for an hour and a half, she would play for an hour and a half.


Although the game was fun, the sky was already starting to get dark.


Meng Changjin got up and took Da Niu and Er Niu out.


When she went out, she saw Hao Jianye and the old lady eating in the courtyard.


Meng Changjin’s eyebrows were slightly raised, and the corners of her mouth were somewhat curled.


Fantastic, since that was the case, they would eat their own food.


She didn’t have to struggle whether she should cook the old lady’s share or not.


Meng Changjin cooked a simple dinner after letting Da Niu help watch the fire.


After dinner, Meng Changjin went to ask Hao Jianye if he wanted a divorce today.


Hao Jianye was naturally angry at Meng Changjin.


Meng Changjin did not care.

Seeing Hao Jianye was silent like a mute and only knew how to glare at people, she returned to her room to cultivate.


She was not worried that Hao Jianye would be angry enough to die from an attack.

After all, Hao Jianye was used to bullying the soft and fearful of the strong.

Hao Jianye did not want to commit murder, but he shoved the client heavily.

The result was that he did not expect her to die from a head injury.


Therefore, Meng Changjin did not think Hao Jianye would move directly to take her life.


It would not be the case if Hao Jianye had the guts to do so.




When Meng Changjin got up the next day, she found that the old lady had come out of the storage room she had tidied up.


She was not surprised.


She naturally could not let Hao Jianye into the room, but he was unwilling to sleep in the stuffed room.

He cursed for a long time, and the old lady, in pain for her son, gave up her room to Hao Jianye to sleep.

The old lady went to sleep in the storage room.


The old lady loved her son, but this kind of affection turned Hao Jianye into a bully who was afraid of the strong.


This was Hao Jianye’s mother and son’s business, and Meng Changjin had nothing to do with it.


After she made breakfast and ate with Da Niu and Er Niu, she took the two little girls out.


Today was market day, so they could take a motorcycle to the market.


Meng Changjin did not intend to buy from the market; she came to understand the process of divorce.


In her original world, ordinary people needed to go to the government to deal with household registration, and this world was much the same.


This problem could be solved by understanding the process.


When the client and Hao Jianye got married, there was no marriage certificate or anything.

They only had a banquet.


And the client’s name was not even in Hao Jianye’s household registration book.


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