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Chapter 20.1


Translated by ChewBerry

Edited by ChewBerry


In this era, many people in rural areas married by having a banquet in the village.

Most of them did not even have a marriage certificate.


The management of small places was full of loopholes.

Although children needed their parents’ marriage certificate to get into the family register or something, they did not actually have one.

They could also do it by stuffing a red envelope with a gift or something.


Such cases like the client, even de facto marriage was not counted.

The only thing that was needed was to dissolve the cohabitation relationship.

However, the issue of child custody needed to be resolved appropriately.

Of course, she still hoped to negotiate privately.

She could only let the legal/court decide if she could not negotiate amicably.


If the court ruled, Meng Changjin would have a high chance of getting custody of Da Niu and Er Niu.


But Meng Changjin preferred to negotiate amicably with Hao Jianye under pressure.

She had already asked Xiao Si, and she only needed to get the words of the agreement for divorce from Hao Jianye’s mouth.

That would be the completion of her client’s long-cherished wish.


This news was worth a little bit of joy for Meng Changjin, but after she returned home from the marketplace, she was a little less happy.


Her mobile phone was out of battery, and she couldn’t even find a charging outlet in the yard.


The only electric source of use was the type that was switched on and off by a wire.


Meng Changjin rested her chin on her palm, thinking she had miscalculated.


There was no more amusement game to play.

Meng Changjin simply picked up the stones and taught Da Niu and Er Niu to count from one to one hundred.


When the two little girls could count from one to one hundred independently without her prompting, Meng Changjin began to teach them addition and subtraction within ten.


Meng Changjin did not know much about this world, but it did not mean she was stupid.


There was no pressure at all for her to teach such simple things.


Da Niu and Er Niu were both intelligent children and learned quickly.


After counting from one to one hundred, they learned addition and subtraction a little more complicated.

But it didn’t take too long, and they could stumble through most of the questions that Meng Changjin asked.


Children had a bizarre phenomenon in learning.

They would learn easier and better if they knew well at the beginning.


But if they couldn’t understand at the beginning, they wouldn’t be able to understand later.


Obviously, Da Niu and Er Niu belong to the first kind.

So after being able to count from one to one hundred and then calculate addition and subtraction within ten, the two little girls wanted to learn more.


But Meng Changjin couldn’t find anything to teach them, which was very embarrassing.


Looking at the two pairs of bright eyes, Meng Changjin could not say the rest of her words.

She still wanted a little face.


Meng Changjin simply diverted the attention of Da Niu and Er Niu.

“Mom will teach you to write your names.”


Children were still easy to fool, and the two little girls’ attention was immediately drawn to their names.


“Yes, yes, Er Niu wants to write her name!” Er Niu jumped excitedly.


Although Da Niu looked quiet, her eyes also revealed a look of excitement.


Meng Changjin found a thin branch and began writing on the courtyard ground.


One stroke at a time, writing correctly and seriously.


Only if someone was here would they have noticed that Meng Changjin was writing in traditional Chinese characters, with many strokes.


Meng Changjin wrote Zheng Mingyu and Zheng Mingzhu’s names separately and then pointed them to Da Niu and Er Niu, respectively, to recognize the characters.


The two intelligent little girls learned the characters this time rather quickly.


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