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Hao Jianye’s point of view was simple, wasn’t Zheng Xiumei want to divorce him because he beat her


But now, he could not beat Zheng Xiumei, that woman.

So he should give in and admit his mistake, restrain himself from gambling for a while, and drink less.

Hao Jianye believed that he had made such a concession.

Zheng Xiumei should be satisfied, right


He did not care about Zheng Xiumei seeking a lover to give him a green hat.

If Zheng Xiumei still wanted a divorce, it was she who did not know any better.


Some people tend to think that they have done something right.


In fact, what he did was what he should have done.

He felt impressed and thought he had made a considerable concession because he had done more than that.


When Meng Changjin heard Hao Jianye’s blubbering words that he would never gamble again, hit her again, and beg her not to divorce, she was expressionless.

Indifferently, she looked down at the drunken man sitting on his knees, but the only thing she sensed was the noise.


Da Niu and Er Niu were already hiding behind Meng Changjin when Hao Jianye drunkenly pushed open the courtyard door and rushed in.


They grabbed Meng Changjin’s shirt hem and peeked out from behind to peek at their father, kneeling on the ground and crying.


Er Niu was still young and felt her father looked miserable crying like this.

But more than that, she was scared of the loud weeping and wailing scene.


Da Niu was already more than six years old.

She knew more.


Dad was crying and begging her mother for forgiveness and not to divorce him.

What would she choose


Da Niu didn’t know, but she grabbed Meng Changjin’s hem a little harder.


A child who grew up in a family where they were beaten and scolded for losing money would probably not long for parents the way orphans yearn for them since childhood.


On the contrary, there might be a lot of times when such a child wishes to be an orphan for good.


So in Da Nui’s eyes, the word father was marked with bad memories.


At her age, she didn’t know the proverb that a dog couldn’t change its ways.

However, in her short years of remembering, there was one time when her father almost beat her mother to death, and he wailed and repented that same way.


But it turned out that Dad didn’t do what he promised.


After that, he still went gambling and returned drunk after losing money to beat mom and them.


Da Niu looked at her father on the ground and carefully looked up at her mother’s face to see if she would choose to forgive her father because he was crying and begging.


Then she saw no expression on her mother’s face and couldn’t tell whether she wanted to forgive or not.


“Xiumei, I know I have wronged you in the past.

I know I was wrong, and I will never gamble or beat you again.

Just forgive me, and I will treat you well and compensate you in the future.” Hao Jianye was still crying and begging.

As he said that, he moved over to Meng Changjin’s direction and gestured to take a step up.


Meng Changjin’s expressionless face flashed with impatience.

She raised her foot against the other party’s shoulder to push him away.


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