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As a result, the following day, she was starving.

Although it was not a market day, a bun store was open for business.

Meng Changjin bought a large bag of buns and settled their breakfast.


After eating, Meng Changjin began to do the things she had planned last night for today.


A new family register was opened, and the two girls became family members.

Although a red envelope of several hundred yuan was stuffed into the process, the problem that could be solved with money was not a concern.


With the new family registration book, Meng Changjin took Da Niu and Er Niu to the county town.


On the way to the county, Meng Changjin got motion sickness.

But because of the experience she cultivated when she got dizzy, circulating the spiritual energy to her head a few more times, and then her head would clear up.


The only person Meng Changjin knew in the county was Li Xiaohua, the pharmacy owner.


So after finding a hotel and charging up the mobile phone, Meng Changjin decisively contacted Li Xiaohua and asked him where to buy a house if she wanted one in the county.


Li Xiaohua was disappointed that Meng Changjin did not have ginseng to sell again.

Still, he was the best at making good relationships with people.

He was particularly enthusiastic about helping Meng Changjin solve the matter of buying a house.


The other party helped her solve the matter of buying a house, and Meng Changjin wouldn’t let people help for free.


She asked Li Xiaohua to introduce her to a pharmaceutical company.

Those they could contact the boss.


Li Xiaohua was at first confused about what Meng Changjin wanted to know about the pharmaceutical company.

He hesitated when he discovered Meng Changjin wished to sell a prescription.


Meng Changjin saw his hesitation, patted him on the shoulder, and said he would only introduce her.

If the prescription was sold, it would be an opportunity for him and the pharmaceutical company to have a closer relationship.

In case it was not sold, it would not affect him.


Having said so, what else would Li Xiaohua not agree to


Unexpectedly, the person Li Xiaohua introduced was a familiar face, the same Mr.

Zhai who bought the ginseng at that time.


When he discovered that the prescription Meng Changjin wanted to sell was a kind of Chinese medicine pill to nourish the body, Mr.

Zhai said he needed the finished medicine to be analyzed and identified.


Meng Changjin was okay with it and took a bottle of her pills for Mr.

Zhai to experiment and analyze.


When she saw Mr.

Zhai again, Meng Changjin could clearly notice that the sorrow on his face had dissipated.

He was very excited and gave a very high price for the prescription.


The price for the prescription was very high, exceeding Meng Changjin’s expectations, and was a cut above.


It was not until Meng Changjin knew that Mr.

Zhai’s wife had been in poor health and relying on precious herbs for years to recuperate.

The medicinal effects of the pills she took to Mr.

Zhai for experimental analysis could slowly recover his wife’s body.

So he was so excited and even went out of his way to raise the price of the prescription by a large margin.


Meng Changjin did not sell the prescription directly to Mr.

Zhai but chose to cooperate with Mr.

Zhai in the form of shares.


This was an advantageous arrangement for Meng Changjin.


Zhai, as a businessman, naturally knew this, but the most important thing for him was his wife.

Even if he divided the money, his company would still have a profit.


The two hit it off and agreed to cooperate.


With the share of sales from the pills, Meng Changjin did not have to worry about money.


The time passed quietly for a year, and Da Niu started to go to school.


Because Er Niu was not old enough, she had to wait until next year.


Meng Changjin was not short of money or time, but she loved to learn.

During the day, Da Niu went to school, and in the evening, she taught what she had learned to Er Niu and Meng Changjin.


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