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At this point in time when the male lead rides a white horse to rescue her, she was too calm.

“Sister Is that a big deal now Adrian Heneken is here!”

Your eternal love.

And my future brother-in-law.

Even if you don’t act as busy as I do, you don’t have to look so bored.

However, Lea silently handed over the chessboard to the maid and took a cigarette out of the silk pocket.

There was no need for fire.

When she made a snap with her thumb and forefinger, the tip of the cigarette turned red on its own.

It was a scene that I couldn’t get used to.

It was not because of the magic she used, it was because of her face with her eyes half closed, holding a cigarette between her fingers.

It fits her so well that I can’t even nag at her.

The first time I saw her smoking a cigarette, I was full of nagging.

But she said that the odorless smoke was like a pain reliever to her.

I stopped nagging because the face of the young girl, who was only one year older than me, was full of anxiety.

Yes, I know well because I’m a smoker in my last life.

How hard life must be.

Still, as I was thinking about adding a word, I  saw horses soaring off the wall over the window behind her.

It was truly a fantasy scene.

The knights in silver armor maintained a steady posture despite the sharp descent of their dazzling horses.

The scene of knights in armor running on the walls on winged horses caused a commotion below.

Opening the gate, closing it.

What kind of manner is that when you come in like this.

When Marco opened his mouth at the sight he had never seen before, Lea laughed with the deafening wind.

At the same time, smoke rose from her mouth.

“Even if you didn’t tell me about it, the smell was already resonating from afar.

Oh my, I’m going to capture that.”

Smell Is that magic, too

I tried to sniff, but I couldn’t smell anything other than the smell of wet grass.

While standing blankly and squinting at where the crown prince was, Lea rubbed off the smoke and told the maid to close the window.

“Marco, go and lock the door.”

Sure enough, it’s noisy outside the hall.

The quiet castle seemed to be alive for the first time in a long time because it was a time when the employees who usually go around quietly like rats, and the nobles who were tired of the overnight banquet were exhausted.

Marco quickly locked the door, and the maid dragged the side table to block the front of the door.

The main character was different no matter what.

I mean, the timing was amazing.

In a country where the tiger is hard to control, the Chancellor who wants to serve as king is gone.

Now, even if I heard the news, I was in a place where I could not return to the castle within a few minutes.

Bang, bang, someone knocked on the door urgently.

“Prince! Is the prince here!”

A tense voice was heard, but no one in the room answered.

“Can I really stay still like this”

“The crown prince already knows where we are.

He knows your scent, just as I can smell him.”


I was about to ask if that was some kind of metaphor or analogy, but the window that was closed opened.

No, the two men broke in, almost smashing the window sill.

A shrill scream could be heard from under the window, but the two people who came in only stared at us, shaking off their clothes.

One is a slender handsome man, and the other is a tall handsome man.

The two men, who had good harmony in white and black, looked around the room around the perimeter and then looked at us, more precisely, me.

In fact, I was so surprised at that moment that I didn’t even think to take a closer look at their faces.

My eyes just turned busily on both sides.

Who’s the main character

“I sincerely apologize for having met you in such a disgraceful way.”

The slender one approached first.

His refined tone and calm appearance evoked a favorable impression.

Above all, he had mysterious purple hair and deep eyes as if he were the main character of a fantasy novel.

He was a person with a good proportions of a well-balanced body and a small face.

That’s right, this is the male protagonist of the rumor.

He smiled kindly and bowed his head politely.

As I lowered my head, I suddenly made eye contact with the big guy behind him.

He’s bloody handsome, too.

He looked at me with a straight face, and when his eyes met me, he winked one eye.

I just smiled awkwardly even though I was taken aback on the inside.

Seeing my smiling face, the man again made a sour expression and looked away.

Judging by the firm chest and strong limbs through the collar of the shirt……


He must be like a bodyguard protecting the Crown Prince.

The wind blew from the wide open window, and at that moment a strong scent of herbs came into my nose.

It smelled like the inside of juniper bark, and also had a tangy smell like cinnamon.

Soaring from the tip of my nose to my head, then coming down again, I sneeze and touch the tip of my nose at the feeling that my lower abdomen is hot.

Lea also used to spray perfume with a very nice scent from time to time, but it’s a different feeling from that.

It should be said that it is a fragrance that stimulates the peripheral nerves at once.

It might be the source of the smell Lea said.

Is it a global trend Even though I was a prince, I felt like a hillbilly without any perfume.

However, Lea opened her eyes frighteningly, perhaps because the smell was unpleasant.

“I really appreciate your acceptance of the invitation, but be polite at the very least.”

The heroine did not yield.

Lea’s cold tone made me smile awkwardly.

The person presumed to be the Crown Prince turned his head enough to make a snap and looked at the man behind him, and the man shrugged his shoulders.


To my surprise, the smell faded away.

Leah’s face color returned, and I smacked my lips in a somewhat regrettable mood and made another eye contact with the man who had been paying attention to me.

He seemed to be checking my every move to see what I would do with his master.

I was stunned, so I cleared my throat and reached out to Tinky Winky[1], no, the Crown Prince.

There are morals no matter how urgent it is, and I had to communicate with someone who would be of help to me.

“You’re Crown Prince Adrian, right”


Tinky Winky looked like a fool, and the expressionless man standing behind him burst into laughter.


* * *


I bit my lips as I galloped through the air, clinging to the back of the ‘real’ Crown Prince.

It must have been quite funny because the crown prince’s back was shaking from time to time.

It was my long-awaited escape from the castle, but I wanted to struggle with shame rather than the thrill of escaping.

It seemed that the person I greeted was actually an aide, and I was shocked that this man, who seemed to eat and wield only a sword, was the Crown Prince, and I had a quick eye contact with Marco, who was contemplating.

Marco exclaimed, ‘Again, again!’ with his mouth, and I went back to the Crown Prince and barely lifted my trembling lips.

〈Excuse me.

My memory is fuzzy these days.〉


Now, Lea shakes her head as she touches her forehead.

While the Crown Prince hunched over and laughed, and his aide coughed dozens of times, I was the only one rolling my eyes to express my displeasure.

“Surely, 10 years wasn’t short.

The prince has changed a lot too.”

My back was sweating because of the aide who introduced himself as Belfry[2] Hendrick.

The crown prince did not accept the greeting and immediately brought up the main point.

〈I’m going to take you two to Heneken like this.〉

〈Ah, wait a minute.

If you do, that would quickly escalate into a national conflict.〉

Belfry responded with a smile to what I said.

〈I’ll handle that part, so don’t worry.〉

It seemed to be synonymous with simplicity, speed and accuracy.

Belfry boldly opened the door and left the room, and the Crown Prince ordered Marco and Lea’s maids to pack simply.

And now, I’m clinging on the back of the Crown Prince and going to Heneken.

It was a moment I had been longing for, but I couldn’t hide my frustration at the thought that things were going too easily.

That was my plan.

Heneken knocked on Lindbergh’s door once a month to resolve border disputes and refugee issues.

Lindbergh held the key to solving the fundamental problem, but it was Heneken who set up an organization in the border area, accepted refugees, and was eager to lower the crime rate, as this side just let it through one ear and the other.

I decided to lean on that justice.

When Chancellor Kitchener comes out of the blue, he takes Princess Lea and me to Heneken, where he and the Crown Prince will work together to prepare for the future and reward them accordingly.

But I didn’t mean to show up like bandits and kidnap us.

The desolate land of Lindbergh overlooked from above repeatedly moved away and drew closer.

Everyone was looking up at the sky, perhaps it wasn’t just me who was surprised by the flying horse.

For the first time, I saw Lindbergh, where ‘ordinary’ people live.

An unpaved road and a house built with dirt.

Meanwhile, I felt guilty about flying in silk clothes while looking at the scattered powerless people.


TL Notes:

[1] Tinky Winky is a character from Teletubbies and he is purple.

Saying this means the person has purple hair or purple clothes. 

[2] FYI, Belfry means “to protect” and “peace”.


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