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Ill Intentions

On the other side of the warehouse, manager Tang Dahai and security guard Liu Qiang were talking.

“Old Liu, youve seen the news on my phone these past two days.

“The entire world is up in flames.

“No help will be coming for us.

“This place is well-stocked. Its not a problem to live for eight to ten years with the things here

“However, we still have to set the rules here.

“Otherwise, if people keep coming to us for help, we wont have enough food for so many people, right”

Tang Dahais smile was so wide that the flesh on his face had practically melded together.

“Manager Tang, I know what you mean!

“As long as you dont mistreat me, Ill work for you!”

Liu Qiang was also a wily old fox, and he understood everything with just a little hint.

“Alright! Then its a deal!

“In the future, if you take in people, the men will do the hard work, and the women...

“Will give us a good time.

“If they dont listen to me, you can beat them to death.

“In this day and age, the law will no longer protect the weak.”

Tang Dahai smirked.

“Manager Tang, youve been interested in that long-legged beauty since the beginning, right” Liu Qiang said, beaming with joy.

“Thats not true!”

“Look at her long legs, tsk tsk tsk...”

“I can play with them all day long!”

Tang Dahais body started to heat up as he thought of that scene.

“Manager Tang, that long-legged beauty is yours.

As for Lin Momo... Why dont you leave her to me”

Liu Qiangs eyes were full of desire.

“Hey, werent you with Big Sister Li

“What made you turn tail”

Tang Dahai was a little unhappy.

In his eyes, all the beautiful women here belonged to him alone.

“Big Sister Li... is already forty years old!

“You said before the apocalypse that you wanted her!

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“Its already the end of the world, Im done living on fantasies!

“I only have one request. Lin Momo is mine.

“Otherwise, I wont work for you.”

Liu Qiang took a stand.

“Ah, Liu... Youre really...

“Alright, alright, well do as you say.

“Actually, we have the final say here.

“Who says we cant swing around a little and share

“Dont you agree”

Tang Dahai raised his eyebrows.

“Manager Tang, I always knew youre a freak!

“I like the way you think...”

The two of them were in cahoots and soon reached a consensus.

After getting Tang Dahais approval, Liu Qiang, the security guard, couldnt wait to go to the cosmetics area.

“Lin, come with me for a moment.

“I have something to discuss with you.”

Liu Qiang looked at Lin Momo smugly, as if he was looking at his prey.

“Ah, okay.”

The innocent Lin Momo did not know what Liu Qiang was up to, so she obediently followed him.

“Little Lin.

“Im sure you know how the world has changed.

“We dont keep idle people in this warehouse.

“Everyone has to prove their worth.

“You too, you understand what I mean.”

Liu Qiangs eyes scanned Lin Momos body.

“Captain Liu, dont worry!

“Ill do my best to clean up the place and check the inventory!” Lin Momo said anxiously.

She was just an intern. She was content to have a place to take refuge and food to eat.

She was willing to work her way and earn her keep.

If she was kicked out, she would not be able to survive in this post-apocalyptic world.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk...

“I dont think youre getting it...

“What Im saying is, you have to do more than just that... you have certain gifts, you should use them!”

Liu Qiang stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. The evil thoughts in his eyes did not seem to be restrained at all.

Lin Momos body trembled.

She understood what Liu Qiang meant!

This is...

She had used her body to survive!

“Captain Liu! Youre going too far!

“Were all colleagues. after all...

“How could you...”

Lin Momo criticized him as she retreated.

“Tsk, tsk, tsk, do you think were still in the old world

“Im telling you!

“In this day and age, women are like goods!

“Only qualified to be used!”

Liu Qiang unbuckled his belt and approached Lin Momo.

Lin Momo trembled in fear.

However, she still mustered up the courage to grab a bottle of shampoo next to her and splash it on Liu Qiang.

While Liu Qiang was wiping his face, Lin Momo ran all the way to the gate.

“F*ck! You little **!

“I was planning on playing nice, but when I get you, youre going to scream and beg!”

Liu Qiang wiped the shampoo off his face and immediately chased after her.

“Dont come over!

“If you come over... Ill just...

“Ill open the door!” Lin Momo grabbed the door handle and said with a trembling voice.

To her, it was better to die in the hands of zombies than to be violated by Liu Qiang.

“Whats the situation

“Liu, how the hell did this happen!”

Manager Tang rushed over when he heard the commotion.

Manager Tang panicked when he saw Lin Momo holding the door handle.

If they let the zombies in, they would all be dead!

“Manager, I didnt expect this girl to be so defiant!”

Liu Qiang looked helpless.

If he had known that it would be so difficult to deal with, he would have found an opportunity to get some alcohol.

It would be such a pity if she died!

Where could he find such a big size!


“Listen to me, dont be rash!

“You should know what the world is like now.

“Youre a weak woman. You should find a strong man to rely on so that you can survive!

“Hurry up and come back!” Tang Dahai said.

“I wont!

“Id rather die than let you have your way!” Lin Momo said with red eyes.

In her opinion, she would only give her body to the person she liked.

Selling her body for survival

She could not do such a thing!

“Alright, alright, then we wont force you on this matter.

“Just come back first.” Tang Dahai continued.

As long as they could trick Lin Momo into coming back, the two men together would be able to take her down.

Eight times, a dozen times, the strongest of wills would break.

Lin Momo lowered her guard a little after hearing Tang Dahais words. She pulled her hand back from the door handle.


Tang Dahai saw the opportunity and immediately signaled to Liu Qiang.

The two of them quickly rushed toward Lin Momo.

Lin Momo panicked, but she quickly reacted and pushed the door handle down with all her might.

The door opened...

Tang Dahai and Liu Qiang, who had been charging at Lin Momo, stopped in their tracks.

They saw a few pale arms reach in through the crack in the door.

As soon as Lin Momo turned around, she was grabbed by the arms of a few zombies and dragged out.


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