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Mans Best Friend

“A treasury

“Thats interesting.

“How about this, Ill take all the gold inside.

“Youll have lots of food in exchange. Consider it as payment for the gold.

“I wont short-change you. How about it” Wang Ran suggested.

As someone who had been through this, Wang Ran knew the value of gold.

After the apocalypse had gone on for a while, order gradually returned, and all currency became worthless. Only the ancient metal, gold, was once again valued by people.

Wu Jianguo looked at his men and then nodded.

“Well do as you say!

“When do we take action” Wu Jianguo asked.

“Ill have a word with my girls, then well set off,” Wang Ran said with a smile.

“Youre leaving the ladies on their own...”

“Arent you afraid that others will target this place”Wu Jianguo was a little worried.

“Do you see the 200 dead zombies at the door

“One of the girls got up this morning and was bored, so she killed them all by herself.

“I dont think anyone can take down this warehouse unless someone comes with military vehicles.”

After Wang Ran finished speaking, he turned around and entered the warehouse.


“One person did all that

“Boss, do you believe him

“He must be joking!”

The underlings all gasped.

“I dont think he has any reason to lie.

“Those two girls carried a lot of weight without breaking a sweat in our first meeting.

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“Look, those 200 zombies all died in the same way. Their skulls were all based in.

“Its clearly the same person.

“It adds up to his claim.

“Although I dont know how she did it...”

Wu Jianguo fell into thought.

The underlings swallowed deeply.

Terrifying, too terrifying.

No wonder he was able to occupy such a bountiful stash.

It was the work of a very formidable group.

Not long after, Wang Ran came out.

“Lets go,” he said.

“Lets ry to get it done in an hour!

“I still have to deliver some takeaway later.”

Wang Ran had taken a pack of cold beer and distributed it to everyone.


Wu Jianguo and his underlings were overjoyed.

Cold beer was such a luxury during such times!

“Brother Wang Ran, lets go back to the campsite and drop the food off.

Well fetch the key to the vault

“Its on the way, not far off.”

Wu Jianguo started the car while drinking beer.

In this day and age, there were no traffic police looking out for drunk driving.

This much alcohol would not impair him.

Wang Ran followed them to a school.

There were some scattered zombies wandering around the school. Obviously, they had just walked in.

The defenses were adequate.

Around it, a large number of barriers and seats had been piled up to form a barrier, leaving only a small passage.

There were also four strong men standing guard at the entrance of the passage.

“I used to serve in the army, so I have some experience.

“I used local materials to set this up. Dont laugh,” Wu Jianguo said with a smile.

“With this setup, there shouldnt be any problems for the next fortnight,” Wang Ran muttered.


“Why a fortnight”

Wu Jianguo did not understand.

“Ive seen some things.

“Just trust me. Dont ever stop improving on your fortifications”

Mutated zombies were going to make their appearance soon.

Although these early mutations were not very strong, each would still take a dozen people to bring down.

If they grew complacent, they were bound to suffer heavy losses.

Wu Jianguo and his men carried the food into the stadium.

Wang Ran waited at the entrance. He had nothing to do, so he looked around the stadium.

He did not like the location of this base.

It could temporarily shelter them from the wind and rain and keep some zombies out.

However, it was located in the center of the city.

There were many residential areas around.

The more residential areas there were, the more people there were, and the more zombies there were.

When Mutated zombies start showing up, they could get into trouble.

However, everyone had their own way of survival in the apocalypse.

Wang Ran would not interfere with them.

After all, there were so many people in the world, and it was impossible for Wang Ran to take care of every single one of them.

At that moment, a small figure flashed behind the outer wall of the stadium and caught Wang Rans attention.

Wang Ran walked over carefully.

A thin and frail little Golden Retriever was curled up in the corner, shivering.

Judging from its size, this little Golden Retriever was probably only a month old.

Its eyes were a little dim.

It was clearly malnourished.

Rotten zombie meat was around, but it was smart and had not eaten it.

Wang Ran took out a ham sausage from his pocket, which he always carried around as a snack. He peeled it and placed it in front of the Golden Retriever.

The little fellow was obviously famished. After it confirmed that Wang Ran had no ill intentions toward it, it gobbled the sausage in a few bites.

The Golden Retriever let out a few soft cries, seemingly expressing that it was still hungry.

“I only brought one.

“Why dont you come with me

“I have quite a lot of meat at my place,” Wang Ran said with a smile.

It was unknown if the little Golden Retriever understood Wang Rans words, but it walked up and rubbed against Wang Rans shoes.

“Alright, you can follow me from now on.”

Wang Ran immediately picked up the little Golden Retriever, wrapped it in his coat, and put it in his arms.

Having a dog in the post-apocalyptic world had many benefits.

For example, they could stand watch at night and sniff out supplies.

Of course, this had to be a smart dog.

If it was a certain Malamute...

Its owner may not have long to live.

Not long after, Wu Jianguo came out.

This time, he brought a few more people, a total of seven people.

They were all equipped with hammers, maces, steel pipes, and other bludgeoning weapons.

It seemed that they attached great importance to the operation of the vault.

“Lets go, Brother Wang Ran!”

Wu Jianguo led everyone into the car.

“Yo, Brother Wang ran, where did you pick up this dog from

“In this world, we cant afford to keep dogs.

“Its going to take up a lot of resources when it grows up.”

Wu Jianguo sighed.

“It was pleasing to the eye, so I picked it up.

“I dont lack food.”

Wang Ran smiled.

“Thats true...

“There are quite a number of large supermarkets in the city.

“Yours seems to be the most secure.

“Ive been to other supermarkets. Some of them are barely even standing.”

Wu Jianguo sighed.

Wang Ran smiled wordlessly.

His warehouse had been surrounded by over a thousand zombies.

Su Xiaoyu would only clear the ones closest to the warehouse door. There were still many zombies wandering around the periphery.

Most people wouldnt dare to have any ideas about this warehouse under such circumstances.

Of course, with the passage of time and the gradual depletion of resources, people would grow more desperate and take bigger risks.

Therefore, after the food with short shelf lives have run out, Wang Ran would prepare to make a move.


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