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Qin Xianyang City.


Ying Zheng stood in front of the hall and looked at the gold list in the sky.

"Five places have been issued, and I, Daqin, are not even on the list?"

"What do those people in the Hundred Family of People of Peoples Family eat?"

"Its rubbish!"

Ying Zheng is very unwilling.

He has a vague feeling that the more people are on the list, the more invisible the country will get a lot of invisible benefits.

There are now five places.

The Sui District occupied three.

One in the Southern Song Dynasty and one in Daming.

To Daqin, who is the number one from the countries, there is no one.

Naturally, Yingzheng is unwilling.


At this time, the gold list was refreshed again.

[Qinlong List · Twenty-fifth place!]

[Jiang Yuyan!]

[Identity: Liuren dice holder]

[Picture: Congenital Perfection]

[Moving Flowers and Woods]

[Reward: prefecture-level medium-quality weapon: ghost sword, including swordsmanship ghost three types!]


Zhu Houzhao looked at the list and was slightly stunned.

Ill go.

Is this woman on the list?

Congenital perfect!

It seems that she didn get the six Ren dice for a long time!

This is a cruel man!

Unfortunately, this is Kyushu World, and I don know if she can rise like the TV series!

The most important thing is.

This woman is in Daming.

With her vicious heart and rising ambition, once she degenerates in the future, it is really possible to hit his idea on his head as the emperor of Daming.

Ha ha.

This is interesting.

Cao Zhengchun, Liu Xi and Zhu of Hulong Villa in Dongchang ignored it. They should not be able to sit still.


In the morning of the Ming Dynasty, Jiangnan hero Jiangbiehe Mansion.

Inside a firewood room.

Jiang Yuyan looked at the Qianlong list with a gloomy face.

Now I guess the whole Kyushu knows that Liuren dice is in her hand.

Moreover, the flower transfer wood inside was also obtained.

Its troublesome.

She is not ready yet!

She recently absorbed the internal strength of ten innate warriors yesterday, and her cultivation can achieve congenital perfect.

I planned to live for a while.

Continue to absorb peoples internal strength.

Until the martial arts master was born again, he took revenge.

Now it has been exposed.

Troubles are bound to follow.

Looking at the ghost sword in her hand, Jiang Yuyan hated it.

Its better not to be on the list!

"No, you have to leave Jiangfu!"

Without hesitation, Jiang Yuyan quickly packed up and walked out of the door.


East factory.

Liu Xi, the second governor, looked at the list in the air and looked as gloomy as water.

Six god dice.

Jiang Yuyan, he naturally knows the name.

Jiangbiehes illegitimate daughter.

It seems that the six Renshen dice have long fallen into the hands of Jiangbie Crane.

But it has never been handed over to him.

What a river farewell crane.

If you eat dog things inside and outside, you must not spare him lightly.

Liu Xi never paid attention to Jiangbiehe and always regarded him as a casual lackey.

But now I found that the lackey was against the owner.

Hatred for him suddenly soared.

"Come on, go to the south of the Yangtze River immediately, kill Jiangbiehe, and take back the Liuren dice from our house."


Moving Flower Palace.

The two lords, Invited Moon and Lianxing, also found the names on the list at the same time.

"Sister, this is the lost flower transplant tree of the flower transplant palace!"

"What should I do? After searching for so many years, we didn expect to hide it in Liuren dice.

Lian Xing looked shocked and said.

"The trick of transferring flowers to pick up the mummy. If I don pass on to the flower palace, I must get it back as soon as possible."

"Departure immediately and go to Jiangnan."

"What a river-bie crane. How dare you bully me like this? You must not be as good as death."

The moons face was cold, and the murderous spirit in his eyes was almost as solid as substance.

"What about Jiang Yuyan?"


Invite the moon to spit out a word.

The area is congenital and doesn pay attention to it at all.



Jiangbie Crane Mansion.

Jiang Yuyan was just about to open the door and leave the place of right and wrong.

But I didn expect it.

The door was pushed open by a huge force.

An angry figure was printed into my eyes.

"What an ungrateful and righteous girl, how dare you lie to me?"

Jiangbies eyes flashed with a vicious look.

It can be said that he hates the daughter in front of him.

Its careless.

He calculated that his own daughter was stabbing him in the back.


"Stop, I don have you as a daughter!"

"Wheres the six Ren dice? And move flowers and wood? Give it back to me!"

Jiangbies face was greedy, which can be said to be extremely ugly.

"In this way, I can leave you a whole body."

Jiang Yuyans face showed an incredible look:

"Dad, are you going to kill me?"

"Well, its only my fault that you know what you shouldn know, don blame your father for being cruel."

Jiang Yuyan listened, and her face suddenly changed.


He looked crazy and laughed.

"Hahaha, ridiculous, its ridiculous. Fortunately, I still have illusions about you. Im too naive."

"If you don recognize my daughter, I don want to recognize your father!"

"Want Liuren dice? Well, pick it yourself!"

"It depends on whether you have this ability."

The long-term depression finally blackened the woman.

The mind is completely twisted.

The only remaining family affection in my eyes has disappeared, only crazy.

"A congenital district, how can I be the opponent of my martial arts master?"

"I really thought I had learned some kung fu secretly, and I felt invincible."

"Since you don know the good or bad, don blame me."

"Go to hell!"

Jiangbiehe shouted angrily and directly launched a killing move to completely end the rebellious girl in front of him.

"Do you really think Im still the Jiang Yuyan who swallowed his anger and was insulted and scolded by you?"

"Now Im not the same as before."

"If you want to kill me, you are not qualified."

Jiang Yuyan suddenly pulled out the ghost sword in her hand.

In an instant, a cold sword gas burst out.

Hit Jiangbie Crane.

With a bang.

There is no resistance at all.

Jiangbiehe flew backwards.

Smashed to the ground.

"Is this the ghost sword of heaven reward?"

Jiangbiehe couldn believe it. He was defeated!?

"Rebellious girl, are you going to kill your father?"

"Dad, I won kill you, but I want you to live than die."

"Moving flowers and jade!"

Jiang Yuyan shouted harshly.

Immediately, a terrible force shrouded in Jiangbie Crane.

The next moment.

Jiangbiehe only felt the true qi in his body and poured out crazily.

Quickly integrate into Jiang Yuyans body.

"My anger, you son of a rebellious girl, you are so vicious!"

"I really regret that I had forgiven you softly before. If I had known so, I should have killed you with one sword!"

Jiangbies face turned white, and the resentment in his eyes did not subside.

The real qi in his body is gone.

He became a useless man.

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