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Looking down at Jiangbie crane on the ground without any internal strength.

Somehow, Jiang Yuyan not only was not afraid, but also had a sense of revenge.

Years of depression, pain and hatred.

At this time, everything will be vented.



Only invincible strength and supreme power can make her live a more comfortable life.

She will never be the bullied Jiang Yuyan.

In the future, she will only bully others.

Finally, he swept his eyes into the blurred Jiangbie Crane.

There is no souvenir at all.

Cross the door.

I was about to leave, as if I had thought about something.

Jiang Yuyan held the underworld sword and killed everyone in the house like cutting melons and vegetables.

Then there was a big fire and the bear burned.

There are too many painful and hateful memories for her.

Its burned, one by one.


"What a cruel woman!"

"I saw it this time!"

Looking at the figure who had left decisively, in the dark, the two figures slowly came out.

"Lu Xiaofeng, fortunately, you didn provoke such a woman before, otherwise I wouldn have seen you today."

"Xiangshuai, youd better worry about yourself."

Lu Xiaofeng.

Chu Liuxiang.

A famous figure in the Ming Dynasty.

Strong strength.

Friends are all over the world.

Suddenly appear here.

I witnessed the whole process of Jiang Yuyans murder.

But I don know why.

But they didn come out to stop it.

"Xiangshuai, with your temper, why didn you stop her from killing people just now?"

Chu Liuxiang couldn help smiling bitterly.

"Lu Xiaofeng, to be honest, I really hesitated."

"When I saw her, somehow I suddenly felt scared, as if something had hit by a disaster."

"If I really provoke her, I will regret it."

"Even the jellyfish Yinji and Shi Guanyin didn give me this feeling. Isn it incredible?"

Lu Xiaofeng listened and immediately laughed.

"Xiangshuai, not to mention that I felt the same way as you just now."

"If this woman can make up her mind and kill with one blow, its better not to provoke it easily."

"Its too cruel!"

"I have met many vicious women, but this is the first time Ive seen her so decisively."

"Lets go and get out of this place of right and wrong."

"I thought Jiang Yuyan was a pure white and harmless little white rabbit, but I didn expect it to be a horrible cannibal demon in her bones."

Witness the blackening of Jiang Yuyan with your own eyes.

How dare you underestimate her again?

Its too late to hide!

Even if he is as bold as Lu Xiaofeng and Chu Liuxiang, he does not want to provoke such a scourge.

"I didn expect to attract peoples internal strength. Is this the secret of Liuren dice!"

"The world will be lively in the future!"

"Hey hey, since the golden list overhead appeared, the dark tide of Kyushu has been surging for a long time, let alone Jianghu Martial Arts."

"Lets spread this matter out as soon as possible and let people be careful."

"Liu Xi, the eunuch of Dongchang, should not let her go."

"Jiangnan hero Jiangbiehe turned out to be a hypocrite. Fortunately, I admired him before."

With the departure of the two, soon, the deeds of Jiang Yuyan in the whole Ming Dynasty spread.

In particular, her viciousness shocked everyone.

Absorbing internal strength, abolishing the biological father, destroying the whole door...

One by one stimulates everyones psychological limits.

However, at the thought that Jiang Yuyan was only an innate warrior, she had six Ren dice in her hand.

The bad-minded people are waiting for the opportunity to move.

But who is Jiang Yuyan?

The only cruel man with the title of the play can be killed, and how can some evil spirits deal with?

It can only be delivered.

It has become a nourishment material for Jiang Yuyan to improve her strength.

It also starts from this moment.

The whole Ming Dynasty Martial Arts finally began to face the hidden dragon list.

The innate of the last ten are so terrible.

How far should the ten masters and the top ten masters go against the sky?!!


Capital, Hulong Villa.

"Begonia, Liuren God Dice is in the world, and Liu Xi of the East Factory has also taken action. You must compete with Liuren God Dice and Yihua to get the jade before the East Factory!"

"Godfather, moving flowers and jade is a lost trick of moving the flower palace. Will we completely have a grudge against the flower palace when we do this?"

"It doesn matter. Although the Flower Palace is strong, it is not worth mentioning in front of the court. If they dare to be presumptuous, they don mind destroying them."

"In this case, Ill do it immediately. What should Jiang Yuyan do?"


Zhu ignored the cold and spit out a word.


Not only the Dragon Villa, but also the major forces, gangs and families in martial arts, but also sent masters to look for Jiang Yuyan everywhere.

The purpose is the six-ren dice in her hand.

Or practice and transfer flowers and jade by yourself.

Or return it to the Flower Palace for good intercourse.

Daming Emperor.


Zhu Houzhao looked coldly at Cao Zhengchun, who knelt down and fell to the ground.

"Mong Cao, am I too tolerant of you?"

"My Dongchang seems to be about to become your private soldier!"

"Next, are you going to rebel?"

Zhu Houzhaos tone was quiet and his face was indifferent.

Its like talking about something irrelevant.

But these heard in Cao Zhengchuns ears, and his heart suddenly trembled.

The face is pale.

A fear surged from the soles of my feet to the top of my head.

Sweat penetrated the back.

Others don know, but Cao Zhengchun is well aware of the horror of His Majesty in front of him.

Although he doesn do much at ordinary times, nothing can be concealed from him.

Once the bottom line is exceeded, it will definitely be a crushing demise.

He is like this.

Zhu, the goddess, ignored this.

The same is true of those princes in the territory of the Ming Dynasty.

"Your Majesty, please give me another chance. I will definitely give your majesty a satisfactory explanation!"

Cao Zhengchun kowtowed his head and begged for mercy loudly.

"Liu Xi dares to move in order to practice."

"Mrd Duke Cao, do you know what to do?"

"Seven days, only seven days, I don want to hear him alive."

"If he is alive, you don have to exist."

Zhu Houzhao couldn hear any anger in his tone.

But thats it, the more Cao Zhengchun is afraid.

Even if the emperor showed a trace of anger, he would feel more at ease.

But the truth is.

The emperor was more unfathomable than he thought.

Joy and anger are invisible.

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