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Jun Qingyu didn’t know how to react for a while.

Wasn’t the token said to be made of the hardest material in the interstellar

Wasn’t it said that mechas might not even be able to break it

What the hell was this

It was so fragile that it was even easily crushed into foam.

Jun Qingyu hadn’t figured out what was going on when Fu Yuanchuan’s voice came from outside.

“Little fish”

Before he could think twice, Jun Qingyu left his space at once and returned to the shell.

Only then did he realise Fu Yuanchuan seemed to be using the pad of his finger to tap on the shell as if he was knocking on a door.

Jun Qingyu opened the shell and swam out, “Eeeeeeee”

“Did I wake you up”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, leaned against the back of Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and raised his head to look at him, “Ya~”

What’s the matter

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Let me get something.”

Jun Qingyu looked over in doubt but only watched as Fu Yuanchuan picked up the soft cushion inside his shell bed.

After that, he opened the bottom layer of the shell bed and took out a silver-coloured polygon object from it.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

This, wasn’t this the token!

When the token was taken out, the overall brightness of the shell bed seemed to drop by a notch and there wasn’t a golden glow anymore.

Looking at his bed which suddenly became grey in a short while, Jun Qingyu blinked.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t take it away directly but he told the little mermaid, “This type of energy is relatively special, there is only one.

Lend it to me for a while first and I’ll put it back for you when I’m done using it, okay”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Fu Yanghong and the others would never have imagined that the important token they racked their brains trying to steal would unexpectedly be used by Fu Yuanchuan to coax a fish!

Previously, Fu Yuanchuan always carried it with him and Jun Qingyu had seen it several times.

But later on, Fu Yuanchuan stopped taking it with him but casually placed it on the study desk.

The token must have been a fake at that time.

There was no need to carry a fake item along with him, he could even bait and catch a thief by placing it on the desk.

It was only that the skill of the thief was no good.

After stealing it, the thief wasn’t able to take the fake one away after a long time.

The identity of the thief was exposed and the thief was kicked out of the villa.

The scenario in the original novel that should have dragged Fu Yuanchuan into the abyss, ended up as Fu Yuanchuan pampering the little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu looked at the shell bed.

He couldn’t help but think it was no wonder that this shell bell seemed familiar when he came.

It was in the broken fish tank before, then it was also in the fish tank Fu Yanghong broke.

Originally, he thought Fu Yuanchuan bought more of those shell beds but now it seemed that they should all be the same shell bed.

The token was made from a special energy stone and when it was placed in the shell bed, it caused the plain yellow shell bed to gleam.

It even looked like it was covered in a layer of powdered gold at the first glance from the outside.

Even Jun Qingyu felt that this bed was extravagant.

Fu Yuanchuan thought nothing of it.

Apart from the special energy stone, he even tried a lot of other things.

It was just that it didn’t look as good as the colour of the token.

In order to match the little mermaid, Fu Yuanchuan used the token as a battery.

But as it turned out, the little mermaid really liked to sleep on the gleaming gold shell bed.

Seeing that the little mermaid wasn’t speaking and kept on staring at the shell bed that was losing its radiance, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Be good, little fish.

I’ll return it to you in ten minutes, okay”

“Eeeeeeee.”Jun Qingyu shook his tail lightly and pushed Fu Yuanchuan’s wrist.

Take it.

Bring it to me after you’ve used it, I’ll help you take care of it!

If an accident occurs, I can directly put the real token into my space.

No one can get it at all.

Fu Yuanchuan’s fingertip brushed past the little mermaid’s hair and he helped to tidy it up in the passing and then said, “Thank you.”

“Buh~” Jun Qingyu spat out a bubble.

You don’t need to thank me.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t go far but was just at the left side of the desk.

He opened the device on top of it and put the token in.

The machine operated and it wasn’t long before a prototype was drawn.

Jun Qingyu propped himself on the edge of the fish tank and ate the dried fish as he looked at the machine doing 3D printing.

Making a fake and putting it outside to confuse them.

Not bad.

The 3D printing was very fast.

It didn’t even take ten minutes to make a fake replica.

The difference could hardly be seen, except for the difference in the material.

Fu Yuanchuan casually put the fake one on the table.

He pressed the real token back in and the shell bed slowly began to emit a light golden halo again.

Jun Qingyu washed his hands after he finished eating dried fish.

Although the gauze was waterproof, he had always soaked in the water and any gauze could not withstand so much soaking.

It was already drenched.

When Fu Yuanchuan saw that he had finished eating, he helped him to wipe his hands.

He replaced the medical kit with a new one and wrapped a new gauze for him.

“Do you want to go out for a walk The playground there has been moved to the mermaid room.”

Jun Qingyu still felt that it would be quite a waste if said he didn’t want such a large playground.

He didn’t expect Fu Yuanchuan to be so thoughtful, bringing it along with him.

Jun Qingyu immediately stretched his arms out, “Eeeeeeee~”

Carry me!

Fu Yuanchuan held the little mermaid in his hands and walked out.

Jun Qingyu looked around, the interior of the villa was quite large.

It was also equipped with a lift.

They didn’t meet any servants in the hallway, such a big place appeared to be completely empty.

Not long after they walked out, Jun Qingyu heard a faint ‘buzzing’ sound.

Fu Yuanchuan rubbed his ears and asked, “Is it noisy”

Jun Qingyu shook his head and raised his head to take a look at him.

The sound came from the kitchen.

There was a chef cooking inside.

The chef was using a juicer to make fruit juice.

A juicer!

Jun Qingyu was originally at a loss on how to take the fruits and vegetables out; it was so conspicuous.

If a juicer directly pressed it into fruit juice, wouldn’t it be impossible to see the original appearance of the fruits and vegetables

Jun Qingyu grabbed Fu Yuanchuan’s cuff and shook it.

He pointed to the kitchen, “Eeeeeeee~ Eeeeeeee!”

“Hmm” Fu Yuanchuan rarely saw the little mermaid getting so interested in something.

He tried to approach the kitchen, “Are you hungry”

Jun Qingyu pointed to the juicer while he shook his tail, “Eeeeeeee!”

I want that.

When the chef saw Fu Yuanchuan coming in, he quickly stopped working, “Marshal.”

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand, indicating to the chef to busy himself.

Fu Yuanchuan asked the little mermaid, “Do you want the juicer”

He remembered the little mermaid didn’t like to eat this kind of fruits and vegetables and it was the same for the pressed ones.

Then, the only thing he wanted was the juicer.


Fu Yuanchuan didn’t ask what the little mermaid wanted to do with it.

He directly said, “Take a new juicer to my room.”

The chef replied, “Yes marshal.”

Jun Qingyu shook his tail.

Take it to the room well.

No one would go into Fu Yuanchuan’s room as they wish, so his actions would not be too restricted.

The mermaid’s tail was a way of reflecting their mood.

Looking at the tip of the tail wrapped around his own wrist, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Do you like it”

Jun Qingyu smiled as he nodded his head.

With a juicer, the matter he was at a loss with, could be easily solved now.

Watching the chief holding the new juicer and going to the bedroom, Jun Qingyu suddenly did not want to go to the mermaid room.

He wanted to fiddle with the juicer.

Jun Qingyu pointed to the chef’s back, “Eeeeeeee!”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Let’s go to the mermaid room to play for a while first and you can play with the juicer when we return, okay”

“Ee~ya~” He lengthened the last syllable of his cry and his voice was drawn out, it was clear that he didn’t agree with this suggestion.

He acted coquettishly.

Fu Yuanchuan thought about it, the little mermaid had not exercised today.

If he went back like this, with the little guy’s interest in the juicer, it was unlikely he would come out again after he fiddled with the juicer.

“Let’s go for a swim first.

After two laps, then……”

Fu Yuanchuan stopped talking.

He couldn’t say what he wanted to say to persuade him.

Because tears had begun to form in the eyes of the little mermaid.

He had a feeling that once his voice fell, the little mermaid would cry out.

After looking at the teary-eyed little mermaid for three seconds, Fu Yuanchuan sighed, “All right, let’s go to the room first.”


The tears in the little mermaid’s eyes immediately disappeared.

In addition to the juicer, Fu Yuanchuan also had people bring in some fruits and vegetables.

Jun Qingyu took a glance but did not stop it.

He didn’t plan to use these fruits and vegetables to extract juice, but he couldn’t take the fruits and vegetables out of thin air.

With the cover of these fruits and vegetables, he could take things out from his space.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid was in high spirits and helped him to set up the juicer.

This kind of juicer was simple.

It would not separate the pulp and fruit juice; it whisked them together.

He feared the little mermaid didn’t know how to use it, so Fu Yuanchuan gave him a hands-on demonstration too.

Jun Qingyu looked very serious as he soaked in the fish tank.

After all, he couldn’t work on it in the presence of Fu Yuanchuan.

But when Fu Yuanchuan earnestly poured out the fruit and vegetable juice that had been squeezed out, Jun Qingyu keenly noticed something was wrong.


“Drink it.”


When he saw that cup of weirdly coloured fruit juice, Jun Qingyu directly dived under the water.

He fled after he turned around.

I’m not drinking it!

However, Fu Yuanchuan moved faster than him.

He reached straight in to catch the little mermaid who was trying to escape.


Jun Qingyu shook his tail but he couldn’t break free.

Fu Yuanchuan took the little mermaid out from the fish tank.

He looked at the little mermaid sitting on his palm and said, “Do you think that you won’t have to drink it if you run”

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu called out softly and looked at him innocently.

Fu Yuanchuan took a sip of the fruit and vegetable juice.

He said, “Tasty.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

It’s not like I have not drunk it before.

As they looked at each other, Fu Yuanchuan seldom had a guilty conscience.

Fu Yuanchuan was helpless and was about to speak when the computer on his desk rang.

Fu Yuanchuan got up and went over to see what was going on.

On his way, the fruit and vegetable juice was placed on his left-hand side and the little mermaid sat on his left hand.

If you want to drink it, you can do it by raising your head.

Fu Yuanchuan opened his inbox and checked the email in it.


Jun Qingyu secretly pushed the cup farther away.

Fu Yuanchuan noticed that the cup had moved but he did not push it back.

If the little mermaid really didn’t like it, he would just forget it.

He would drink it later and it would not be wasted.

Jun Qingyu was somewhat bored as he lay on Fu Yuanchuan’s palm.

He raised his head to look at Fu Yuanchuan.

He thought about it and followed along with the clothes on his arm to crawl up.

He crawled and rubbed against Fu Yuanchuan’s clothes, leaving a trail of water stains.

At last, he sat on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder with his fishtail placed in front.

From this angle, he could also see the contents of the electronic documents.

Once he sat properly, Jun Qingyu felt that something wasn’t right.

He turned to the right and saw Fu Yuanchuan looking down at him, his eyes were very gentle.

He didn’t know when he started to look at him.

Jun Qingyu crawled too seriously, plus Fu Yuanchuan had been quiet all along.

He didn’t even notice when Fu Yuanchuan stopped looking at the virtual computer and looked at him instead.

The distance was closer like this and his line of sight was also a lot closer.

Jun Qingyu shook his tail in embarrassment and pointed to the virtual computer.

He called out softly, “Eeeeeeee~”

What are you looking at me for Get to work.


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