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It didn’t seem like an answer to a normal bath.

It was more of a food channel.

Fu Yuanchuan also realised something was wrong, he looked at the little mermaid and looked at his light brain again.

He deleted his search history at once.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “A mermaid does not need to take a bath.

If you want to go in, I’ll carry you in to check it out”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “Eeeeeeee~”

Go and wash on your own.

“You want me to take a shower”

Looking at the little mermaid nodding his head, Fu Yuanchuan said hesitantly, “But it’s too early.”


Eeeeeeee.” It’s getting late, it’s already dark outside.


After taking a shower and drying your hair, you have to tidy up and go to bed.

Although he woke up late, Fu Yuanchuan must have woken up early and was then busy for the whole morning.

He also played ball with him in the afternoon.

If he didn’t say anything, Fu Yuanchuan would have gone back to his desk again.

Nourishing the body was of the utmost importance.

Jun Qingyu raised his head to look at Fu Yuanchuan, waiting for his response.

Fu Yuanchuan thought about it and said, “You will get a headache if you sleep for too long.

Get up early in the morning tomorrow and exercise with me, okay”

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu responded.

His usual daily routine was also very regular.

Yesterday was an exception, that probably only happened because he was too tired.

Fu Yuanchuan: “It’s a deal.”


Jun Qingyu hung on the edge of the fish tank, watching Fu Yuanchuan clean up the room first.

The scattered things on the surface that should be placed where they belonged were rearranged.

About ten minutes had passed before he went to the bathroom.


Jun Qingyu stretched his arms out.

He could start preparing to extract the juice.

Then he froze.

The fish tank was placed by the headboard and wasn’t carried to the coffee table.

But the juice was on the coffee table!

How was he going to get from the nightstand to the coffee table

Jun Qingyu hurriedly shouted, “Eeeeeeee! Eeeeeeee!”

Don’t go and take a bath yet! Carry me over first!

Fu Yuanchuan heard his voice, turned back and saw the little mermaid anxiously pointing at the coffee table.

Fu Yuanchuan hung up his bathrobe, walked back to the bedside and asked, “Do you want to play with the juicer”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

He rose to the surface and extended his hands out, “Eeeeeeee~”

Fu Yuanchuan took the little mermaid out.

He thought about it, used the drinking cup by the bedside to contain a bit of the water from the fish tank and took it to the coffee table together.

Jun Qingyu glanced at the coffee table.

There was a small chair next to the juicer, it gave him an impression of a mini type of recliner.

It was precisely at the position he elevated himself yesterday.

With a small chair, he sat directly on it.

The height was just right.

Fu Yuanchuan placed the little mermaid down and simultaneously placed the cup of water under his tail.

He said, “If you feel dry, then soak it in for a while.”

These small items are too convenient!

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s finger, pressed his cheek to his finger and rubbed against it, “Eeeeeeee~”

Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaid’s hair and said, “Go and play on your own.”

The bathroom door closed.

The sound of water was heard.

Jun Qingyu raised his hand and threw the fruits and vegetables into the juicer.

It was tomato flavoured yesterday, then it will be cucumber and honey peach today.

When he was waiting for the juice to be extracted, Jun Qingyu discovered by chance that the cup on the table seemed to have changed.

It was still a drinking glass yesterday.

It was transparent, simple and looked good.

Today, the cup became pale gold in colour and the rim of the cup was decorated with a ring of fine gold glitter.

The most important thing was that there were only two cups.

A big one and a small one.

No one else would come into this room, so it must have been prepared by Fu Yuanchuan.

The corner of Jun Qingyu’s mouth raised slightly.

He took the two cups, planning to fill the two cups directly in a moment and drink them together with Fu Yuanchuan.

The buzzing sound of the juicer stopped but the light brain on the table suddenly vibrated non-stop.

It was Fu Yuanchuan’s light brain.

Fu Yuanchuan removed it when he went to take a shower.

The call wasn’t connected yet.

The light brain rang on its own for a while before it stopped, then it continued to vibrate.

There was no one to answer it so it would automatically hang up when the time was up and the person on the other end called back again.

“Eeeeeeee~!” He feared it was something urgent so Jun Qingyu called out but the sound of the water in the bathroom did not stop.

He probably couldn’t hear his voice.

Jun Qingyu thought about it and reached out for the light brain.

He was just about to jump down and take the light brain to the bathroom.

Then he saw the light brain automatically recognising something and it was spontaneously connected.

Jun Qingyu: “”

As soon as he put it through, Shi Kaixin blurted out, “Marshal, it’s not good——!”

However, Shi Kaixin was stunned when he saw who was on the other end of the line.

Shi Kaixin said, “Little mermaid How is it you Where’s the marshal That’s not right……How can you unlock the marshal’s light brain You have the permission to”

What permission

Jun Qingyu didn’t know but there was no password added to Fu Yuanchuan’s light brain, it simply switched on by itself the moment he held it in his hand.

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu held the light brain and turned in a direction.

He was facing the bathroom.

Shi Kaixin frowned, “The marshal is taking a shower Forget it, I’ll call back later.

I’ll hang up first.”

With these words, he hung up the call in a hurry.

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows.

Was this matter urgent or not

Fortunately, Fu Yuanchuan came out after a while.

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu quickly held the light brain on his lap and motioned to Fu Yuanchuan to look over.

“Do you like it” Fu Yuanchuan said, “I’ll buy you one tomorrow.”

“Eeeeeeee~!” No, that’s not it.

Fu Yuanchuan only noticed when he took a closer look, there was a new video call on it.

“Shi Kaixin”

Fu Yuanchuan’s eyes darkened as he took the light brain.

He said, “I have something to do.

Can you play by yourself for a while”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head but didn’t want to play by himself at all, he hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and lay on it.

The tip of his tail wrapped around Fu Yuanchuan’s wrist and rubbed against it.

The little mermaid hugged his finger and smiled.

If you’re busy, take me with you.

Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan placed the little mermaid on his shoulder.

As Fu Yuanchuan got up, Jun Qingyu hurriedly pointed to the fruit and vegetable juice — that had been poured — on the table, “Eeeeeeee!”

Fu Yuanchuan moved to pick up the two cups of fruit and vegetable juice and sat down at the computer desk.

Jun Qingyu took the small cup and watched Fu Yuanchuan work while he was drinking.

For a time, there was only the sound of the tapping of the keyboard in the quiet room.

He also didn’t know what news Shi Kaixin had brought but it seemed to be somewhat troublesome to solve.

Fu Yuanchuan had been busy for several days in a row.

He always woke up before dawn and stayed up really late before he slept.

When he was finishing up yesterday, he stayed up all night and lay down after the sky was bright.

Jun Qingyu propped up on the edge of the fish tank and looked down at Fu Yuanchuan who was sleeping.

There was some cyan in the depth of his eyes but it wasn’t very obvious.

He had been using spiritual energy to sort out Fu Yuanchuan’s mental energy, plus the assistance of the fruit and vegetable juice.

Even if he inverted day and night, worked regardless of day or night like this, he guaranteed that his body would not have any major health problems.

But if he wanted to let Fu Yuanchuan’s illness get better more quickly, he had better go to sleep early and wake up early.

Jun Qingyu soaked quietly in the fish tank.

He feared the sound of the oxygen pump would disturb Fu Yuanchuan’s sleep; he even pulled out the power to the device.

He just accompanied him silently like this.

After a while, Jun Qingyu slowly propped up the edge of the fish tank, jumped out and landed on the bed.

The pillows and quilts were all soft so no sound was made when he fell on them.

Jun Qingyu crept forward and curled up on Fu Yuanchuan’s pillow.

The heavy curtains blocked the sunlight from outside.

The interior of the house was not much different from at night.

Listening to the sound of Fu Yuanchuan’s steady breathing, he also felt slightly tired.

This ambience was too suitable for sleeping.

Jun Qingyu rubbed his eyes and thought.

How about he closed his eyes for a few moments and took a nap

Harbouring such thoughts, Jun Qingyu slowly closed his eyes.

Fu Yuanchuan was keenly aware of the movement by his side.

But he did not open his eyes.

He wanted to see what the little mermaid wanted to do.

But he didn’t think that the little mermaid would do nothing.

He expended a lot of effort to jump out of the fish tank and crawl to his side, only to look at him.

When he was sleepy, he curled up next to him and fell asleep close to him.

Fu Yuanchuan could see him when he lowered his eyes; that touch of pale gold on his pillow.

The little mermaid’s peaceful sleeping face was very lovable.

Fu Yuanchuan turned sideways, lifted the quilt and used a small portion to cover the little mermaid’s body.

He placed his hand on the little mermaid and closed his eyes.

It could also be considered as holding each other and going to sleep.

Jun Qingyu thought that napping for a while would be a matter of ten minutes.

But he simply closed his eyes and then opened them again.

When he looked at the time, it was already after three in the afternoon.

Although he didn’t know why time passed so quickly, Jun Qingyu felt very calm.

Jun Qingyu stretched and the quilt covering his body moved because of his movements.

The folded layer covered him entirely at once.


Jun Qingyu quickly tugged at it and poked his head out.

He looked around but didn’t see Fu Yuanchuan.

Where was he

He raised his head and pressed the fluffy quilt down.

Jun Qingyu was then able to see Fu Yuanchuan sitting at the desk.

Didn’t you say you were done

Jun Qingyu wanted to sit up but the quilt was a little heavy for a mermaid and he could not hold it up.


When he heard the voice of the little mermaid, Fu Yuanchuan hurried over.

He rescued the little mermaid from the soft quilts.

Fu Yuanchuan helped him to tidy up his hair, “You’re awake”

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu reached out his hands, wanting Fu Yuanchuan to hold him.

Fu Yuanchuan picked him up and asked him, “Do you feel uncomfortable Do you want to soak in the water”

Jun Qingyu lay on Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and shook his head, he didn’t feel dehydrated.

Seeing that the little mermaid was not unwell, Fu Yuanchuan did not put him back in the water.

He took some food instead.

After feeding him, he held the little mermaid at once and they went underground.

Jun Qingyu nestled obediently on Fu Yuanchuan’s palm, he only glanced out when the lift opened.

Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Do you like this place”

Jun Qingyu blinked, “Eeeeeeee!”

The swimming pool here was the same as the one where they lived before.

It was even bigger than the previous one.

He didn’t even have to submerge in the water to see, he could tell it would definitely be filled with toys.

Jun Qingyu was placed into the water by Fu Yuanchuan.

He had always been in the fish tank for some time, either that or he was hanging on Fu Yuanchuan.

It felt like he hadn’t exercised in a long time.

It was nice to swim in the big pool once in a while.

Jun Qingyu shook his fishtail and was about to swim out when he felt a splash beside him.

When he turned around, he saw Fu Yuanchuan submerged in the water too.

Jun Qingyu’s eyes lit up.

Fu Yuanchuan stood underwater and beckoned to the little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu smiled as he advanced, swinging his fishtail.

He swam around Fu Yuanchuan.

His fishtail lightly rubbed against Fu Yuanchuan’s lower back.

Jun Qingyu swam up from behind Fu Yuanchuan.

He swung his fishtail, coming in front of him.

He gradually sank and sat on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder.

Fu Yuanchuan turned around to look over.

The little mermaid looked up and moved closer to him.

He smiled and opened his mouth, spitting out a string of dense bubbles.



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