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Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand to poke the bubbles floating in front of him.


Jun Qingyu swam up and held onto his fingertip.

His fishtail swept across the back of his hand, he swung his tail quickly to hit the bubbles.

He turned around and swam straight out.


Fu Yuanchuan flicked away the bubbles in front of him and went to chase after the little mermaid.


Jun Qingyu saw the situation and promptly picked up his speed in fleeing away.


Although the swimming speed of the little mermaid was very quick, Jun Qingyu was still small.

Shortly after he rushed out, Fu Yuanchuan caught up with him.


Jun Qingyu did not have any sense of urgency when he was being chased.

On the contrary, he deliberately turned back to hang on Fu Yuanchuan’s arm when he couldn’t flee anymore.


He would take a break, then continue to swim ahead.


Those toys, the decorative stone shelves and so on underwater were all in deep water so they didn’t go that way.


They swam in an empty space where the safety factor was higher and it was also not easy to knock onto something.


After swimming around for a few laps, Jun Qingyu did not want to move anymore.


These few laps have exceeded his usual amount of exercise.


Jun Qingyu stopped and shook his tail, waiting for Fu Yuanchuan to swim over so that he could go over and lay on his shoulder.


Fu Yuanchuan surfaced to breathe and looked at the little mermaid on his shoulder, “Are you tired”


“Eeeeeeee~” It was not very tiring.


Seeing the little mermaid being lazy, Fu Yuanchuan said, “I’ll swim for a little longer and then we’ll go back”




After getting a response, Fu Yuanchuan rubbed the little mermaid’s cheek and swam out.


Jun Qingyu floated up conveniently from his shoulder and slipped to the side.


Although he didn’t want to swim, he could watch Fu Yuanchuan swim.


Jun Qingyu grabbed the handrail and borrowed the buoyancy to jump up.

He sat on the shore and watched him.


From this angle, it just so happened that he could clearly see Fu Yuanchuan’s swimming movements.


It was a very standard freestyle.

At first, the strength of his arms seemed to be controlled deliberately, the splashes created weren’t too big.

It was only when he got further away from him that he let go.


Even though it was far, Jun Qingyu could clearly see the scar on Fu Yuanchuan’s back.


As the marshal, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t just sit behind the scenes and give commands, he would go to the battlefield to participate in person in the battle.


That was why scars were left all over.


The scar was in fact not very big, neither was it very obvious.


The Interstellar Age had scar removal surgery.


The scars were prone to tearing when the altitude of the atmospheric pressure was low, work-related, people who often fly in the sky or when they come across an emergency.


Battleships or mechas are commonly used in interstellar wars.


In the event of a problem arising, the cockpit would lose pressure and the tearing of the wound would be fatal.


Even though Fu Yuanchuan had a surgery, he didn’t recover fully.


Jun Qingyu wondered how serious the scar would have been if they could not be completely removed by interstellar means.


All of Fu Yuanchuan’s own military achievements were earned with his life.



When Fu Yuanchuan came back after swimming a lap, he leaned against the shore and turned his head to look at the little mermaid, “You’re not going into the water”


“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu nodded.

He reached out for the water bottle not far away to carry it over.


This water bottle was almost as big as he was and it was still filled with water.


Fu Yuanchuan was afraid that he could not hold it securely and he would hurt himself so he quickly reached out to take it.


He looked at him sitting at the shore with only his tail in the water.


It felt like the little mermaid didn’t really like the water very much.


Fu Yuanchuan took a sip of water.

He saw the little mermaid continuously staring at him and asked in doubt, “Do you want to drink water”


Jun Qingyu was stunned.

Does a mermaid need to drink water


He didn’t seem to have hydrated himself studiously but he did drink fruit and vegetable juice and the other fruit juice.


Jun Qingyu was also quite curious if he needed to drink water.

He opened his mouth, “Eeeeeeee.”


Fu Yuanchuan put the bottle close to the little mermaid’s mouth and slowly poured out some water.


Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

The taste of water was cool and sweet, it was tastier than fruit and vegetable juice.


“Do you like it Do you want another sip”


Jun Qingyu only wanted to do nothing more than take a sip to try its taste, so he refused the second time Fu Yuanchuan fed it to him.


Fu Yuanchuan finished the water and said, “I’ll go and have a shower.

Wait here for me.”




Seawater stuck to the body and it would be very uncomfortable after the water dried up.

No one could be accustomed to the seawater like a mermaid.


The bathroom was piping hot so it was not good to bring him in.


Jun Qingyu dutifully swam around the swimming pool, he was afraid that Fu Yuanchuan could not find him when he came back in a while.


He entertained himself by floating up to the surface and diving down.


Out of the corner of his eyes, he discovered that something seemed to be stuck to his hair, so he grasped that strand of hair in curiosity.


After carefully looking at it, he still couldn’t recognise what it was.


It should have gotten tangled up by something in the pool and now it got stuck to his hair and he couldn’t get it off.


Jun Qingyu tried to remove it slowly at first but caused the end of that strand of hair to form a knot and the thing that got tangled up in his hair was wrapped in it.


There were also a few broken strands in his hands.


The pale golden hair in his hands was too conspicuous.


How do I do this


Jun Qingyu released that strand of hair.

He wanted to see if wetting it with water would cause it to undo itself.


There was a particularly noticeable lump floating on the surface of the water, it seemed to have become tighter after it got wet.


Jun Qingyu: “……”


Just when Jun Qingyu was troubled with his tangled hair, Fu Yuanchuan came back.


Once Jun Qingyu caught sight of Fu Yuanchuan, he suddenly felt so aggrieved that he held up that strand of hair and said as if to complain, “Eeeeeeee!”


“What’s wrong” Fu Yuanchuan quickly held the little mermaid up and leaned closer to look at the hair in the hand of the little mermaid.


It was a complete mess and a lot of strands were also broken, they should have been broken off by the little mermaid.


“It will be fine, don’t be angry.” Fu Yuanchuan consoled him, “I’ll help you smoothen it out.”





The entire place beneath had been transformed into the little mermaid’s mermaid room.


Apart from the middle being used as a pool for swimming and entertainment, there were also several rows of shelves filled with mermaid supplies on both sides.


Fu Yuanchuan picked up a small comb and sat down.


He placed the little mermaid’s hair on his lap and used the small comb to help him smoothen out his hair.


Jun Qingyu didn’t have the patience to do this.

If there was slight inattention — with a tug — it would be very painful.


But Fu Yuanchuan was very serious, using the moisture to open up the knotted place bit by bit and took out the piece that caused this chaos inside.


Then he straightened out his hair slowly.


It was inevitable that a few would break but overall, there was no harm.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Done.”




“Come on, let’s go back upstairs first.”




Fu Yuanchuan took the comb with him; it might come in handy.


As soon as he entered the living room, Jun Qingyu caught a whiff of a strange smell.


It was a bit like scattered mental energy but too faint and quite difficult to capture.


The living room was full of people.


Jun Qingyu swept his eyes over.

He had a good memory and a few in the room were the same ones he met before at the conference last time.


When they saw Fu Yuanchuan coming in, they got up one after another.




“Hey, little mermaid, did you miss me


“Hey, little mermaid, did you miss me Come and give brother a hug.”


Among them, Shi Kaixin was the most flippant.


Jun Qingyu turned his head and slumped toward Fu Yuanchuan’s arms, ignoring him.


Shi Kaixin said with a smile, “Boss, your family’s mermaid is so double standard.

He smiles at you.

He is soft, cute and acts coquettishly with you.

But he is very mean to me.”


Fu Yuanchuan looked down at the little mermaid.

Double standard His little mermaid has always been very soft and cute.


Jun Qingyu looked up and smiled innocently at him.


Fu Yuanchuan rubbed the little mermaid’s cheek without saying anything.


The subordinate next to him said, “You’ve got to be kidding me.

Didn’t you scare the ** out of the mermaid the first time If I were the mermaid, I would be mean to you too.”


The others also echoed, “That’s right!”


Shi Kaixin scratched his head and changed the subject decisively, “Oh, that’s right.

Boss, there’s news on Libis Avenue.”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Go to the meeting room and wait for me.”


Everyone responded in unison, “Yes!”


Seeing them leave, Jun Qingyu raised his head to look in the direction they left for and that strange smell followed after them.


Was it because one of them had a problem with their body


Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

It was a bit like a precursor to a mental energy outbreak.


But there hadn’t been any major events recently — let alone a war.

Why would they have this illness for no reason


Jun Qingyu couldn’t figure it out.


Fu Yuanchuan asked Jun Qingyu, “I will have a meeting later.

Do you want to join me”


“Ee……” Jun Qingyu didn’t even think about it and subconsciously nodded.


However, he suddenly froze.

That person with a precursor of the illness obviously wasn’t aware of his problem.


If he went out to do the mission at this time and instigated the cause of the disease.

If there was an outbreak during the mission, then the mortality rate was practically a 100 percent.


Jun Qingyu quickly shook his head, “Eeeeeeee!”


The fruits and vegetables in the space could calm this illness, the channelling of spiritual energy was not needed in the initial stage.


Fu Yuanchuan originally planned to go back to get the fish tank but if the little mermaid didn’t want to go to the meeting, it was fine for him to play outside on his own.


The meeting would be too boring and would put the little mermaid to sleep from listening to it.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Then I’ll take you back to the room”


“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu pointed to the kitchen not far away.


“The kitchen”


Fu Yuanchuan went into the kitchen.

It was just after lunch, there was no one in the kitchen at this time.


“What do you want” Fu Yuanchuan thought that the little mermaid wanted to take something, just like the last time he took a juicer.


However, the little mermaid didn’t have the intention to point to such an object.


Jun Qingyu was looking for a place where it would be suitable to put himself down and eventually looked at the cutting board.


It would be more convenient to cut vegetables and fruits on top of it.


Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid pointing to the cutting board and then pointing to the knife on it.


Fu Yuanchuan frowned, “This is too dangerous.”


He could give the little mermaid anything as a toy but not dangerous knives.




Jun Qingyu just raised his head but before he could shed tears, he was rejected by Fu Yuanchuan.


“It’s a no even if you cry.” Fu Yuanchuan was very insistent when it came to the safety of the little mermaid.


Jun Qingyu blinked, “Eeeeeeee~” But there’s no way to cut the fruits and vegetables without this.


There were too many people.


The fruits in his space weren’t enough to divide or juice directly.


He could only cut it, divide it into equal portions to give them away.


Fu Yuanchuan was silent for a while.

He said, “Will the knife from the mermaid toys be okay”


Jun Qingyu thought about it, “Eeeeeeee~!”


It was more convenient as it fits his size.


It’s a deal!



There was a special meeting room in the villa.


Under normal circumstances, most of the important meetings would be held here when Fu Yuanchuan was at home.


The subordinates who came in early sat in their seats.

They carefully sorted out the documents in front of them, waiting for the meeting to begin.


After a while, the door of the meeting room opened.


Fu Yuanchuan walked in but the line of sight of a few happened to fall on the small cutting board in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand.


And the little mermaid sitting on the small cutting board.


Shi Kaixin was the most surprised, “Is this a snack”


Jun Qingyu: “……”


You’ve got a lot of nerve.


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