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Grown up


Jun Qingyu shook his tail, he didn’t feel any changes in himself.


It was possible that he wasn’t susceptible to his own subtle changes.




Fu Yuanchuan rummaged through the drawer and found a ruler, “Let me measure you”


Visual assessment might be inaccurate.


Jun Qingyu immediately lay flat on Fu Yuanchuan’s palm to facilitate his measurement.


The ruler was compared by the side of the little mermaid, not even the tip of the tail was left out.


After waiting for a while, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t say anything.

Jun Qingyu did not dare to make a big move in fear of an inaccurate measurement.


After thinking about it, Jun Qingyu reached out to grab Fu Yuanchuan’s finger.

He shook it gently, “Eeeeeeee”


“You’ve grown.” Fu Yuanchuan put the ruler away.


When he bought the little mermaid back, the mermaid breeding base would give him a copy of the little mermaid’s complete information.


According to his size recorded on it and if he compared it with the length of the little mermaid now, he really did grow.


“Eeeeeeee!”Jun Qingyu sat up with a smile on his face.


He has grown a bit today and it wouldn’t take long before he could help Fu Yuanchuan to fight!


However, Fu Yuanchuan wasn’t as happy as the little mermaid.


Under normal circumstances, a little mermaid wouldn’t grow so fast.


It had been less than a month but there had been a noticeable change.


Something was not quite right.


Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Do you feel any discomfort”


Jun Qingyu shook his head, there was nothing wrong with him.


The spring water contained spiritual influence that soothes and invigorates the muscles.

How could he feel discomfort when he had spring water to soak in


Jun Qingyu looked at Fu Yuanchuan in doubt, “Eeeeeeee” What’s the matter


Was there a problem……


Fu Yuanchuan thought about it and said, “I’ll take you somewhere.”


With that, he made a move to get up.

Jun Qingyu quickly pointed to the computer, “Ee……ya”


You’re not going to analyse the location anymore


“I’ll do it when we return.”





Because of the special nature of mermaids, all the doctors and caretakers specialising in mermaids were at the mermaid care centre.


A person could hardly see doctors for mermaids anywhere else.


For the sake of the little mermaid’s health, he had better go there to register.


Fu Yuanchuan carried the box containing the little mermaid, “Don’t be afraid, it’ll be over soon.”


“Gurgle~” Jun Qingyu thought he would have an examination, a blood test or something of that nature.


But he didn’t expect that the caretaker would only use the scanner to sweep across the box and then it was over.


Jun Qingyu soaked in the box and watched as the instrument swept past.

He didn’t feel anything, he didn’t even see a ray of light from the scanning.


After the scan, the nurse put away the instrument.


All kinds of data rapidly popped out from the instrument.


The caretaker looked at the data and said, “All health indicators are healthy, the marshal has nothing to worry about.”


Jun Qingyu grabbed the finger at the edge of box, “Eeeeeeee~”


Fu Yuanchuan slid his finger along the little mermaid’s hair and appeased his emotions.

He said, “But he grew too quickly.”


“The average value of the growth rate of a little mermaid was obtained after going through many calculations.

However, the marshal also knows that we understand too little about the little mermaids at this point.”


The caretaker also found it strange.

In general, the little mermaid might not grow this many centimetres in three years but it had only been a few days that the marshal’s little mermaid grew this much.


The caretaker said, “The column for the mermaid’s spiritual energy is unknown, there were no numerical values detected.

I’m guessing it might have something to do with his spiritual energy.”


Jun Qingyu soaked in the box and silently listened to the doctor analysing the problem.


Jun Qingyu had always thought that he was growing too slowly but when he heard what the doctor had said, only then did he know that he was growing faster than the other little mermaids.


If this was based on what the caretaker had said, then Jun Qingyu had more or less understood what was going on.


He had been sleeping in the spring water in his space at night lately.


Has he been soaking too much these days


A little mermaid and its spiritual energy were linked.

Under the circumstance that his spiritual energy was abundant and had unlimited replenishment, the result was that he would grow


If that was so……then he should soak more, maybe he could grow even faster.


The caretaker said, “But if he grows too fast, there will indeed be soreness and discomfort.

This is normal.

You can try giving him a massage, it can provide some relief.”


“We have professional mermaid masseurs but……a lot of mermaids don’t like massages.”


“We usually feed them some food that helps with sleep and wait for them to fall asleep before we start massaging.”


After thinking about it, the caregiver added one more sentence, “It is fine to massage when the mermaid is awake but it will be more……troublesome.”


Jun Qingyu froze.

He still has to go to sleep first before he has a massage This procedure was rather strange.


It didn’t sound like it was for the mermaid’s own good.


Fu Yuanchuan also frowned, “Helps with sleep”


The caretaker said, “Because the massage involves the fishtail and a little mermaid’s tail is a very important place — they won’t let anyone touch it.”


The caregiver was also very helpless.

Originally, the massage was done for the mermaid’s own good but it ended up making a complete mess.


He said, “In order to prevent the massage from turning into a fight, we will generally make preparations in advance.”


When Fu Yuanchuan remained silent, the caretaker simply gave an example, “Like this little mermaid you’re holding — though he is very well-behaved right now, once you touch his tail, he will……”


He raised his tail, curled it around Fu Yuanchuan’s finger and used the tip of his tail to rub against it.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head, “Eeeeeeee”


What will happen


Fu Yuanchuan held the little mermaid’s tail and put the little mermaid back into the box.


The caretaker was flabbergasted, this……


This isn’t real, right


No matter how good-natured a little mermaid was, it would become hostile when its tail was touched.


But……what he saw with his own eyes could not be false.


The caretaker said, “If that’s the case, then it should be fine without eating some food to help with sleep.

I’ll arrange a masseur for you.”


“There’s no need for it.” Fu Yuanchuan refused the caretaker’s suggestion and asked indifferently, “Is there an instructional video”


The caretaker was somewhat astonished, “There is no video but I can demonstrate it once to show it to you, it’s just that……massaging every day might be a huge waste of time.

You see, you……”


The grand marshal has so much on his plate, so doesn’t have time to give a massage to the mermaid.


Fu Yuanchuan was brief and straight to the point, “Demonstrate.”


The caretaker paused before he said, “All right, please come here with me.”


Jun Qingyu wasn’t interested in a massage and he didn’t feel any discomfort.


Initially, he was trying to figure out how to turn down the massage.


But if it was Fu Yuanchuan……then a massage seemed to be quite interesting too.


The caretaker led the way at the front and said as he walked, “In fact, even if the mermaid is not sick or unwell, a regular massage can bring the relationship between you and your mermaid closer together.”


It was only because of the mermaid’s resistance to a massage that no one dared to make such a connection.


Fu Yuanchuan: “Mhm.”


It was extremely quiet in the massage room.


He quietly arranged for an empty bed and placed three sheets.


The caretaker said, “These are new and have been disinfected once.

The marshal can do them with me, so that it would work better than if I explained it orally.”


Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head and asked the little mermaid, “Do you want to try it”


“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu lay on Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and smiled at him.


It was good to practice.




After a while, the nurse brought in a little red mermaid.


He placed the little mermaid onto the bed.

The caretaker said, “This is the little mermaid with the best-temper we have here, so let’s use him to do a demonstration.”


At first, the caretaker wanted to find something like a doll but felt that this was too deceiving, so he found a little mermaid.


Considering that the marshal did not feed the little mermaid some food to help with sleep when he gave the little mermaid a massage, he didn’t feed the little mermaid either.


Fu Yuanchuan also took the little mermaid out.


Jun Qingyu sat on the bed and turned his head to look at the little red mermaid.


He had not seen another mermaid since he left the mermaid breeding base.


The two beds were to the left and right side of the room, so there was a large distance between them.


But at a glance, one could still spot the little mermaid on the white sheets.


Crimson was a very eye-catching colour.


The little mermaid saw Jun Qingyu too.

He tried to crawl over but suddenly shivered and turned his head to look at Fu Yuanchuan who was close by.


The little mermaid shrank back to its initial position straight away and bared its teeth at Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan’s eyes were full of his own little mermaid, so he didn’t notice it happening beside him.

Once he heard the sound, he was about to turn his head to take a look.


However, the back of his hand was kissed by the little mermaid the next moment.


Fu Yuanchuan’s attention returned to the little mermaid in an instant, “What’s wrong”


Jun Qingyu was afraid that that little mermaid’s attitude would evoke Fu Yuanchuan’s sadness.


In that case, he attracted his attention.

He hugged his hand and kissed it, acting coquettishly as he rubbed against it, “Eeeeeeee~”


Just look at me~


Although Fu Yuanchuan didn’t know what was wrong with the little mermaid, he was very happy to play with him.


After a while, the caretaker came out of the room.


His upper body was wrapped up into a ball.


The caretaker, who was well-dressed, handed Fu Yuanchuan a bag of things, “Marshal, these are protective clothing, you should put them on.”


Fu Yuanchuan didn’t even look at it and refused directly, “I don’t need it.”


“Marshal, you……”


“Let’s get started.”


When the caregiver saw this, he had no choice but to put it down — he didn’t take it back.


Don’t look at how the mermaid was well-behaved and how it let you touch it.

When the moment comes that he turned hostile during the massage, there was a possibility that you might be caught unprepared.


A mermaid was quick to turn hostile.


He just left the stuff there and when the marshal wanted to use it, he could get it himself.


The caretaker soothed the little red mermaid and said, “Your movements must be slow and make him feel that you don’t have any malicious intentions towards him, then……ah!”


Before his words were finished, the caretaker was hit by a combination of punches.


Jun Qingyu: “……”


It hurt from the sound of it, so that was why you were so well-dressed.


The only mermaid Fu Yuanchuan had been in contact with was Jun Qingyu.

He had always thought that a mermaid’s temperament was more or less the same as his.


But now, it seemed that his little mermaid’s temper was far too good.


The most well-behaved mermaid as stated by the caretaker began to bite after he got tired from hitting.


Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head to look down at the little mermaid, the little mermaid appeared to be taking it seriously, then he stealthily covered his eyes.


Although Jun Qingyu failed to understand the reason why, he didn’t pull his hand down.


After a while, it quietened down over there.


The caretaker pulled out his hand that was somewhat numbed from getting hit and said, “You can give them some snacks to comfort them when it is necessary.”


Then there was another beating.


Jun Qingyu couldn’t see it but he felt that it was very tragic from the sound of it.


Even though he was beaten badly, the caretaker said with a strong will, “Wait for the little mermaid to calm down……ah!”


“Hiss……then, then you can let him lie on his stomach.”


“Because we mainly need to massage the back of their shoulders and their tail……Wah! Ouch, ouch, ouch……”


Jun Qingyu: “……”


You’re very dedicated to your duty.


The sound of whimpering and shouting, the muffled sound of a little mermaid hitting the protective clothing filled the whole room.


Following that, the sound of tearing was mixed in.


“Sweetie, don’t tear my protective clothing——ah, don’t scratch my face!”


Jun Qingyu slowly raised his head to look at Fu Yuanchuan.

How about……not watching the demonstration


It felt like someone was going to get killed in a moment.


Fu Yuanchuan also felt something was wrong but he could not come forward to help.

If he went over, the mermaid would only be more alarmed.


Fu Yuanchuan coughed lightly and said, “Let’s forget about it.”


The caretaker: “It’s all right marshal, it’s almost done!”


This sound lasted for more than an hour before it gradually subsided.


The caretaker said, “Phew……it’s done, then you just follow this process to get the little mermaid to lie down on its stomach and can proceed to the next step.”


Jun Qingyu quietly took a look and felt that the little red mermaid might be too tired to fight.


The protective clothing of the caretaker had been broken.

The gloves exposed his fingers, the facepiece on his face was full of spider cracks and was shattered beyond recognition.


It was too tragic.


The caretaker turned his head and saw that Fu Yuanchuan had not moved yet.


He wiped his nosebleed, came forward and said, “Marshal, do you need my help”


Fu Yuanchuan refused, “No need.”


Omitting the previous steps, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Little fish, turn over.”


When Jun Qingyu heard his words, he turned over obediently and lay down on his stomach.

He raised his tail and wrapped it around Fu Yuanchuan’s finger and shook it, “Eeeeeeee~!”


Fu Yuanchuan stroked his fishtail with ease, “Good.”


The caretaker: “”




My f*cking mind has been broken!


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