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Hes not good, hes just good to you.

The caregiver opened his mouth and looked at the little mermaid lying down, then at the little red mermaid who was still glaring at him.


The caretaker suppressed his bitter tears and sighed — only this kind of little mermaid was called well-behaved!


But then again, the little red mermaid was truly their mermaid with the best temper.


It was just that compared with the marshals, his temper was still a little bit violent.


“Marshal, the temper of your familys little mermaid is unbelievably good.” The caretaker couldnt help but say.


“Mhm, I think so too.” Fu Yuanchuan took care of the little mermaids hair and pushed it to either side so that it would be convenient for the massage later on.


Jun Qingyu folded his hands under his cheeks and listened quietly to their conversation.


The caretaker retracted his envious gaze, turned back to the little red mermaid and said, “Then what comes next—— Marshal, look at me and just follow my lead.”




Jun Qingyu just thought of the massage as playing around — a kind of game with Fu Yuanchuan.


However, when Fu Yuanchuans fingertips gently kneaded his shoulders and neck, he found that it seemed to really have a relieving effect after a while.


Jun Qingyu didnt find it too uncomfortable at first but he only realised it was still more comfortable like this after Fu Yuanchuan kneaded for a period of time.


Jun Qingyu raised his tail and patted Fu Yuanchuans wrist lightly, “Eeeeeeee~”


Your kneading is good.

Keep it up.


It was quiet and peaceful on Fu Yuanchuans side.


The caretaker said, “Because the little mermaid doesnt speak, so you can only rely on the mermaids feedback to analyse whether your force is too strong.”




“Its……using their tail to thrash you.

It signifies that the harder they thrash their tail, the heavier your force is getting.”


When all was said and done, the caretakers face got a little flushed.

It was embarrassing but even though he was embarrassed, it wasnt such a bad idea.


If ones force was light, the mermaid would naturally not hit you.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Doesnt the voice of the mermaid work too”


The caretaker shrugged his shoulders, “Generally, a mermaid just subconsciously flings their tail over before it starts calling.”


Thats why they chose the faster way to get feedback — getting beaten up.

They had already suffered from getting beaten up, so why would they care about whether they called or not.


Jun Qingyu: “……”


Jun Qingyu silently glanced at the caregiver.

It wasnt easy working here.


It was out of the question to not be resistant to beatings.


“Little fish wont do it.” Fu Yuanchuan suddenly found out that his little mermaid didnt seem to have a temper.


He had always been very good.


After thinking about it, Fu Yuanchuan still reminded him with a sentence, “If it hurts, hit me.”


Otherwise, he couldnt exert his force well.


The caretaker narrowed his eyes.

Why was there such a request


He absolutely would not dare to tell the little red mermaid that.

If he had voiced it out, it would not be a matter of scrapping a protective suit.


He would need to be sent in for emergency treatment.


Jun Qingyu tilted his head.

The force wasnt important to him.

It didnt matter if the force was light, he could bear it even if it was heavier.


He couldnt possibly hit Fu Yuanchuan.


“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu wrapped the tip of his tail around Fu Yuanchuans wrist.


This way, when he moved his fishtail, Fu Yuanchuan would feel it too.


Jun Qingyu blinked his eyes.

Would this work


Fu Yuanchuan tried to press the little mermaids shoulder.


The tip of the tail wrapped around his wrist would curl up and he could even feel it tightening around his wrist.


It was basically involuntary feedback.


Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaids hair and said, “This works too.”


When the caretaker next to him saw this situation, he also thought it was a good idea.


At least one did not have to be beaten up.


The caregiver looked at the little red mermaid and said, “Umm, you……”


“Ha——!” The little red mermaid bared his teeth at him.


The caretaker: “……Its nothing.

Im just saying.”


The caretaker smiled as he said, “Lets continue with your massage, continue with your massage.

Hiss……! Why are you scratching my face again”


The commotion over there was endless.


Fu Yuanchuan focused on kneading the little mermaids shoulders.


After a while, Jun Qingyus eyes narrowed.


There was another fight between the caretaker and the red mermaid.


Fortunately, he ultimately went through the whole massaging process once.

After the caretaker was done, he was sweating profusely and was completely exhausted.


Jun Qingyu was about to fall asleep from being massaged.


The massage was too hypnotic.


However, Jun Qingyu could clearly feel that his shoulders were much lighter after the massage.


“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu sat up.

He turned around and nestled on Fu Yuanchuans palm.


The caretaker looked at the little mermaid who was well-behaved after the massage.


Then he looked at the little guy who was glaring at him.

He felt more and more anguished.


The caretaker said, “Oh, thats right.

Marshal, you can help the little mermaid to take a bath and give him a cleaning after the massage.”


“Although a mermaid does not sweat, soaking with a special bath bomb can prolong the comfort brought about from the massage.”


Fu Yuanchuan had never heard of a bath bomb specialised for a mermaid.


He was so preoccupied with preparing food and toys for the little mermaid that he had never thought about a bath.


Otherwise, he wouldnt have searched on the internet the last time the little mermaid had wanted to go into the bathroom.


Most of the things he bought at the mermaid breeding base were food and toys, he didnt buy bathing supplies at all.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Pack a set of mermaid bathing supplies.”


“All right.” The caretaker put the little red mermaid into the fish tank and said, “There are some rather miscellaneous ones, so come with me and take a look.”


Jun Qingyu lay lazily on Fu Yuanchuans palm.

It was obviously more comfortable than in the box.


Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the little mermaid and didnt send him back but brought him along.


The interior resembled a supermarket with shelves that were full of products.


Most of them were bath and nutritional products for mermaids.


Once the caretaker entered this place, he didnt take anything straight away but started promoting them, “These are nutritional products and this section is food for mermaids.

All of these can be taken back to give to the little mermaid, who is in his growth period, to eat.”


Even though such a big little mermaid was not considered to be in his growth period, who made him grow


It was about time.


It was a good idea to make arrangements for food in advance.


Calcium tablets and nutritional powder, neither could be missing.


Fu Yuanchuan flatly said, “Load them all.”


“Yes, Marshal.”


The caretaker walked along, loading things up on the way and promoting them as he went.


It wasnt about selling goods, the ones he chose were indeed useful for the little mermaid.


There were a lot of items in the shopping cart after a round.


Eventually, the caretaker took out a bottle of bath bombs.


The caretaker said, “Just soak this directly into the water, it will dissolve into liquid on its own.

It can disinfect and purify the water.

There will also be a lot of bubbles produced, which a lot of mermaids like.”


“Use it together with a bathtub, the little mermaid should swim two rounds in it by himself and some things invisible to the naked eye will be wiped out.”


“You dont have to do it too often, just once or twice a year will do.

It isnt like bathing for us, we do it for cleanliness.”


“Giving it to the little mermaid to wash is mainly for sterilisation and disinfection.”


“This section of bath bombs has a lot of scents, you can choose one that the little mermaid likes.”


With that said, he handed several bath bombs with different scents to Fu Yuanchuan.


Through the packaging, it smelled very fragrant to Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Wont a mermaid reject this scent”


The caretaker shook his head and said, “No, it would smell a bit strong to us but it would be just right for a mermaid.”


Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Which smells good”


“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu felt that these scents were quite good.

Some were sweet and some had a milky scent.


“Is it hard to choose” Seeing that the little mermaid had not chosen after a long time, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Then lets buy one of each”


Jun Qingyu nodded, “Eeeeeeee!”


After the bath bombs were chosen, the caretaker took them to the bathtub section next to them.


The caregiver opened the packaging for a new bathtub and filled it with water after cleaning and disinfecting it.


At the same time, he said, “There are a few bathtubs specialised for mermaids, all of which have a seat inside that is customised for a mermaid to sit inside.”


Jun Qingyu lowered his head to take a look, the bathtub was almost as big as a fish tank.


“Marshal, you can place your little mermaid in to try it out.” The caretaker changed the water again.


The caretaker said, “We have several designs.

If you dont like this one, you can try another one.”


Fu Yuanchuan would always ask the little mermaid first before he did anything, “Do you want to try it”


Jun Qingyu shook his tail, “Eeeeeeee.”


It was also good to try it out, so they could save money; it would be a waste to bring so many back.


If they bought everything back, only one would be used in the end.

There was no need to buy so much.


When Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid had agreed, he gently placed him in.


He sat precisely on top of that seat.


The water level was also just right.


Fu Yuanchuan reached in and rubbed the little mermaids tail.

If he was being washed, he should be washed like this.


The caretaker turned around to put something down.

He said, “Its fine to wash the little mermaid yourself.

That way, he can be disinfected more thoroughly.”


“Its just that I dont recommend doing this.

The chances of getting beaten up are too high and it could affect your relationship with your mermaid……”


He turned his head over, Fu Yuanchuan was already washing the little mermaid.


The caretaker: “……”


The words said were a bit muffled, so Fu Yuanchuan didnt hear them clearly.

He asked, “What did you say”


“Its nothing.

Go on.”


The caretaker gritted his teeth.

He remembered how he had been beaten up the previous time he had disinfected and cleaned the mermaid; and he held himself back from crying out.


There was a difference between a mermaid and another mermaid.


Fu Yuanchuan gave the little mermaid a quick wash and out of the corner of his eye, he caught sight of the accessories hanging on the wall not far in front of him.


The accessories werent very big.

There were many colours and most of the colours were basically available.


Fu Yuanchuan thought it was just wall decoration at first but it wasnt on closer inspection.


Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Whats that”


“An accessory that a little mermaid can wear.

Marshal, are you interested Ill get it for you……”


“No need, Ill get it myself.” Fu Yuanchuan took a fancy to one of the chains.

He touched the little mermaid and said, “Wait for me.”




The caretaker looked at the little mermaid, who was obediently waiting for the marshal with his head raised.

He thought that it was very cute.


He had seen a lot of mermaids with bad tempers but a little mermaid whose tail could be casually touched — the marshals little mermaid was the first one.


The caretaker couldnt resist, he wanted to touch the little mermaids hair.


Such a good little guy, he should let him touch him, right


Jun Qingyu was looking at Fu Yuanchuan intently but suddenly realised something was amiss.


He subconsciously swung his fishtail.


He swam quickly to the other side of the bathtub.


Jun Qingyus little face was partially submerged in the water, he had a wooden expression and was on his guard as he looked at the caretaker.


What do you want to do


The caretaker looked at the little mermaid, who didnt let unfamiliar people get close to him.

He felt that he might get beaten up if he tried again.


When he heard something, Fu Yuanchuan came over and asked, “Whats the matter”


Jun Qingyu threw his vigilance away in an instant, “Eeeeeeee~” Its nothing.


Jun Qingyu turned around, swam to Fu Yuanchuans side and hugged Fu Yuanchuans hand.

He acted coquettishly and rubbed against it.


He looked at the mermaid, who changed his face in no time.


The caretaker widened his eyes in astonishment.


It wasnt like that when you stared at me moments ago!

The author has something to say:

When someone else is close by.

Jun Qingyu: Stay away from me.


When Fu Yuanchuan is close by.

Jun Qingyu: Kisses and hugs.


Its blatant biasness.

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Vanilla Rose Bath Bomb

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