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Jun Qingyu laughed and fell onto Fu Yuanchuans palm, “Ee~ya~”

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the caretakers expression didnt look right.

He frowned and asked, “Whats the matter”

The caretaker quickly shook his head and said, “Its nothing, its nothing.”

At the same time, he couldnt help but inwardly sigh in sorrow.

How enviable it was to have a little mermaid whose eyes were full of you.

Jun Qingyu curled up in Fu Yuanchuans palm and didnt look at the caregiver.

He wasnt used to being touched and approached by others.

Fu Yuanchuan put a decorative chain on the little mermaids head.

The silver chain was around his hair and there was also a pendant in between his eyebrows.

The pendant was silver with a thin gold rim, which matched and looked completely good with the little mermaids pale golden hair.

Fu Yuanchuan took a fancy to this chain at a glance, “Do you like it”

Jun Qingyu raised his head, he saw his reflection in Fu Yuanchuans eyes.

He smiled while he hugged Fu Yuanchuans wrist, “Eeeeeeee~!”

“It looks good.”

The caretaker looked at the interaction between Fu Yuanchuan and the little mermaid.

He felt as if the lemon had been extracted — so sour!

The caretaker silently shifted his line of sight away, he couldnt look at them any longer.

The caretaker said with a light cough, “Marshal, there are activity areas for mermaids outside, you can bring your mermaid there to play first.

Ill send your items to your car after Im done packing them.”

“Mmm.” In any case, Fu Yuanchuan didnt let him send the items directly to his house.

If they strolled here for a bit, perhaps they might be able to add more items.

He prepared too few items for the little mermaid.

He would take a look at what the activity area had and choose some things to take back with them.

Jun Qingyu had no interest in shopping, so he lay on Fu Yuanchuans hand obediently and had no intention to choose anything.

Fu Yuanchuan walked into the activity area for mermaids.

There were very few people here.

Plus, the area was very large.

Basically, they would be able to find a secluded location in the big pool if someone were to bring their mermaid here.

There would be no interference with each other at all.

Noticing that someone had entered, the people inside raised their heads and looked over in unison.

When they saw Fu Yuanchuan, they were taken aback and quickly lowered their heads at once.

They didnt dare to look at him again.

Some of them even quietly reached out with their hand right away, wanting to get their mermaids back from the pool.

It was just that the mermaids didnt take heed to them.

As a matter of fact, Fu Yuanchuan didnt react to them.

He looked indifferent as he searched for a place.

Jun Qingyu gradually knitted his brows.

They were afraid of Fu Yuanchuan

Thats strange……There was nothing to be afraid of.

You arent mermaids, who can feel the fluctuation of Fu Yuanchuans mental energy.

So what are you afraid of

Jun Qingyu couldnt figure out what was so scary about Fu Yuanchuan, who was such a gentle person.

“Little fish, go down and take a look.”

“Eeeeeeee~” The tip of Jun Qingyus tail touched the surface of the water, then he came back to his senses and hugged Fu Yuanchuans finger at once.

He didnt want to go down.

“Youre not going down”

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu curled himself into a small ball, occupying Fu Yuanchuans entire hand.

He perceived that Fu Yuanchuans hand was a little cold.

After he thought about it, Jun Qingyu pressed his hands on his palm and slowly released his spiritual energy.

Fu Yuanchuan vaguely realised something and he asked, “Is that your spiritual energy”

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu smiled as he turned around.

He didnt know what the chain of the hanging pendant between his eyebrows brushed against that caused it to suddenly come loose.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously reached for it and caught the chain but the pendant bounced against his palm.

It dropped into the pool.

Jun Qingyu: “!”

What kind of quality is this!

Watching the pendant sink, Jun Qingyu hurriedly jumped into the water.

“Little fish!” Fu Yuanchuan stretched out his hand, the fishtail brushed past his fingertips but he didnt dare to tug it.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “No, lets get another one.”


Fu Yuanchuan picked this one out of so many designs, so how could he just change it

Jun Qingyu disagreed.

It was a good thing that they werent standing at the drain.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to save the pendant even if he had jumped down in time.

Jun Qingyu picked up the pendant before it fell to the bottom of the pool, then he turned around and swam up.

One of his hands was holding the chain and the other hand was holding the pendant.


Fu Yuanchuan knelt on one knee on the steps by the shore and took the broken pendant to examine it.

Jun Qingyu wasnt in a hurry to go up but lay on Fu Yuanchuans knee.

He raised his head to look at him repairing it.

There was no problem with the chain.

It was the small circular ring that connected the chain and pendant; there was an opening.

It caused the pendant to drop.

Fu Yuanchuan pried the small ring apart and hung the pendant back on.

When he was doing so, the opening was especially tightened.

He just felt that it was of average quality.

Fu Yuanchuan thought that the little mermaid should wear this first and he would make one for him from other materials later.

The little mermaid seemed to be quite fond of this pendant.

As he thought of this, the movement of his hands slowed down, he could see the little mermaid staring at his hand out of the corner of his eye.

The seriousness of his gaze was very cute.

The corner of Fu Yuanchuans lips raised slightly.

He quickly fixed the chain after a few times, “Its fixed.”

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu pointed to his forehead, motioning for him to put it on.

Fu Yuanchuan pushed his hair — that was obstructing — behind and tidied it up a bit before putting the headpiece on him.

Jun Qingyu shook his head, he wanted to see if it would fall off.

It was very strong this time.

Looking at the little mermaids cute little act, Fu Yuanchuan couldnt help but raise his hand and rubbed it against the little mermaids cheek.

Jun Qingyu hugged it.

The caretaker walked over and said, “Marshal, everything has been packed and sent to your car.”

The caretaker said, “My electronic business card is also inside, so if there are any problems in the process of using them, you can contact me at any time.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan stretched out his hand, wanting to carry the little mermaid out.

The caretaker looked at the horizontal pole a short distance away.

He suddenly remembered that some very important facilities had not been recommended.

He hastily said, “Has the marshal taught the little mermaid about safety knowledge”

“Safety knowledge”


Since mermaids have a high IQ, Ive met many mermaids who have taken advantage of being brought out to play before; then they secretly escaped.”

“Some have been found, some are just……” When he said that, the caretaker shook his head.

It was quite unfortunate.

A little mermaid, who escaped to the outside, had a very slim chance of survival.

They might have been caught by others and sent to the auction to be offered at a high price.

The body of a little mermaid that did not receive good care would become very weak.

And then they died.

The caretaker said, “Therefore, in order to put an end to the mermaids yearning for the outside world, we have specially set up a fishpond for safety knowledge education.”

“Its the one on my left.”

“There are fish hooks, fishing nets and warning sentences below, which can make the little mermaid aware of the dangers, so that it can be prevented before it happens.”

Fu Yuanchuan thought that he wouldnt let the little mermaid get too far away from him.

And he wouldnt run into any danger outside.

Jun Qingyu looked to the left.

At first, he was curious about what the cobweb-like thing over there was.

After he listened to what the caretaker said, it shouldnt be a fishing net, right

He didnt have much interest in these things, he wanted to crawl up after he grabbed Fu Yuanchuans hand.

At this time, the caregiver added, “The above promotes safety knowledge education, so participants can get a 50 percent discount on their purchases on the same day.”

Jun Qingyu stopped in his movements and turned around to get into the water.

“Eeeeeeee~!” He didnt care about whether there was a 50 percent discount, he just wanted to learn some safety knowledge.

Fu Yuanchuan: “”

His hand was empty, the little mermaid had already swum over to the fishing net.

Looking at the water droplets left on his fingertips, the little mermaid lying on his hand was gone.

A pale golden little mermaid could clearly be seen swimming in the clear water.

Fu Yuanchuan wiped the water off his hand and followed along.

He thought somewhat hesitantly, he……did he look very poor

Jun Qingyu swam to the edge of the net, he didnt go in straight away but stopped to look at the warning sentence posted on the side.

The characters were in the regular font but they didnt look very normal.

They looked flashy.

It was probably to attract the attention of the mermaids, so they used a variety of colours like a watercolour painting in kindergarten.

The caretaker above saw that Jun Qingyu didnt move for a long time, so he said, “Dont be afraid, you can get through it.

The fishing nets are made of special materials and they may stick but they wont hurt you.”

The caretaker also explained to Fu Yuanchuan, so that he wouldnt worry, “The size of the holes in the fishing nets are set according to the size of a little mermaid.”

The caretaker said, “Its not dangerous, except for the fact that it will be more difficult to pass through.”

Jun Qingyu touched the fishing nets after he heard what was said, it was indeed a little sticky and it would stick to his tail if he touched it.

But for him, passing through such a place was like a childs play.

With a swish of his tail, Jun Qingyu was deft as he swam through the fishing net and easily made his way to the other side.

The caretaker: “……”

A fake fishing net seemed to have been set up.

Cant you give the fish net some respect!

Jun Qingyu didnt notice the caretakers astonishment and directly swam inside.

There was a deflector in the area where the fishing rod was placed.

The fish hook wasnt visible from the shore.

But Jun Qingyu could see clearly.

The fish hook was almost bigger than him!

There was also a small dried fish on the fish hook.

While Jun Qingyu was looking at it, the dried fish was soaked until it broke apart and dropped down.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Wasnt fishing always about putting food on the hook and waiting for the fish to bite

A little mermaid wasnt that stupid……

Jun Qingyu sighed.

If it wasnt for the 50 percent discount, he wouldnt have come to this inexplicable place.

But now, the 50 percent discount should have been achieved, right

Then he wouldnt go any further.

Jun Qingyu glanced at the fish hook and was about to swim up but he looked at Fu Yuanchuan standing by the shore from the water.

Then he looked at the fish hook next to him.

Jun Qingyu thought about it, he turned around and sat on the hook.

The sharp point of the hook had been smoothed out.

Jun Qingyu sat on it like sitting on a swing and it just so happens that he could hold onto both sides, using it as a handrail.

Jun Qingyu tugged the fishing line with one hand.

The buoy also shook a few times.

Fu Yuanchuan noticed the movement and went to the fishing rod.

The caretaker said, “Did he eat the dried fish on it Its used as a trap.”

“Oh, hes fallen into the trap.” The caretaker originally thought the IQ of this little mermaid was high but now, how did he get attracted to food

Was he not aware of the dangers of a hook because his vigilance was too low

The shaking of the buoy didnt stop.

After a while, the fishing rod even bent downwards along with it.

The caretaker wrinkled his brows, “Did something happen”

Fu Yuanchuan turned the roller of the fishing rod and reeled in the line.

There was a weight on it, it was probably a small fish.

As the line got shorter and shorter, the hook was also exposed.

Jun Qingyu, who was bent over and hiding in the water, suddenly straightened up.

He emerged from the water surface with a splash.


Fu Yuanchuan looked at the lively little mermaid and a glimmer of amusement emerged from the depth of his eyes.

He crouched on the shore and stretched his hand out, “Come here.”

Jun Qingyu laughed and fell onto Fu Yuanchuans palm, he rolled around in the passing, “Ee~ya~”

Ive been caught.

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Oh, youve been caught! o(〃^▽^〃)o

The caretaker: Theres a 50% discount if you participate in safety knowledge education.

Jun Qingyu: Im up for it because its 50% off I want to learn! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

This is an accessory to be adorned on the head.

You can imagine the one the little mermaid is wearing as simpler with chains with a silver pendant (not gem) with a thin gold rim instead of this intricate design.


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