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After a long while, Fu Yuanchuan softly said, “We……”

Jun Qingyu directly crashed into the oncoming pod of mermaids.

‘Gurgle gurgle’.

Dense bubbles interspersed between the mermaids.

For a moment, Jun Qingyu could not even distinguish the direction underwater.

After a short pause, Jun Qingyu’s dexterous body swam through the gaps.

The random swinging of fishtails was unruly.

Even though there was water resistance, with a dull ‘thud’, Jun Qingyu’s arm trembled.


However, he did not have time to be hesitant and with a slight pause, he continued to swim forward.

Noel’s hair was still dripping water, he didn’t care about taking care of his image.

He shot a glance at Fu Yuanchuan and then looked towards the pond.

He coldly snorted and insinuated in a whisper, “Is the mermaid breeding base short of money recently How can they let anyone enter”

He saw that Fu Yuanchuan turned a deaf ear to his words as if he did not take notice of this side.

Noel got even more furious, gnashing his teeth and said ambiguously, “Someone scared the mermaids away as soon as they appeared.

When there are any casualties, can that person bear the responsibility”

At this point, Noel suddenly yelled, “Where’s the manager Are you dead! What have you been doing! Get over here!”

The person beside him promptly advised him in a whisper, “Your Highness, Your Highness, don’t be angry.

He can’t even buy a mermaid and then his body……can still last a few days.

Keep your voice down.

When he is gone, maybe the mermaids will swim back again.”



Fu Yuanchuan looked indifferent and turned a deaf ear to those words and looked down at the pond in front of him that had become empty due to his existence.

His mind was full of the figures of those little mermaids fleeing in a panic upon seeing him.

He was silent for a while and turned around, planning to leave.

But there was an exclamation at this time.

“Oh my god——what’s wrong with that mermaid”

Fu Yuanchuan paused and looked down, only to see a golden-tailed mermaid going against and struggling to swim to him.

It was evident that there was only one swimming against the pod of mermaids in the distance.


The pod of mermaids was crowded together and in pain.

The trajectory of their swimming was erratic and that mermaid was very weak against the pod of mermaids.

Jun Qingyu was jostled a few times by the pod of mermaids and deviated but quickly adjusted to it. 

After going past the last few mermaids, Jun Qingyu did everything he could to swing his tail to swim to the shore.

The instant he placed his hand on the shore, Jun Qingyu heaved a sigh of relief and slowly calmed his breath.

He raised his head to look at Fu Yuanchuan and opened his mouth, wanting to say something but the moment he opened his mouth, he felt that he had too much to say.

He momentarily didn’t know where to begin.

Fu Yuanchuan was also looking at him.

While they made eye contact, the little mermaid’s pale golden eyes were full of Fu Yuanchuan’s shadow.

For a while, it seemed silent all around.

Jun Qingyu thought that Fu Yuanchuan deserves to be the protagonist in the book.

Even if he had a serious illness, he simply looked pale and slightly weak and not ugly at all.

On the contrary, it added some sense of fragility. 

If it was not that half-hearted ending, Fu Yuanchuan should have a bright future.

Jun Qingyu was in his thoughts and did not notice when Fu Yuanchuan had crouched down.

When he came back to his senses, a hand was suspended before him.

His five fingers were slender and fair and also had the faint smell of medicine.


Jun Qingyu, whose actions are always faster than his thinking, reached out to grab Fu Yuanchuan’s finger at once.

The fingers subconsciously curled up and touched the corner of his mouth.

Jun Qingyu was startled for a moment, realising his nervousness, he gently swung his fishtail and laid directly on Fu Yuanchuan’s palm.

Jun Qingyu’s perception of spiritual power was not very clear and not like the other mermaids, who could perceive the aggressive spiritual power from a long distance and hurriedly fled in a panic.

He was only able to perceive it when he was close.

Fu Yuanchuan’s spiritual power was very unstable.

Although there weren’t any ripples on his face, he was always enduring the pain of the turbulence in his sea of consciousness.

The corner of Jun Qingyu’s mouth was slightly pursed.

He softly pressed his hand against Fu Yuanchuan’s palm, trying to use his spiritual power to relieve the pain.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid in his palm, he originally thought that this little mermaid approached him due to curiosity.

And after approaching, he would perceive it and turn around to leave without hesitation.

But now the little mermaid was still nestled in his palm, well-behaved.

The scene of fleeing that he had expected, did not happen.

The little mermaid took the initiative to hug his hand and kissed his finger.

The temperature of a mermaid was obviously very low but the place where his hand was holding the mermaid, felt an indescribable warmth.

“That’s impossible!” Noel’s angry voice broke the tranquil atmosphere.

He could tell with a glance that this mermaid was the one who attacked him.

However, his eyes were full of disbelief when he saw the mermaid being well-behaved and dependent and said, “Is there something wrong with this mermaid’s brain He actually did not……he actually dared to approach you!”


The expression of others was also somewhat astonished and they did not dare to believe the real existence of this scene before their very eyes.

What’s more, this mermaid slapped Noel moments ago, showing how bad its personality is.

But now, it was so quiet and docile in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand!

This huge change made everyone flabbergasted.

Jun Qingyu sat up and glanced at Noel, he saw he was still standing there causing trouble when his face was already swollen.

If Fu Yuanchuan wasn’t present, he would have swum over no matter what to slap on the other cheek for the sake of symmetry.

Fu Yuanchuan straightened out the golden hair of the little mermaid that had disheveled from colliding with the pod of mermaids.


Fingertips brushed against his cheek.

Jun Qingyu was taken aback for a moment then retracted his gaze back to Fu Yuanchuan but saw the man looking at him with undivided attention. 

When Jun Qingyu realised it, he was a bit embarrassed and slowly lowered his head to lay on the man’s palm.

Suddenly, Jun Qingyu felt a light touch on his body, like he was being pushed.

He involuntarily backed away and used his tail to stabilise his body at once.

He staggered in the water, turning a circle.

When he came back to his senses, Fu Yuanchuan already got up and left.

He le-left!

Looking at the rear figure of the man gradually getting away, Jun Qingyu was at a loss for a moment.

He propped his hands on the shore, wanting to jump out and chase him.

Then, he saw Fu Yuanchuan taking a box for containing mermaids.

Jun Qingyu was then relieved.

He watched the man turn around and returned to the water at once and waited.

The manager followed behind Fu Yuanchuan.

If one takes the box, it signifies that one is definitely going to buy so the manager will naturally follow along.

More importantly, the manager was a little curious.

Few people in the base do not know the matter of Fu Yuanchuan being rejected by mermaids.

The mermaids were so afraid of him that when they met him during their meals, they would abandon their half-finished meal to flee.

He was empty-handed when he came here several times, there was no little mermaid willing to leave with him.

Why did he get the box this time then

The manager followed along and lowered his head to look at the only mermaid left on the shore and said, “Put the box in the water.

Only if the mermaid voluntarily enters the box, can you take the mermaid away.”

The manager added, “I have video equipment on me and if you have any coercive behaviour, your qualification of buying a mermaid will be revoked.”

Fu Yuanchuan opened the lid and placed the box in the water.

Even when the box was filled with water, it would not sink to the bottom but float on the surface of the water.

This is done in order to prevent mermaids from going in out of curiosity when it sinks to the bottom.

As the managers cannot determine whether the mermaid chose the buyer or was simply having fun. 

The manager looked at Fu Yuanchuan who did not even coax a word and placed the box down.

He reminded, “Mermaids are relatively cautious, you have to be more gentle and coax them a lot.

Perhaps, it might go with you.

If you wait like this, the mermaid will not enter……”

Jun Qingyu did not wait for the manager to finish speaking, propped up the edge of the box to try out jumping and relied on the buoyancy of the water to easily get into the box.

The manager: “……”

After Jun Qingyu entered, a lot of the water was drained out, leaving just enough to not go past his fishtail.

Fu Yuanchuan picked up the box and asked, “Like this”

“Uh……that’s right.” The manager said, “Let’s go to the back and I’ll explain some taboos for mermaids and the things that need to be attentive of in daily life.”

Fu Yuanchuan: “Alright.”

Jun Qingyu curled up in the box and was held by Fu Yuanchuan.

This box is actually a little small and he can only lay inside when he curled up his tail.

He didn’t know how far back the ‘back’ the manager had said was and how long it would take.

He could not see the end of the corridor at a glance.

Jun Qingyu struggled to turn over in the box, straightened his upper body to lie against the edge of the box so that he could barely stretch his tail.

He only bobbed up and down like this and the water in the box inevitably spilled out.

Jun Qingyu did not notice it at first until he found out that the front portion of Fu Yuanchuan’s clothes seemed to be wet.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Before he was bought, he made the other’s clothes wet.

It won’t leave Fu Yuanchuan an inherent impression that he is very lively and likes to stir up trouble, right

Just thinking about it, Jun Qingyu felt that the moving box had stopped.

He slowly looked up, Fu Yuanchuan was currently looking down at him.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Was there anything more embarrassing than catching someone red-handed in the act

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

He met Fu Yuanchuan’s gaze, slowly straightened his upper body and got close to that portion of his clothes that was wet.

He thought that it was just seawater, can’t I just help to blow it dry for you.

However, as soon as he leaned over, his forehead was braced by a finger.

Jun Qingyu blinked and looked at Fu Yuanchuan innocently.

“You can’t eat it.”

Jun Qingyu: “”

Who wants to eat it

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the manager and asked, “Do you have anything to eat For the mermaid to eat.”

“Yes.” The manager took out the small snack mermaids loved to eat and handed him a bag of dried fish.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Put it on my tab.”

“No need, these snacks are prepared for the mermaids.” The manager saw that Fu Yuanchuan’s hand was still pressed against the forehead of the little mermaid and the little mermaid did not even have the intention to avoid or attack him.

The manager could not help but to reach out his hand and said, “The colour of this mermaid……”

His voice abruptly stopped and his hand hung in midair.

The little mermaid submerged into the water to hide when he approached it.

The manager silently retracted his hand.

Although the personality of the little mermaid was fickle, under normal circumstances, it would not reject the proximity of others.

This mermaid had an awkward personality.

Fu Yuanchuan originally wanted to move the box but he saw the little mermaid hiding and not moving so he put the dried fish in the water, “Eat it.”

Jun Qingyu hugged the dried fish and took a bite.

He was actually not hungry yet.

It’s only that he has been eating kelp for the past few days since he had transmigrated and his mouth did not taste anything else.

Although the base fed them on time, Jun Qingyu had only seen the fish food once.

That strange smell almost made him faint from being exposed to it.

Ever since then, he went over when they were being fed.

He has eaten so much kelp that even the smell of dried fish now feels fragrant.

Jun Qingyu slowly used his teeth to grind and eat the dried fish.

When approached a corner of the room, Jun Qingyu was placed down on the coffee table.

The manager took out a few extra-thick guidebooks on mermaid rearing, sat on the opposite side and started to explain it one by one.

Jun Qingyu leaned on the box to eat dried fish.

From time to time, he shot a glance at Fu Yuanchuan and watched the man listening very seriously.

Then he looked at the manager, talking in good spirits, one book after another.

Jun Qingyu’s ears hurt from listening, even the method of making fish food was explained.

It was really too detailed.

He has never liked such a lengthy discussion so he simply lowered his head to focus on eating the fish food.

A small piece of dried fish is not that big.

When he ate the last bite, the manager was still speaking.

Jun Qingyu puckered his lips and wanted to surface but he met a dried fish falling from the top of his head.

Jun Qingyu held the dried fish and looked at Fu Yuanchuan.

The man’s eyes always fell on the pile of rearing guide books before him, his eyes didn’t even take a glance in his direction.

Yet, there was a tissue being used in his hand to wipe his wet fingertips.

Jun Qingyu chuckled silently when he saw it and a string of bubbles suddenly emerged in the water.

He whisked the bubbles away, hugged the dried fish and sank underwater again.


He didn’t know how long had passed, Jun Qingyu ate several dried fish again and hugged a new dried food in his hand but he didn’t eat it.

He almost fell asleep inside.

The manager put down the materials and said, “All right, that’s about it.

You can take the mermaid back after payment.

If you have any questions, you can consult us any time.

Our light brain is turned on for twenty-four hours.”

Jun Qingyu yawned and sat up.

At long last, it’s done.

Fu Yuanchuan paid an extra sum of money, “Pack and send a set of things that are in common usage for mermaids to this address.”

The manager nodded his head, “All right.”

After the manager left, Fu Yuanchuan picked up the box containing the little mermaid.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the pale golden mermaid and did not come to his senses.

All of this went too smoothly, too expected and too……unreal.

After a long while, Fu Yuanchuan softly said, “We……”

Jun Qingyu straightened up his body and patted the back of Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, interrupting his words in high spirits, “Eeeeeeee!”

——Let’s go home!


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