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“D-dont come in yet, okay”

Fu Yuanchuan was painstakingly suppressing his emotions but he didnt expect to be seen through by the little mermaid.

Fu Yuanchuans heart trembled as he looked at the coquettish little mermaid.

He touched the little mermaids head and whispered, “Im fine.”

Jun Qingyu also raised his hand against Fu Yuanchuans face and smiled until his eyes curved up.

Fu Yuanchuan couldnt help but be affected by the little mermaid as well and a glimmer of a smile appeared in the depths of his eyes.

“Youll take a shower first, then Ill go back and change the water after youve taken a shower.”


Jun Qingyu lay back down again.

Fu Yuanchuan dipped his hand holding the little mermaid into the water, he didnt put the little mermaid down but used his other hand to gently rub the little mermaids tail.

Fu Yuanchuan stretched his right palm out and positioned it in front of Jun Qingyu, “Come on, your hands.”

Jun Qingyu placed both of his hands on it, the difference in size looked very obvious.

Fu Yuanchuan could hold both of his hands with a hand.

Clear water flowed through as he simply kneaded them.

After soaking in the water with the bath ball, he only needed to wash off the essential oil attached to the surface, so he didnt have to use too much force.

Fu Yuanchuan put a towel on the table and placed the little mermaid on it.

Jun Qingyu sat on the edge of the table with his fishtail hanging down and swaying unconsciously; he watched as Fu Yuanchuan bustled back and forth to change the water for him.

Changing the water in the fish tank was not as simple as it seemed.

Some of the ornaments and such in the fish tank also needed to be taken out for cleaning and then placed into the dryer for disinfection after it had been cleaned.

It was quite troublesome doing this set of procedures.

Fu Yuanchuan went out to get some snacks, a toy knife, a small chopping board and so on.

He put Jun Qingyu near him and let him pass the time.

Then he continued to crouch by the edge of the table to wash the ornaments.

Jun Qingyu saw a lot of apples in that pile of snacks at a glance.

After thinking about it, he took an apple out of his space.

He didnt touch the apple in the pile of snacks and the apple from his space was cut into the right size with a toy knife.

He reached out and touched Fu Yuanchuans hair, “Eeeeeeee~”

“Hmm” Fu Yuanchuan stopped in his movements and looked up at the little mermaid, “Whats wrong”

Jun Qingyu inserted a toothpick into a small piece of the apple that was cut and sent it to Fu Yuanchuans mouth, “Ya~”

Eat a piece of the apple.

Fu Yuanchuan was taken aback, he opened his mouth to eat a piece of the apple and then rubbed the little mermaids head, “Thank you.”


Youre welcome.

Fu Yuanchuan washed the ornaments by hand, so it was inconvenient to take and eat them.

Jun Qingyu fed him to him piece by piece with a toothpick.

He just happened to finish an apple by the time he placed everything into the dryer.

Fu Yuanchuan filled the fish tank up with water and placed the little mermaid in.

The fish tank was placed beside his bed.

The lights were turned off and the room instantly darkened.

“Good night.”


After that incident, the imperial leader was quiet for a few days.

Fu Yuanchuan took the opportunity to release the news that he was seriously ill and simply took this opportunity to recuperate at home, he also didnt care about the matter over there.

As a result, the imperial leader sent someone to seek him to his door.

Fu Yuanchuan received the news early in the morning but he wasnt in a hurry to go down.

Rather, he stayed with the little mermaid in the bedroom for a while.

The little mermaid slept on his pillow.

His mental energy was very familiar with the spiritual energy of the little mermaid.

Fu Yuanchuans vigilance wasnt low but the little mermaids spiritual energy was not within the range of his vigilance.

He also didnt know when the little mermaid had come out of the fish tank.

It was just that the water on the body had almost dried up, so the period of time he had come out should not be too short.

Just when Fu Yuanchuan wanted to wipe some water on the little mermaids tail, the little mermaid opened his eyes.

“Youre awake”

“Wu……ya.” Jun Qingyu squinted his eyes, sleepiness caused the brain to react very slowly.

He looked at Fu Yuanchuan and reached his hand out and pressed it against his mouth, then leaned closer to Fu Yuanchuan.

He curled up and continued to sleep.

Fu Yuanchuans expression changed slightly.

Did this mean that he was not allowed to speak

Fu Yuanchuan didnt pull the little mermaids hand down either but spoke softly just like that, “Little fish, I need to go downstairs.”

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu heard his voice and whispered in response.

Seeing that he was too sleepy to open his eyes, Fu Yuanchuan did not propose to take him down with him but got up quietly and went downstairs to deal with those people.

Jun Qingyu could perceive Fu Yuanchuans departure while being half-awake.

He wanted to follow along but he was so inexplicably sleepy that could not open his eyes.

He opened his mouth but he was so sleepy that he couldnt even say anything.

After Fu Yuanchuan left, he didnt want to sleep alone in a big bed anymore.

He might as well enter his space to soak in the water, he wanted to use it to wake himself up.

He didnt know if it was because of the season, he would be more sleepy in particular if he soaked in spring water.

Jun Qingyu stretched, he planned to go into the spring for a while before he came out.

Anyways, Fu Yuanchuan went downstairs and was in dispute with those people on the imperial leaders side.

He wouldnt come back for a while and going out would be boring, so it would be better to soak in spring water.

As soon as he moved his fishtail, Jun Qingyu froze, he looked down into the water.

There seemed to be something wrong with the spring, the water surface seemed to have become lower

Generally speaking, the water surface of the spring water was maintained at the same height all year round with the flow of spring water.

As soon as there was a drop, its traces would be particularly obvious.

The spiritual energy contained in the spring water seemed somewhat strange too.

Jun Qingyu tried to release his spiritual energy to check it out.

He wasnt able to find out why the water surface had dropped.

However, Jun Qingyu accidentally discovered after releasing his spiritual energy that the spiritual energy from the spring water increased when it returned to his body.

His spiritual energy increased in an instant.

Jun Qingyu froze.

There was such a way to increase his spiritual energy

When he came to his space before, he soaked in the spring water and then fell asleep.

He wouldnt intentionally release his spiritual energy.

Even if he merely soaked, a little mermaid would show signs of growing up.

If that was the case……

Jun Qingyu thought for a while, he raised his hand over the water surface and began to release his spiritual energy without hesitation.

In an instant, the whole space was filled with spiritual energy that could not be dispersed.

The surface of the water also dropped quickly, visible to the naked eye.

Jun Qingyu knitted his brows.

This kind of feeling whereby spiritual energy was emptied out in an instant and then quickly filled up was not good at all.

But he had already released it all, it was too late to stop it.

After repeating this several times, the spring water had bottomed out.

There would be a steady stream of spring water coming out from the mouth of the spring, so he didnt have to worry if it dried up in a short duration of time.

Jun Qingyu leaned against the shore and he frowned.

The size of his body did not change, his fishtail didnt even turn into legs.

Why was there no reaction

Could it be that I was wrong

As he thought about it, vigorous spiritual energy suddenly spread out.

Jun Qingyu was too late to stop it and was sent directly out of his space.


He fell onto the soft bed and a thin blanket covered him, the cold and elegant scent wrapped around him firmly.

The bedsheets were stained by the water on his body that had not dried yet.

Jun Qingyu sat up quickly and looked down at his hand.

His slender fingers have webs around them but they were much larger than a little mermaids hand.

Jun Qingyu revolved his spiritual energy and those pale transparent webs slowly faded, then they disappeared.

In this case, it would be no different than a normal persons hand.

Seeing this change, the corner of Jun Qingyus mouth raised slightly.

His guess was right.

Under the circumstance of his spiritual energy being so full to the point of almost bursting, it could indeed achieve such growth.

Jun Qingyu thought about the growth rate of mermaids that the caretaker had talked about before.

They grew slowly because a little mermaid would not take in spiritual energy other than the spiritual energy in its body.

But it wasnt the same for him.

He could gain a tremendous amount of spiritual energy in a short duration of time.

Jun Qingyu clenched his fist.

It was good as long as the method was effective.

Soon, the matter between Fu Yuanchuan and the imperial leader would nearly be exposed on the surface.

This way, he could help him too.

Jun Qingyu closed his eyes and planned to return to his space.

He would wait for his spiritual energy to dissipate and for him to regain his appearance as a little mermaid before he came out.

As a result……

There was no reaction after a long time.

Jun Qingyu: “!”

His space closed

Jun Qingyu opened his eyes in astonishment.

He dared to try that method because he could rely on his space.

If he really succeeded, he could hide in his space and wait for his spiritual energy to recover before he came out.

But now, why couldnt he enter his space!

Was it because he had become a human, consuming all the spiritual energy in his space

At that moment, Jun Qingyu heard the sound of footsteps.

He looked at the time again.

It was time for lunch.

Fu Yuanchuan should have come back to look for him.

Jun Qingyu took hold of the quilt and jumped out of the bed without any hesitation.

As a result, his legs softened and he directly fell to the floor because he hadnt walked for such a long time.

After he stabilised himself, Jun Qingyu supported himself with the bedside cabinet to stand up; he wanted to jump out of the window and run away first before he thought about it later.

As a result, he stopped after taking two steps.

That wont do.

There was an alarm at the window, wasnt jumping out of the window walking right into a trap

The sound of footsteps was still getting closer — there wasnt enough time to think about it.

Jun Qingyu wrapped a thin quilt around him and stumbled all the way to the bathroom with it.

As long as his spiritual energy dissipated before Fu Yuanchuan found him, he would be able to restore his appearance as a little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu entered the bathroom, turned his hand over to close the bathroom door and locked the door.

At the same time, there was a stern shout.

“Whos there!”

Jun Qingyus heart trembled.

He drew up the quilt without making a sound.

Previously, he was hesitant on how he could tell Fu Yuanchuan that he could speak.

Now, it was great.

He had even jumped straight into adulthood before he could tell him about a little mermaid being able to manifest its legs.

He had a face that was no different from when he was a little mermaid.

If he was found out, Fu Yuanchuan wouldnt treat him like a monster, would he

The corner of Jun Qingyus mouth was slightly pursed, he crouched against the bathroom door and quickly released his spiritual energy.

Hurry up, a little faster.

However, Fu Yuanchuan obviously would not give him this opportunity.

The door of the room was knocked and Fu Yuanchuans cold voice came from outside, “Come out.”

Jun Qingyu ignored it and pretended that he didnt hear it.

Im not going out.

If you have the ability, smash the door.

But Jun Qingyu did not wait for Fu Yuanchuan to smash the door.

On the contrary, he heard the sound of footsteps gradually getting further away.

Jun Qingyu was taken aback.

He left

Then he heard the sound of keys shaking.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Th-thats just absurd!

You live on your own but you still keep the key to your bathroom!

He unlocked the door with a key and the key was still inserted inside, Jun Qingyu couldnt lock it again even if he wanted to.

Seeing that the door handle was being pressed down, Jun Qingyu quickly resisted.

However, Jun Qingyu was still releasing his spiritual energy as he took action, so his strength would only get smaller and smaller.

Even if he tried harder, the door handle was still tilted slightly downwards.

He grabbed a mop in the passing and braced it underneath the door handle and the descent stopped.

Jun Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief but before he could completely relax, that iron rod gave off a snapping sound.

It broke.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Jun Qingyu quickly reached his hand out again but it was too late.

The bathroom door slowly opened outwards.

Jun Qingyu stubbornly pulled the handle but he was even dragged out with it.

Seeing the opening of the door getting larger and larger, Jun Qingyu cried out in panic, “Fu Yuanchuan!”

Outside the door, Fu Yuanchuans figure froze.

He put away his gun and looked down at the bathroom door.

A moment later.

The other persons voice that was pitiful and slightly trembled came from the bathroom.

“D-dont come in yet, okay”

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