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Hello everyone! Im back once more.

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Looking at the person covered by the thin quilt on his lap, there was a slight change in Fu Yuanchuans expression.


“Um……” Before Jun Qingyu could react to what had happened, darkness was before his eyes as he was hastily covered by a thin quilt.


Fortunately, he didnt fall but he also felt that he wasnt standing on the floor.

He seemed to be sitting somewhere.


After Jun Qingyu sat down, he found a gap from inside the quilt and tried to reach his hand out to widen this gap, pulling down the thin quilt covering his eyes.


Only a pair of eyes were exposed.

He was about to pull the thin quilt down a bit more but then, he raised his head and met Fu Yuanchuans eyes.


Jun Qingyu blinked, then he looked at the distance between him and Fu Yuanchuan.


All of a sudden, he realised that his position wasnt right, he seemed to be sitting on……Fu Yuanchuans lap


Also, Fu Yuanchuan was currently supporting his waist and silently watching his small movements the whole time.


Jun Qingyu silently lowered his eyes, evading Fu Yuanchuans gaze.

He whispered, “Its an acc-accident.”


At the same time, the thin quilt that he had pulled down a little was pulled up again, wrapping himself up once more.


However, the quilt that had traces of being folded was not straightened when it was pulled up, so Jun Qingyu simply pressed his fingers against it.


Looking at this familiar act of burying ones head in the sand, Fu Yuanchuan seemed to have caught sight of his little mermaid.


Inside the quilt, Jun Qingyu closed his eyes and wanted to cry but was unable to.


What was going on this time


Jun Qingyu couldnt figure it out.


Why was it more abrupt this time than the previous when he transformed into a human


At least he took the initiative to exchange spiritual energy with the spring in his space the previous time.


But this time……


He merely turned around and got startled when he saw Fu Yuanchuan, who had awakened and his spiritual energy unconsciously erupted.

In his haste, he seemed to have caused a resonance with the spiritual energy in his space.


A superimposed burst of spiritual energy could also do the job of restoring him to human form.


He thought it was quite difficult to restore his human form before but now it appeared that he probably didnt find the right method.


Jun Qingyu was a little uncomfortable being wrapped in the quilt.

He pondered before he said, “That……Hmm”


Before he finished his words, Jun Qingyu felt his body shake.


Fu Yuanchuan lifted him up horizontally, walked to the bed and put him down on it.


Jun Qingyu pulled the thin quilt down a bit and saw Fu Yuanchuan searching for clothes for him.


All the clothes made to order beforehand had not arrived yet and he evidently couldnt wear those clothes for a little mermaid now.


The ones he wore moments ago were already ripped due to the change in his body shape and the ripped fabric was thrown into the rubbish bin.


The clothes in the closet were cleaned regularly and there wasnt a size Jun Qingyu could wear.


Fu Yuanchuan found a set of clothes of a slightly smaller size and asked as he handed it to him, “Do you know how to wear it on your own”


That set worn by the little mermaid when he differentiated into his legs was relatively simple and the little mermaid could just put it on directly.


Clothes in large sizes would be trickier in comparison and they even had buttons.


“I know how to.” Jun Qingyu reached out and took that set of clothes.


Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan got up and walked out of the bedroom.

He said, “Get dressed first.

Ill go out to take care of something.

Ill be back soon.”


“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu waved at him.


Close the door.


Fu Yuanchuan leaned his back against the door.

His heartbeat was extremely fast.

He closed his eyes and he could even hear the sound of thumping.


The housekeeper stood at the end of the corridor and approached in doubt, yet he saw Marshal Fu seemed to be blushing


After being stunned for a while, the housekeeper said hesitantly, “Marshal, you are……”


Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand to stop the housekeepers words, “Im fine.

You can go.”




After the housekeeper left, Fu Yuanchuan stayed at the door for a while.


However, his state of restlessness was not the least bit relieved.

Moreover, all he saw when he closed his eyes was the panic in that pair of eyes after the little mermaid had transformed into a human.


After a short period of time, Fu Yuanchuan opened his eyes, turned around and walked away.


In the room.


Jun Qingyu put on the top.


Fu Yuanchuans size was relatively big on him.


It could be seen that it was a slightly smaller shirt but the cloth hung down awfully a lot when he wore it.


The pants couldnt be worn directly.

Jun Qingyu tried for a while but gave up straight away, it was also uncomfortable when it hung from his waist.


It was fine if he simply wore a shirt.

Jun Qingyu glanced downwards, he was covered very safely.


Jun Qingyu sat on the edge of the bed and bedside cabinet.

It was even more difficult for him to walk in this form compared to when he was the size of a little mermaid.


But this feeling of regaining his human form was quite good.


As he stood up, there was something on his head that shook.


Jun Qingyu subconsciously raised his hand to take that thing off.

He discovered that the small circular ring of the chain behind the eyebrow pendant had an opening, the headpiece hung on his hair and was on the verge of falling.1


Fortunately, it wasnt so flimsy that it had an opening on its own.

If it was too flimsy, it might have been broken directly when he became big.


When the time came in which it broke into pieces, it would be so fragmented that he wouldnt be able to even put the pieces together.


Jun Qingyu tried to wear the chain on his wrist.

If this slender chain was casually left lying around, he might not be able to find it the next time.


He wouldnt lose it if he wore it on his hand.


However, it was somewhat difficult to wear this sort of thing single-handedly.

Jun Qingyu tried for a long time but still wasnt able to hook it.


Just then he heard the door open.

He looked up and as expected, he saw Fu Yuanchuan coming in.


Jun Qingyu smiled and said, “Youre back.”


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan walked over and looked at what was in his hand.

He asked, “What are you doing”


Jun Qingyu shook the chain in his hand and said, “The eyebrow pendant fell and I was afraid of losing it so I wanted to wear it on my wrist.”2


“Come here.” Fu Yuanchuan took the chain and said, “Hold out your hand.”


Jun Qingyu rolled up his cuffs and held out his left hand.


When wearing a chain, it would inevitably touch ones wrist.

The body temperature of a little mermaid had always been cold and the sensation of the slightest touch was extremely obvious.


Fu Yuanchuans fingertips paused.

He looked up to see the little mermaid looking down intently.


Jun Qingyu noticed his gaze and asked, “Whats wrong”


“Its nothing.” Fu Yuanchuan quickly put the chain on.


The skin of the little mermaid was very pale and it was the same when he transformed into a human.

The colour of the eyebrow pendant chain also matched his skin tone.


Jun Qingyus wrist was very slender and he could grasp it with a hand.

His fingers were slender and pale, so it was easy on the eyes.


Jun Qingyu shook his wrist.

To use the eyebrow pendant chain as a bracelet, it wasnt too loose nor was it too tight; it even looked good on him.


“Little fish, itll be lunchtime in a while……”


Fu Yuanchuans voice suddenly stopped when he looked down and saw his shirt partially covering his legs.


“Hmm” Jun Qingyu was waiting for his following words but he remained silent in the end.


Fu Yuanchuan gave a light cough.

He took the thin quilt that had been rolled into a lump on the bed, spread it out and placed it on Jun Qingyus lap.

He asked, “Why didnt you wear the pants”


“Its too big.” Jun Qingyu took off the thin quilt and stood up, pulling the hem of the shirt down, “Look! This is fine too.”


There was no problem with wide clothes being worn as pyjamas.


Fu Yuanchuans breath was stagnant.

He concealed it calmly and picked up his light brain on the bedside cabinet.

He said, “My clothes are too big for you.

Ill buy you some clothes.”


Jun Qingyu could not stand for too long.

He stood up for a while and then sat back down again, “Buy me some clothes Didnt you buy me some custom-made clothes”


The duration he turned into a human was short, so there was no need to buy too much.


“Thats too slow.” He initially thought that Jun Qingyu wouldnt transform into a human again in such a short time after the previous time, so he chose the same shop where he customised his clothes.


Everything custom-made by hand would not be done fast enough.


First, hed buy some other clothes of the same size.


Fu Yuanchuan sat by the bed while he said, “Just look at the design you like.”


Jun Qingyu casually swept a glance.

In any case, the clothes were bought in response to an emergency and he also wasnt so demanding about how good they looked.

Jun Qingyu randomly pointed at a set, “Then, this one.”




After tapping on it, there would be a request to upload ones size on the clothing details page.


Jun Qingyu took a look and asked, “Do you need to take my measurements”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “No need.

I know them.”


Once he placed the order, they only had to wait for it to be sent to the door.

A robot would deliver the goods and it wouldnt take long for it to be sent over.


Fu Yuanchuan put down his light brain and said, “If you want to restore the appearance of a little mermaid now, you can only disperse your spiritual energy”


Jun Qingyu nodded, “Mhm.”


There might be other methods but he simply didnt know how to do it.


This answer wasnt out of Fu Yuanchuans expectations.


Although it was dangerous for the little mermaid to be seen by others like this, Fu Yuanchuan did not want him to disperse his spiritual energy and change back.


The last time he slowly dispersed his spiritual energy for a long time until there was no energy left.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “The servants in the house have taken a long vacation and the alarm of the whole villa is on, its very safe.”


Jun Qingyu was stunned.

He planned to stay in the room and not go anywhere but he didnt expect Fu Yuanchuan to take care of everything in the whole villa for him.


He thought about how long Fu Yuanchuan went out for a short while ago and said, “You went out a while ago to do this”


Fu Yuanchuan said hesitantly, “……More or less.”


Jun Qingyu vaguely felt that there was something hidden in Fu Yuanchuans words.

He supported himself with the mattress with a hand and moved sideways, getting closer to him.

His eyes were full of a mischievous overtone, “Really”


It was a little too close.


Fu Yuanchuans gaze traced over the little mermaids countenance.


When he had the appearance of a little mermaid, he was very good-looking.

There wasnt too much of a change in his facial appearance after he grew up but he became more exquisite instead.


Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand and lifted the long hair by the side of the little mermaids cheek, “When your clothes arrive in a while, lets go downstairs to eat.”


It was too boring being shut in the room all the time.

Anyways, it was safe downstairs and walking more was good.


“Okay.” Jun Qingyu had no objection to where they were going to eat.


The express delivery in the Interstellar Age was purely mechanical transportation and high-end express companies also have professional air freight chains to deliver the goods to the location and then deliver them to the door via robots.


The order arrived in less than half an hour.


Fu Yuanchuan went downstairs to get the package and only took the clothes up after disinfecting them.


All the clothes that had been sterilised by the disinfector had the warm smell of sunshine.


Fu Yuanchuan handed the clothes to Jun Qingyu, “Try it to see if it fits.”




Jun Qingyu took off his shirt, folded it and placed it aside.

The newly bought clothes fit very well.


Fu Yuanchuan also prepared close-fitting clothes for him.


After he changed his clothes, Jun Qingyu sat on the side of the bed and saw Fu Yuanchuan putting things in order at his desk, then he said, “Im done changing.”


After hearing his voice, Fu Yuanchuan closed his virtual computer and came over.


Fu Yuanchuan helped him fasten the two buttons on his collar, “Is there any discomfort”


Jun Qingyu said, “No, its quite good.” The fabric was very soft.


“Ok, lets go downstairs to eat.” He was just about to bring him downstairs when he suddenly realised he had forgotten to prepare his shoes.


There was carpeting in the room but not downstairs.


He might catch a cold if he stepped on the floor barefooted.

Even though the little mermaid might not care about this, he could not ignore it.


Jun Qingyu sat on the edge of the bed.

He saw that he did not move, so he raised his head and asked, “Whats wrong”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Ill find you a pair of slippers.”


There should be spare slippers downstairs.


However, Fu Yuanchuans house didnt have many guests all year round and even if someone came, they wouldnt notably change their shoes, so he would never prepare any disposable slippers.


As for new slippers……


Fu Yuanchuan looked around and finally found a pair of cotton slippers that also had rabbit ears.


He didnt know when he bought it, probably because it was fuzzy, so it was stuffed there and left unused.


It was just right to wear it at this temperature.


Jun Qingyu watched as Fu Yuanchuan come back with slippers and he couldnt help but smile and say, “I feel like youve been continuously running around today.”


He was busier than usual.


He couldnt rest at all.


But Fu Yuanchuan likes this kind of busyness very much and it felt great to buy things for the little mermaid.


Fu Yuanchuan put the slippers in front of the little mermaid and said, “I only have this pair.

If they dont fit, Ill buy a pair online in a moment.”


“Its quite good.” Jun Qingyu tried them on.

The size was fitting.

It was only that the slippers looked very soft and cute and were not in line with Fu Yuanchuans personality.


At last, the little mermaid was all set.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Lets go downstairs to eat.”


Jun Qingyu stretched his arms out and looked at Fu Yuanchuan, “Carry me.”


After saying that, Jun Qingyu froze.

It was extremely easy for him to request for a carry when he was a little mermaid.


“That……” Jun Qingyu was about to withdraw his hands.


Fu Yuanchuan had already leaned over, a hand supported his waist and the other went under his knee.

He easily lifted the little mermaid horizontally.


His hold was very steady.


Fu Yuanchuans expression was unaltered as usual and he didnt even think that there was any problem with the little mermaid requesting a carry when he was so big.


He lowered his head and asked, “Lets go to the kitchen first”


Jun Qingyu smiled and his eyes bent like crescents.

He stretched out his hand to wrap around Fu Yuanchuans neck, moved over and nudged against him, “Eeeeeeee!”



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FootnotesAlso, from my understanding, it was stated that the small circular ring of the eyebrow pendant chain had an opening and the author didnt make it clear whether the eyebrow pendant was still attached to the chain but I assumed so as he just wore it on his wrist and there wasnt a separate piece mentioned.I dont get why the author made JQY say the eyebrow pendant fell to FYC when it hung on his head.

Presumably, JQY took it off.

I think that while JQY was thinking about the durability of the chain, it must have dropped and the author just omitted that part() and be like JQY is going to wear it on his wrist.


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