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Fu Yuanchuan said, “Not enough spiritual energy”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

After he grew up, quite a lot of spiritual energy was consumed when he transformed into his fishtail.

He never expected the effect to be so fast.

Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaids head and consoled him, “Just wait until you can control your spiritual energy.”

“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu also felt that the sudden increase and decrease in his spiritual energy was quite troublesome.

But now that he had found a way, the transformation next time should be simpler.

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand and took the little mermaid off his shoulder and held him in his hand, “Lets play for a little longer before we go back.”

“Eeeeeeee!” Jun Qingyu slid down from Fu Yuanchuans hand.

He grabbed and hugged Fu Yuanchuans finger as he shook his fishtail.

Fu Yuanchuan watched as the little mermaid strived to move him, he followed along with Jun Qingyus strength.

Jun Qingyu just wanted to try it out, he wanted to see if he could drag him with the strength of a little mermaid.

Nonetheless, seeing Fu Yuanchuan taking the initiative to follow along, Jun Qingyu suddenly smiled.

He submerged himself into the water.

He lay on Fu Yuanchuans palm and spat bubbles at him, “Gurgle~”

Fu Yuanchuan punctured the floating bubble and swam deeper into the water, holding the little mermaid in his hand.

In the next few days, Jun Qingyu had been accumulating spiritual energy.

Apart from releasing spiritual energy to Fu Yuanchuan every day to conserve his body, he avoided releasing spiritual energy unnecessarily.

When he accumulated enough spiritual energy, he could restore his human form again.

The servants in the villa had not been re-instated since the last time they were given a vacation.

The primary reason was that Fu Yuanchuan was worried about the several transformations the little mermaid had.

It wasnt scary if he had his transformations, the frightful thing was that he didnt know when he would suddenly transform.

For the sake of his safety, simply no servants were needed at the villa.

Fu Yuanchuan bought a few robots instead.

The robot cooked strictly according to the quantity in the recipe.

Fu Yuanchuan was afraid the little mermaid would not be used to eating it, so he had been cooking his meals.

In the kitchen, Fu Yuanchuan was grilling meat.

He heard the sound of the robots roller moving and he said without looking up, “Youre awake”

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu sat inside his little hideout in the robots head, there was a soft cushion placed inside and some snacks at hand.

The robot took Jun Qingyu to Fu Yuanchuans side and stopped.

Fu Yuanchuan cut out a small piece and fed it to the little mermaid, “Try it.”

“Delicious.” Whenever Jun Qingyu ate something delicious, his eyes would light up.

He also didnt know if he was used to eating it or what was going on but he felt that Fu Yuanchuans craftsmanship was getting better and better.

The grilled meat was freshly grilled and tasted good.

Fu Yuanchuan sprinkled the grilled meat with condiments, wrapped it up in lettuce leaves and fed it to the little mermaid.

The simple seasoning was also delicious.

Moreover, the grilled meat Fu Yuanchuan wrapped in it was quite small, the kind that Jun Qingyu could also eat in one bite.

While he was eating, the doorbell outside rang.

Jun Qingyu chewed on the grilled meat and took a glimpse in the direction of the door.

He was aware that no one had set foot here for such a long time, the robots that delivered the ingredients would silently put things at the door without ringing the doorbell.

The last time someone came to ring the doorbell, it was a delivery personnel.

Fu Yuanchuan rolled up a slice of grilled meat and used oiled paper to wrap it from underneath.

He handed it to the little mermaid and said, “Ill go and take a look.”

“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu stayed in the kitchen and waited for him to come back.

The meat on the grill was still being roasted.

The kitchen was filled with the smell of grilled meat.

Fu Yuanchuan came back shortly.

Jun Qingyu was about to speak but he quickly shut his mouth when he saw someone trailing behind Fu Yuanchuan.

Shi Kaixin walked in and smile as he teased him, “Little mermaid, long time no see.

Did you miss me”

Jun Qingyu turned around without speaking and left him with a shadow of silence.

“Youre so cold.” Shi Kaixin leaned over, wanting to poke him.

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand to block the little mermaid and said, “Dont tease him all the time.”

“Haha, I wont bother him anymore.” Shi Kaixin quite liked the soft and cute little mermaid.

Yet, the little mermaid was only lovely to the marshal.

Fu Yuanchuan put the grilled meat on a plate.

He rolled the lettuce while asking him, “You need me for something”

“The invitation letter to the coming-of-age ceremony of Marshal Tordis son was sent to me.

I didnt notice when it was sent to me.

I only saw it while I was cleaning up the trash today.” Shi Kaixin shrugged, he was very helpless.

Marshal Tordis held two corps in his possession, he didnt surrender and pay his allegiance to the imperial leader.

On the contrary, he had a good relationship with Fu Yuanchuan.

Shi Kaixin said, “The banquet time is tonight.

Marshal, should we go”

Previously the marshal had always rejected all the banquets related to the level of imperial nobility, citing his poor health as the reason.

But now, the marshal had a little mermaid.

It was obvious to all that his body was gradually taking a turn for the better and the excuse of his poor health could no longer be used.

On top of that, the two marshals had a good relationship and with such an important matter, not giving the other face wasnt too good.

“Were going.” Fu Yuanchuan said flatly, “Go back and prepare.”

“Alright.” Upon receiving Fu Yuanchuans confirmation, Shi Kaixin went back to prepare to go with him too.

Fu Yuanchuan didnt have an aide-de-camp, for that reason, some miscellaneous tasks were handed over to Shi Kaixin to handle.

After Shi Kaixin left, Fu Yuanchuan looked at the pensive little mermaid and lightly touched his head.

He asked, “Are you full”

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu wrapped a piece of grilled meat with lettuce by himself when Fu Yuanchuan was talking just a short while ago, “You should also eat something first.

The banquet is at night, so dont worry.”


After having breakfast, Fu Yuanchuan continued to deal with official business.

He was going to attend a banquet in the evening and many things had to be approved in advance.

Jun Qingyu sat next to Fu Yuanchuan.

Although he couldnt know how busy Fu Yuanchuan was, he could keep Fu Yuanchuan company.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid was quiet, so he took a dried fish and gave it to him.

While Jun Qingyus eyes were still looking at the computer, his hand already held the dried fish and he ate slowly.

His light brain close to him vibrated twice, Jun Qingyu took it over and opened it to take a look.

Once an individual had an ID, they could buy a light brain and Fu Yuanchuan had given one to the little mermaid.

Apart from Fu Yuanchuans contact information in Jun Qingyus light brain, there was no one else.

When the message suddenly came, he wondered who it could be.

Fu Yuanchuan was busy and Jun Qingyu didnt bother him either.

After opening it to take a look, it was a message from his online store.

Fu Yuanchuan had put some vegetables and fruits available for sale on his online store.

The detailed pictures taken were not the vegetables and fruits in his space but those distributed in the interstellar.

Anonymous customer: [Hello, are these fruits and vegetables still in stock]

Jun Qingyu replied: [Hello, theyve been sold out.]

At first, he didnt plan to sell them on an online store and those items up for sale was also to make this online store appear to be more official.

The pictures of the products had the two wordssold out written on them too.

The most important thing was that the prices of vegetables and fruits were quite high.

Furthermore, on the product details page, it was written that it contained a lot of spiritual energy and it could alleviate the illness from mental energy by eating it.

The vegetables and fruits were purely natural and pollution-free.

Even though all these could be done by the vegetables and fruits in his space, it seemed to be a scam to the great majority of the interstellar people.

The matter of even being able to take out vegetables and fruits to sell was quite unrealistic.

Jun Qingyu was still quite curious about his first strange customer since his store was opened, it was such an obvious commodity fraud but someone really came to ask.

Anonymous customer: [When will the next restock be Can I make a reservation]

Jun Qingyu replied: [Reservations are not accepted.]

With that said, he intended to turn his light brain off.

However, the customer sent several messages in a row.

[Please store owner.

If you can sell the vegetables and fruits, you should also have a channel of distribution.

I really need some vegetables and fruits to weather the storm.

The price is up to you.]

[My sister is truly in so much pain that she cant stand it anymore, please help me.]



After sending several messages, Jun Qingyu could indistinctly feel the desperation of the other party.

Also, he dared to tap a store that seemed to be such an obvious fraud and even he wanted to buy them at a high price.

They must be anxious or in a tight spot.

However, the difference between interstellar fruits and vegetables and the ones in his space was too much.

Even if they were wilted, they would still be fresher compared to interstellar fruits and vegetables.

He was afraid it would be exposed if he sold them directly.

Jun Qingyu thought for a while and replied: [Fruits and vegetables are temporarily out of stock but there is freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, which have the same effect as the fruits and vegetables.

I can put them on sale for you if you need them.]

When squeezing the juice, hed add interstellar fruits and vegetables just in case.

Anonymous customer: [Yes! As long as it can soothe mental energy, anything is fine.]

Jun Qingyu didnt know how to set the price, he turned around to ask Fu Yuanchuan, “Someone wants to buy fruit and vegetable juice, how should I price it appropriately”

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand and entered a price, “Like this.”


After it was put on sale, the other party bought ten bottles right away before Jun Qingyu had notified the customer it could be sold.

The maximum quantity Jun Qingyu put on the sale was ten bottles.

After buying it, a message was sent.

Anonymous customer: [The address is in the order details.

Please ship the goods as soon as possible, thank you.]

After sending that, their portrait greyed out, they should have gone offline.

They came in a hurry and left in a hurry.

Jun Qingyu shook his tail, he sold something on his own and inexplicably had a sense of accomplishment.

He smiled and said, “I sold ten bottles of fruit and vegetable juice.”

“Mhm, thats really great.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “I will help you arrange the delivery.”


Although it was sold in this fashion, Jun Qingyu somewhat still could not understand it.

He said doubtfully, “He placed an order in such a manner, isnt he afraid that Im a fraudster”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “How can you be a fraudster It goes without saying that your fruits and vegetables have these effects.”

Jun Qingyu was happy, stating that interstellar fruits and vegetables have these effects in the Interstellar Age was tantamount to selling immortality elixirs that remoulded oneself thoroughly in modern society.

Jun Qingyu said, “When you squeeze the juice, give him more fruits from my space.”

Fu Yuanchuan naturally agreed with the suggestion made by the little mermaid and said, “Okay.”

While they were chatting, Fu Yuanchuan had already turned his computer off.

He held the little mermaid in his palm, got up and said, “I will attend the banquet later.

Remember to pay attention to your safety at home.

If you encounter any danger, stay in the bedroom and dont come out.”

Jun Qingyu froze as he nibbled on his dried fish, “Arent you taking me with you”

How could you not bring me to such an important event as going out to attend a banquet!

Fu Yuanchuan said, “At present, its dangerous out there for you.”

“Its not dangerous.” Jun Qingyu held his finger and nuzzled it, “Take me with you.”

Fu Yuanchuan didnt want to risk taking the little mermaid out.

Fu Yuanchuan coaxed as he looked at the spoiled little mermaid, “Wait for me to come back from work, Ill take you out to play, okay”

Jun Qingyu argued, “But its boring to stay at home by myself and I can hide in my space when I am in danger, its fine.”

Fu Yuanchuan didnt respond.

It was very safe to hide in his space but there were a lot of monitoring views and then the little mermaid abruptly disappeared.

It wasnt a matter of safety when things went wrong.

Fu Yuanchuan avoided the little mermaids gaze and shook his head firmly.

Jun Qingyus fishtail trembled as he wrapped it around Fu Yuanchuans wrist.

He said, “You didnt take me last time and I followed by hiding in your coat pocket.

If you dont take me this time, wont you be afraid that I will use the same old method”

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the exasperated little mermaid and said, “Im afraid, so I learnt my lesson from last time.”

Jun Qingyu was taken aback, “Huh What”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “I dont need to wear a coat this time.”

Jun Qingyu: “”

Something is wrong with you.

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