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“You……” Jun Qingyu didnt know what to say for a while.

Fu Yuanchuan curled up the tip of the little mermaids tail with his finger and rubbed against it.

He coaxed, “I will bring you some delicious food when I come back.”

Jun Qingyu sat up and said, “I want to go to the banquet to eat delicious food.”

“Be good.”

Jun Qingyu reasoned with Fu Yuanchuan, “If you go to the banquet by yourself, what will you do if someone sets you up I can soothe your mental energy, I can protect you.”

The banquet was very chaotic and it was easy to cause trouble, he didnt feel comfortable letting Fu Yuanchuan go alone.

Fu Yuanchuan knew what the little mermaid thought, “Little fish, I know you are worried about me but Im worried about you too.”

In comparison, hed preferred his little fish to stay safely at home.

Jun Qingyu sighed when he heard those words, he said helplessly, “All right then.

Ill wait for you at home.”

Initially, Fu Yuanchuan wanted to coax him again.

At the moment, the little mermaid apparently compromised a bit too fast.

He dared not respond for a while but he nodded his head when he looked at the innocent and harmless eyes of the little mermaid.

He said, “Ok.”

While he changed his clothes, Jun Qingyu dutifully stayed in bed and played with his light brain.

By the time Fu Yuanchuan was done, it was getting late.

Jun Qingyu shook his fishtail as he sat on the robots head and sent Fu Yuanchuan all the way to the door.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Im leaving.”

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu waved his hand, “Stay safe.”


The door closed and Jun Qingyu put his hand down, he could still see the suspension car outside through the doorbell display screen.

It wasnt until the car drove away that he returned to his room.

A little mermaid couldnt go but he could go.

The clothes Fu Yuanchuan had custom-made for him had arrived.

Jun Qingyu restored his human form, he chose a shirt and a pair of trousers for everyday wear.

When he chose his clothes, he decided on everyday wear since he didnt even have formal wear.

After changing into his clothes, Jun Qingyu stood in front of the mirror and tucked his long hair behind his ears.

He pondered for a moment, then turned around and took a mask from the drawer.

A silver-white openwork mask that covered only the upper half of ones face and exposed a pair of eyes.

It was originally bought as a toy but it could be used now.

Although there were a few people who had met him before, safety was the top priority above all.

After he was done getting ready, Jun Qingyu walked out of the villa with his bracelet.

He stopped at the door for a short while, the villas protection system had two types of situations: someone was in the house and no one was in the house.

He had to modify the protection system.

It was just that this program looked simple but in fact, it required several password entries, fingerprint verification and iris recognition.

Jun Qingyu took it seriously.

“Youre going out”

A familiar voice came from his ear and he subconsciously said, “Mhm…Hmm!”

Jun Qingyu suddenly looked up, only to see Fu Yuanchuan standing behind him, looking down at him as he modified the verification procedure program.


Jun Qingyu subconsciously glanced at the side of the road.

Just now he watched Fu Yuanchuan get on the suspension car and leave.

How did he come back in the blink of an eye

He quietly closed the program, stood with his back towards the door and blocked the door lock.

He asked nonchalantly, “Did you forget to take something”

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head and said, “I specially came back to catch a fish.”

He knew that the little mermaid wouldnt dutifully stay at home.

When he was a little mermaid, he could even get into his pocket and after he could become a human, it was impossible to tell him not to go out.

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips and looked at Fu Yuanchuan, who was solemn before him — he appeared to be very angry.

In conformance with the principle of making the first move was advantageous, Jun Qingyu directly pounced over and hugged Fu Yuanchuan.

He buried his head in the crook of his neck and nuzzled him.

He said in a muffled voice, “Dont be angry, Yuanchuan……”

Even though Fu Yuanchuan had a straight face, he didnt have the intention to berate the little mermaid.

Then he was struck with an embrace from the little mermaid and he almost couldnt maintain the solemness on his face.

He raised his hand to support Jun Qingyus waist to prevent him from falling.

Fu Yuanchuan counted on the little mermaid not being able to see his expression at the moment and said coldly, “Its useless to act spoiled.”

Jun Qingyu raised his hand and patted him on the chest, helping him quell his anger; and he said compliantly, “Its useful, dont be angry.”

He did this small gesture while he raised his eyes to secretly glance at Fu Yuanchuan; as a result, he made eye contact with Fu Yuanchuan for an instant before he quickly lowered his head and continued to quell Fu Yuanchuans anger.

“All right.”

Jun Qingyus eyes lit up.

He raised his head and asked, “Youre not angry anymore”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Im not angry.

Change the settings.

Lets go.”

“Go” Jun Qingyu paused with his hand on the door lock.

“Didnt you want to go to the banquet”

Jun Qingyu immediately smiled, swayed as he hugged Fu Yuanchuan, “Youre the best!”

“Lock the door.”


On the suspension car, Shi Kaixin looked at Jun Qingyu with a sluggish expression.

“Boss! Who is he” If this person hadnt been brought up by the marshal, Shi Kaixin would have handcuffed him.

Didnt you say something was the matter and you had to go home Why did you bring someone out!

And the person was also a stranger!

There were only a few people around the marshal and the servants at home could be called by their names.

Where did this person wearing a mask come from

Jun Qingyu remained silent.

He forgot there was still someone on the suspension car and also forgot what others would say about the relationship between the two of them.

However……he also wasnt too clear on what their relationship was.

Probably a relationship between a human and a little mermaid

How could this be said

Fu Yuanchuan said, “A family member.”

Shi Kaixin said, “Huh”

“But Boss, all of your family members……” I know all of them.

Before he could finish his words, he was looked at by Fu Yuanchuan.

The latter half of Shi Kaixins sentence suddenly got stuck in his throat, he turned around and silently swallowed his words before he said, “Alright, alright, a family member.”

“Ahem.” Shi Kaixin cleared his throat and said, “Hello, Im Shi Kaixin.”

Jun Qingyu subconsciously wanted to say his name, “Jun……Fu Qingyu” However, he turned around as soon as the words had been spoken.

After he changed his surname, he raised his head and glanced at Fu Yuanchuan, appearing to be asking if this name was fine.

For family members, they should have the same last name.

Fu Yuanchuan was inexplicably happy looking at such a little mermaid and a hint of a smile couldnt help but appear in the depths of his eyes too.

Jun Qingyu blinked, they looked at each other in silence.

A smile spread between the two of them.

He couldnt refrain from smiling until his eyes bent into crescents.

Shi Kaixin: “”

He looked to the left and then looked to the right.

Shi Kaixin was at a loss.

Why did the two of you smile as we were talking

Shi Kaixin scratched his head, he strangely felt that his existence seemed to be indistinctly a little redundant.

Furthermore……were these two people getting closer and closer

Shi Kaixin squinted his eyes.

This didnt seem to be his misperception, the two of them were indeed getting closer and closer.

That relative put his hand on the marshals leg and the marshal didnt make a move to hit him.

Suddenly, Fu Yuanchuan moved his hand.

Shi Kaixin was afraid he would beat his relative up at any rate.

This relatives small body in front of him didnt look very resistant to a beating.

He was just about to speak when he saw Fu Yuanchuan reaching his hand out to take a bolster and he positioned it behind his relatives back.

Shi Kaixin: “”

Something was wrong.

Boss, something is wrong with you!

Fu Yuanchuan positioned the bolster properly and admonished him, “Dont wander around when we arrive, stay with me at all times.


Jun Qingyu agreed crisply, “Yes.”

However, the more this happened, the more Fu Yuanchuan felt that the little fish wouldnt do what he was told.

Yet, when he looked at the little fish, who was very well-behaved, what could he say before he did the wrong thing

Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaids head, “Behave.”


Except for a few sentences Shi Kaixin said in the beginning, he was as quiet as a mouse for the entire journey there.

When the suspension car stopped, Shi Kaixin heaved a sigh of relief, “Boss, weve arrived.” 

With that said, he promptly got up and got out of the car; he stood on the left side of the car door and waited.

Fu Yuanchuan came down first, then turned around to support Jun Qingyu.

The steps to get off the car werent low, coupled with the little mermaids legs feeling pain when he walked, this kind of step was fine when one was going up but it was awful when coming down from them.

Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Can you walk”

Jun Qingyu nodded, “Yes.”

It was just some steps.

His legs only hurt for a moment when he stepped on steps and his legs were fine when he went down.

However, Fu Yuanchuan seemed to see something.

He didnt wait for Jun Qingyu to descend to the second step.

He directly picked him up, turned around and carried him down the steps.

His movements were very gentle when he put him down and he didnt let go until Jun Qingyu stood firmly on his feet.

Shi Kaixin looked dumbfounded at the side.

Marshal, did someone transmigrate into your body! Or did this person feed you some poison that made you obey him unconditionally

Do you still need to carry him when its just walking down some steps

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Lets go.”

Shi Kaixin came to his senses at once.

If it werent for the person next to him, he would have caught up with the marshal and asked the marshal what was going on.

When they were entering the door, Fu Yuanchuan and Jun Qingyu went in first.

Shi Kaixin stayed behind to check-in.

There was a fixed time for the banquet and it hadnt started yet.

Despite that, many people had already arrived.

There were also a lot of people sitting over at the self-service food area, tasting the food.

After all, once the banquet began, no one would be eating these things anymore.

When Fu Yuanchuan came in, the sound made from communication in the room seemed to go stagnant.

This silence gradually spread and then the sound in the whole room disappeared.

Their eyes looked towards the door.

Many eyes fell on Fu Yuanchuan and Jun Qingyu who was by his side.

There was a lot of mocking and curious looks.

Recently, the imperial leader had evidently been suppressed and some opportunists would seek their place.

They wouldnt show up at a time like this.

However, Jun Qingyu was still not very comfortable being stared at by these gazes.

Now, it was Fu Yuanchuan who had the upper hand in the battle with the imperial leader.

Then what about the time when Fu Yuanchuan was seriously ill, with no chance of making a comeback

What kind of gaze would these people have

Jun Qingyu clenched his fists, raised his eyes and incorporated the faces of these people into the depths of his mind.

The corners of his mouth were slightly pursed and he had a cold expression on his face.

When he thought of Fu Yuanchuan next to him, Jun Qingyu sorted his mood and stretched his hand out to hold Fu Yuanchuans hand.

He smiled as he said, “Lets go over there to eat delicious food, alright”

Fu Yuanchuan didnt care about those gazes — he was just waiting for someone.

In spite of that, he saw that the little mermaid seemed to be coaxing him and he said, “Ok.”

Jun Qingyu proposed to eat just to change the topic.

He had no appetite at first, yet he was also a little hungry when he saw the wide range of food here.

There was a great variety of food.

In the entire second row of food, Jun Qingyu was only interested in cakes: black forest cake, strawberry cake and matcha cake were all cut into triangle slices; one piece for each type.

His tray was full of cakes.

Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Dont eat too many sweet things.”

Jun Qingyu hadnt spoken yet.

Shi Kaixin came over and said softly, “Boss, Marshal Tordis is here.”

Jun Qingyu bit his fork stuck with cream, he raised his head to take a glimpse, only to see a man in a military uniform walking out from the crowd.

His silver hair seemed to be unkempt, it looked unbearably messy.

Jun Qingyu didnt pay much attention to him but he froze abruptly the next moment.

There were many people with silver hair in the original story.

Even so, a person who met the two conditions of having silver hair and had a good relationship with Fu Yuanchuan all together……

Jun Qingyu frowned.

Then wasnt this person the close friend who kicked Fu Yuanchuan when he was down after Fu Yuanchuan met with a mishap!

But……this wasnt right either.

That close friend wasnt a marshal but a mere major.

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The author has something to say: 

The height difference when the marshal is standing.

The height of the little fish reaches the shoulders of the marshal.

This way, the feeling when hugging will be particularly good.

Ooh! Little fish was caught right-handed in the act.


He said it! He said Fu Qingyu!!! o(*≧□≦)o


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