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Momentarily, Jun Qingyu couldnt figure out whether there was a problem with the original story in his memory or he remembered it wrong.

However…there did not seem to be a person named Marshal Tordis in the original story.

This name was very unfamiliar, Jun Qingyu had no impression of him at all.

So, he wasnt written in the original story or was this person already dead before the plot had begun to develop

There was normalcy in the book, the vacancies and bugs would be automatically filled before the beginning of the book.

Jun Qingyu supposed this marshal most likely could not live for long.

Marshal Tordis came forth with a smile and said, “I thought you wouldnt come.”

Jun Qingyu lowered his head and took a bite of a slice of cake.

Marshal Tordis looked upright and stern, he was the kind that had a majestic temperament but he was kind of silly once he smiled.

“No way.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “Shi Kaixin.”

“Im coming, marshal.” Shi Kaixin, who was named, hastily stepped forth, “Marshal Tordis, this is a congratulatory gift prepared by our marshal.”

The exquisite box containing a congratulatory gift was presented within his arms reach.

Marshal Tordis raised his hand and his deputy behind him stepped forward to receive it.

His deputy also had silver hair.

Perhaps this was the symbol of Marshal Tordis corps

Jun Qingyu shook his head, he might be overthinking this.

Tordis noticed the person by Fu Yuanchuans side and said with a smile, “Its rare to see you bringing someone other than Shi Kaixin.”

After a sentence of casual small talk, Tordis then said, “I have something to tell you after the banquet.

Remember not to leave too early.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan also had something he wanted to discuss with Tordis.

Tordis nodded his head and said, “All right then, you can eat first, Ill go get ready for the banquet later.”

After that, Tordis left with his aide-de-camp.

He came in a hurry and then left in a hurry.

Jun Qingyu looked at that box which Marshal Tordis aide-de-camp was holding and asked, “Whats in there”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Its not a good thing but its something Tordis needs.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head with some understanding.

Fu Yuanchuan took the tray in Jun Qingyus hand and said, “Lets find a place to sit down.”


Just now, Marshal Tordis showed up and many people left with him.

The seats in the food area were emptied.

Fu Yuanchuan found a relatively hidden place to sit down.

Jun Qingyu sat next to Fu Yuanchuan, picking the strawberries off the slice of cake and placed them aside.

He didnt like the taste of the fruit on it but the cake was soft, creamy and sweet.

Red velvet sponge was used as the base of the strawberry cake, which was very soft and firm in texture.

Shi Kaixin sat on the opposite side and that superfluous feeling in the car inexplicably resurfaced again.

As soon as Shi Kaixin had almost sat down, he stood up once more, “Marshal, I have to step out for a little while.

Call me if you need me.”

With that said, he just ran away without a moments hesitation.

Jun Qingyu concentrated on eating his slice of cake, yet Fu Yuanchuan took his slice of cake away the moment he finished eating a small portion of it.

“Huh……” Jun Qingyu looked at his slice of cake going from the tray to Fu Yuanchuans hand and he bit the fork quizzically.

Fu Yuanchuan put the slice of strawberry cake aside and said, “Try something else.”

There were many flavours he wanted to eat, so he could only eat less of each flavour lest his sugar intake would increase if he ate the entire slices of every flavour.

Jun Qingyu looked at that big portion of his slice of cake in Fu Yuanchuans hand, “But isnt that portion wasted”

Even though it was a buffet, you couldnt be so wasteful.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Ill eat it.”

Jun Qingyu contemplated, “Um……that works out fine too.” 

This way, he could eat more flavours.

He would inevitably lower his head when eating a slice of cake, his long hair made it relatively inconvenient and it would always dangle downwards.

Jun Qingyu lifted his hair and then Fu Yuanchuan took it from him and bundled it behind him.

He initially thought that Fu Yuanchuan brought something to tie his hair but he didnt expect that Fu Yuanchuan was lending him a hand.

Jun Qingyu put down the slices of cake, “Im done eating.”

It took a long time, so he sat up straight and with the wind blowing his hair from the back, his hair still flew on top of those slices of cake.

“Its fine, eat it.” Fu Yuanchuan remembered when the little mermaid got upset over his hair getting tangled with something.

The little mermaid had little patience for his own hair.

Fu Yuanchuan helped him to smoothen out his long hair.

Jun Qingyu said, “How about cutting my hair”

“Dont cut it.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “You look pretty good this way.”

His hair looked very beautiful when he was palm-sized and after he grew up, his hair would also change with his body; and it was a pity to cut his waist-length golden hair.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head when he heard what was said and asked him, “Then do you like it”

Fu Yuanchuan took out a piece of tissue paper and wiped the cream from the corner of Jun Qingyus mouth, he said, “I like it.”

The corner of Jun Qingyus mouth raised slightly and he said in a light tone, “Then lets not cut it.”

“Have some cake.”

Jun Qingyu picked up the slice of black forest cake, he got a piece with his fork, turned around and fed it to Fu Yuanchuan, “Ah——”

Fu Yuanchuan bundled his hair up with only a hand.

If he wanted to eat the cake, he could eat it on his own without delay.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid that was feeding him seriously and he ate that mouthful of cake.

“Is it delicious”

“Its very sweet.”

Fu Yuanchuan didnt like to eat things that were too sweet, he would always feel nauseous.

Then under the feeding of the little mermaid, the two shared the few pieces of cake on the table.

After Jun Qingyu finished eating the slices of cake, he realised that the banquet had already begun.

Marshal Tordis said something on the stage and the sound from over there did not transmit over to this side that much.

Jun Qingyu drank the tea Fu Yuanchuan brewed to clear nausea and said sceptically, “Arent we going over there”

Nevertheless, Fu Yuanchuan came here with an invitation letter and it wouldnt be too good if he still sat here and ate when the banquet had begun.

“No need.” Fu Yuanchuan looked at the people standing under the stage, he didnt want to go over.

He subconsciously repelled places with too many people.

In comparison, he preferred to stay quietly at one side with the little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head, “You were invited to come here to specially deliver something to him”

“More or less.

There will be something else later.”

Jun Qingyu understood that it was Marshal Tordis who wanted something from Fu Yuanchuan.

Since they came to help, then there was no need for them to go over for small talk like previously.

After pondering over it, Jun Qingyu got up, “Let me pass.” He sat on the inner side, so he had to pass through Fu Yuanchuan to get out.

Fu Yuanchuan made way for him and asked, “What are you going to do”

“Im getting some more slices of cake.” 

As soon as his voice fell, Jun Qingyu felt a pair of hands on his waist.

With a little force from those hands, Jun Qingyu fell onto Fu Yuanchuans lap.

Fu Yuanchuan hugged him up and said, “Youre not allowed to go.

The amount of dessert you have eaten today has exceeded the accepted norm, you cant eat anymore.”

Jun Qingyu said, “But I only ate a few slices of cake.”

Fu Yuanchuan said flatly, “Now its not only cake, no sweets for three days when we get back.”

“Why” Jun Qingyu turned around and looked at him aggrievedly, “Then can I not drink nutritional powder”

That nutritional powder was extremely unpleasant to drink and the benefits of drinking it were not very obvious.




“Even if you cry crocodile tears, I wont……” 

Fu Yuanchuans voice paused.

Jun Qingyus pale golden pupils were covered with a layer of water mist, his tears from the corner of his eyes slowly flowed down, outlining the contour of his cheeks and lightly dripped on his hand.

He was used to seeing the little mermaid cry but this was the first time he saw his tears streaming down.

After a cry, the little mermaid stopped crying out and just looked at him helplessly, then his tears kept streaming down.

Fu Yuanchuan: “……”

“Alright.” Fu Yuanchuan sighed and wiped his tears with a piece of tissue, “Nutritional powder……can be temporarily stopped for some time.”

How could there be any principles

When the little mermaid looked at you like this, it was hard to refuse.

And not to mention, tears fell.

Even though he was pretending to cry.

Despite the fact that he couldnt eat cake, he didnt have to drink unpleasant nutritional powder.

Jun Qingyu was still very happy.

It was good to be a mermaid, he could cry whenever he wanted.

Once his tears were wiped, his eyes werent red, there were no signs of crying at all.

Shi Kaixin walked over in large strides and said, “Marshal, Marshal Tordis wants me to come…Holy **!”

Seeing this scene before him, Shi Kaixins brain went blank.

What are you doing

What is this for!

Shi Kaixin was shocked, “You guys, this, why…are you sitting Sit-sit-siting on your lap!”

“Speak properly.” Fu Yuanchuan released his hand that was confining Jun Qingyu.

Jun Qingyu stood up and sorted out his clothes.

He couldnt see behind his back, so Fu Yuanchuan extended his hand out to help him.

Shi Kaixin knew what was wrong.

These two people were not like normal family members!

What kind of character did the marshal have In the past, when his popularity was high, many men and women came up, the marshal unexpectedly did not react to those people who wanted to court him; they were all arrested as spies.

Since then, the marshal gained notoriety and no one dared to put people around the marshal.

Even so, there were also many who acted on their own but they were taken away before they could get within three metres.

The marshals mysophobia was very serious and he would not communicate too much with strangers, not to mention physical contact.

They — subordinates, familiar with him — could go to the marshals house but they couldnt stay for too long.

Then now, wasnt it obvious who the person that could get so close to the marshals side be

One should know that, apart from family members related by blood, there was another kind of existence that could be called a family member.

Shi Kaixin couldnt refrain from shaking his head. 

I really didnt expect it, I really didnt expect it.

How long had it been since they have met They have already obtained a marriage certificate!

Youre worthy of being a marshal, your ability to act is too strong.

After everything was sorted out, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Lets go.”

“All right!” Shi Kaixin smiled at Jun Qingyu while squinting his eyes. 

I understand. 

I understand everything.

You want to play hidden marriage, dont you You want to not tell us — your subordinates — first, right

Dont worry! This brothers mouth is discreet.

I would absolutely never divulge half a word for such an important matter.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Why is this person so weird

He could feel that Shi Kaixin meant no harm but Jun Qingyu strangely felt a chill behind his back.


After going up to the fifth floor, it was very quiet.

The entire building was a private place, except for the recreation area on the second first, one couldnt come to the other floor without the owners permission.

Shi Kaixin came up once a short while ago, at present, he took the initiative to lead the way

Jun Qingyus legs would ache a little if he had not soaked in water for a long time.

Fu Yuanchuan calculated the time and wanted to pick the little mermaid up but Jun Qingyu took him by the hand and said, “I can walk by myself, Im fine.”

Nonetheless, it took a little pain to be able to get used to it quickly.

Seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan stretched his arm out for him to support himself by holding onto it.

Jun Qingyu simply hugged him, he partially leaned against Fu Yuanchuan and walked forward slowly.

Tordis specially selected a hidden study room to receive guests and to enter from outside, they still had to make several detours to be able to get in.

The invisible door blended into the wall.

It could only be opened after scanning.

Jun Qingyu looked at this layer of protection and knew that the matter Fu Yuanchuan and Tordis were going to talk about today was not trivial.

Once they entered, Shi Kaixin was right in the middle of scanning the last door.

At this time, Fu Yuanchuans light brain vibrated twice.

He opened it to take a look and saw dozens of messages pouring out at the same time.

After careful inspection, he found that instead of work content, they sent him red envelopes with blessings for him.

Jun Qingyu heard the sound and asked a sentence in doubt, “Whats wrong”

Fu Yuanchuan turned off his light brain and said nonchalantly, “Nothings wrong.”

After a pause, he said, “Wait for me.”


Fu Yuanchuan walked to Shi Kaixin, reached out and put his hand on his shoulder, he said coldly, “Shi Kaixin.”

Shi Kaixin: “Yes!”

“Explain why so many people suddenly gave me red envelopes.”

Shi Kaixin instantly broke out in cold sweat.

He chuckled and said, “Ill think about it.

A celebration might be coming soon, so theyre celebrating in advance.

There are still more than one hundred and fifty days before we celebrate the New Year, so we sent red envelopes in advance, haha.”

Fu Yuanchuan asked once more, “Then what doesMay you live a long and happy life together. mean”

Shi Kaixin: “……”

Would the marshal believe me when I say that it wasnt me who spread the news

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Ahem, a discreet brother indeed.

Then what about these red envelopes

What about these wedding blessings(‐^▽^‐)


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