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As Fu Yuanchuan looked at the innocent little mermaid, the corners of his mouth raised slightly.

He curled up his finger and rubbed it against the little mermaids cheek.

He raised his head and asked, “How do the both of you get along every day”


Marshal Tordis pondered over it for a while and said, “Every day, I buy him some delicious food and toys, and he uses his spiritual energy to help me recuperate my body.”


It was rather monotonous and boring but that was how it usually was on a daily basis.


Everyone took care of their mermaids like this, and their relationship with their mermaid has always been maintained between treatment and rearing.


Fu Yuanchuan compared it to his daily routine with his little mermaid, knitted his brows and then asked, “What does your mermaid do while you work”


Marshal Tordis thought about it.

While he was working, his little mermaid would never appear in his line of sight.


He said casually, “The mermaid will play by himself.”


“Will your mermaid kiss you”


Marshal Tordis raised his eyebrows, and he didnt seem to understand why Fu Yuanchuan would ask such a question, “Kiss me Cut it out, I dont even dare to let him near my face.

Im scared of disfigurement.”


Fu Yuanchuan: “……”


It really doesnt seem……right.


His relationship with his little fish was different from others.


When he raised a mermaid for the first time, he didnt really pay much attention to how others raised it.


Besides, the mermaid breeding base has always emphasised that the personality of a little mermaid was not fixed, and every mermaid was different.


Fu Yuanchuan thought his little mermaid would be so close to him because of his good personality.


But now it seemed……it was not an issue to have lots of hugs and kisses but was it wrong to carry him around after he became a human being


Jun Qingyu was met with Fu Yuanchuans silence, he was curious about what he was thinking about, but he was mindful of Marshal Tordis presence — he could not speak directly.

He tugged on Fu Yuanchuans sleeve.


Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head and looked at the little mermaid in his palm.

His eyes gradually became gentle, he shook his head and stroked the little mermaids hair.

He said softly, “Im alright.”


What was he doing by thinking about these useless things


If he carried him then he carried him, what was wrong with it


His little mermaid was different from other peoples little mermaids and could even transform into a human.

His little mermaid could not be lumped together with other mermaids.


Tordis opened the lid, allowing the little blue mermaid in the box to come out and get some fresh air.

He said, “What youre asking are all strange questions for Dont speak about those useless things.

Wheres your mermaid”


Fu Yuanchuan sat on the sofa, “My little fish doesnt like hanging out with his kind.”


After raising him for so long, his little mermaid has never looked for his kind and even after he could speak, he didnt talk about it as well.


“Eeeeeeee~!” Jun Qingyu nodded in affirmation.


Tordis was stunned when he heard that sound, he turned his head over slowly and stiffly, he saw a pale golden little mermaid curled up on Fu Yuanchuans palm.


Tordis: “”


What did I just say


What cant be touched What cant lay on your hand


Tordis gradually knitted his brows, “Thats not right.

The temperature of a mermaid is different from that of a human.

Wouldnt he feel uncomfortable laying down like that”




Fu Yuanchuan hadnt noticed the temperature difference between them and lowered his head to ask, “Do you feel uncomfortable”


Jun Qingyu shook his head, “Eeeeeeee!”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Little fish says he doesnt.”


Tordis: “……”


Something is wrong with me or perhaps something is wrong with you.


Tordis contemplated as he looked at the little blue mermaid floating in the box.

Was it possible that he used the wrong method


He used the wrong method to get along with his little mermaid, causing him to get beaten all the time


And what Fu Yuanchuan said was actually right When the little mermaid was not feeling well, it wanted its owner to show consideration for it on their palm


Tordis tried to reach his hand into the box but just as it touched the water surface, the little blue mermaid flung its tail.


With a splash, a lot of water was thrown out.


Namely, Marshal Tordis had sharp eyes and agile hands; otherwise, with a solid shot from its tail, he would have minor fractures.


He looked at the little mermaid staring at him and then at the one in Fu Yuanchuans hand, Tordis couldnt believe this worldly difference, “Your mermaid is a fake.”


The more he looked at it, the more it didnt seem like a real mermaid.

Marshal Tordis said, “Were you so sick that you found a random machine to comfort yourself”


A fake


Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, sat up with the support of Fu Yuanchuans hand and was going to jump down to hit him.


Youre the one whos fake!


Fu Yuanchuan feared that he would fall and quickly held his palms together to wrap him up, “Be good, hes not very smart, lets not care about him.”


Tordis knew as soon as he saw that fierce appearance of the mermaid wanting to hit him — he was really not a fake fish.


Tordis couldnt help but feel a bit envious, “This mermaid……Youre very lucky.”


“Mhm, I think so too.” Fu Yuanchuan felt that all his luck in this life had been used to meet his little mermaid.


Tordis looked at the little blue mermaid staring at him in the fish tank and sighed as he said, “All right, your little mermaid is shy, Ill think of another way.”


Seeing that Tordis was about to take the little blue mermaid away, Jun Qingyu quickly grabbed Fu Yuanchuans cuff, “Eeeeeeee!”


Fu Yuanchuan understood the meaning of his little mermaid in an instant and stopped Tordis, “Wait a minute.”


“Whats wrong Do you have something to tell me”


Jun Qingyu pointed in the direction of the kitchen.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Please wait a moment.” 


With that said, he got up and took the little mermaid to the kitchen.


Tordis thought he had something important to do, so he wasnt in a rush to leave.


He sat back on the sofa and sighed as he looked at the little blue mermaid who was obviously lacking in spirits in the fish tank.


In the kitchen.


Jun Qingyu whispered, “I feel that that mermaid should have consumed too much universal life energy, thats why he ended up like that.

Take some fruit and vegetable juice for it and it should feel better after drinking it a few times.”


The little mermaid would slowly recover after using up its spiritual energy, but recovery was much slower than its consumption.


It became like that when its recovery could not keep up with its consumption; fruit and vegetable juice could help its spiritual energy to recover faster.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Okay.”


There were fruits and vegetables that Jun Qingyu put in the refrigerator.

Fu Yuanchuan picked out a few at random and threw them into the juicer.


With fresh fruits and vegetables, even when the flavour was made at random, it would taste good.


Jun Qingyu looked at the vegetables and fruits in the juicer, thought about it and added some spring water from his space.


For the spring water in his space, he had previously dug a special soaking pit, which was separate from the spring water that was originally in his space.


What was added inside was the water from the water hole.


Before Fu Yuanchuan had time to take some water, he saw the little mermaid adding some water.

He didnt ask any questions, just closed the lid and pressed the start button.


After the fruit and vegetable juice was squeezed, it was contained in bottles and it filled up four bottles altogether.


Fu Yuanchuan didnt have a free hand to hold the little mermaid.


So Jun Qingyu sat on his shoulder, shook his tail and said, “Lets go.”




Tordis was on the line in the living room and when he saw Fu Yuanchuan coming out, he addressed a few words and hung up.


Looking at the bottles Fu Yuanchuan was carrying, he said questioningly, “What are those”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Fruit and vegetable juice for your mermaid to drink.”


Tordis did not bring anything when he came here, but he left with a few bottles of fruit and vegetable juice; he felt embarrassed, “Did you just leave to get this You shouldnt have.”


“It looks good, but its a pity that my fish is picky, so Im afraid it would most likely be wasted if you give it to him to drink.”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Try it, maybe he will like it.”


Tordis did not want to let him drink here; how picky his little mermaid was indescribable in simple words.


If he gave it his little mermaid to drink now, how embarrassing would it be for him if the little mermaid refused or knocked it over


Just as Tordis was at a loss, the little mermaid — who was submerged underwater — took the initiative to surface and stretched his hand towards Tordis, “Eeeeeeee!”


“Huh” Tordis was taken aback, and he subconsciously delivered his hand over.

Do you want to shake hands with me


The little blue mermaid shunned it away with a swat, it clearly didnt mean that.


Tordis saw that he had been looking at his left hand all along, shook the fruit and vegetable juice and asked, “Do you want this”


The little blue mermaid nodded his head.


Tordis could only open the fruit and vegetable juice and tried feeding it to the little mermaid.


The little blue mermaid would cautiously sniff for a long time before eating food, then take a small bite and only ate it after he made sure it was safe to eat.


However, for this bottle of fruit and vegetable juice, the little blue mermaid did not hesitate at all and opened his mouth directly to drink a big mouthful.


Tordis: “……”


I just said you were picky.


The little blue mermaid liked the fruit and vegetable juice very much — it was within Jun Qingyus expectations.


Fruit and vegetable juice with spring water was the best food to supplement spiritual energy.

In terms of taste, it also tasted better than regular interstellar fruit and vegetable juice.


It was perfectly normal for it to be liked.


The little blue mermaid drank half of the bottle in one breath, then sank to the bottom of the water again, apparently to rest.


Tordis looked at the fruit and vegetable juice in his hand, got up and said, “Marshal Fu, this fruit and vegetable juice……”


Fu Yuanchuan didnt wait for him to ask and said, “I bought it from an online store, Ill share the store with you.

You can drink some too.”


The expression on Tordis face was a bit complicated.

This fruit and vegetable juice didnt seem like something ordinary.

After looking at Fu Yuanchuan for a moment, he said in a deep voice, “Thank you so much.”


“Dont mention it.”

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Poor Tordis…

He gotslapped in the face with embarrassment so many times.

Hush now, Tordis, its for the best.

You cant do much since Fu Yuanchuan and his little fish are the special ones.


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