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The next morning.


Jun Qingyu slept exceptionally deep this time.

He opened his eyes in confusion, he didnt know what time he slept until.

Just as he was about to get up to check what time it was, he looked up and accidentally touched Fu Yuanchuans jaw.


He froze, and then he realized that he was leaning on Fu Yuanchuans chest.


Fu Yuanchuan was still asleep, then it should not be too late.

Jun Qingyu was half-asleep as he lowered his head to nuzzle Fu Yuanchuan.

He rested his head on Fu Yuanchuans arm, planning to go back to sleep when he momentarily got startled at once.


His sleepy brain suddenly flashed with a trace of clarity.

Jun Qingyu abruptly opened his eyes.

When he went to bed last night, he seemed to have become small but now, why…


Jun Qingyu looked at his own arm resting on Fu Yuanchuans body and his breath went stagnant.




His heartbeat suddenly accelerated and his face felt hot for no reason.


Jun Qingyu carefully took his hand off.


Fortunately, Fu Yuanchuan was still asleep; otherwise, if they looked at each other at this time, Jun Qingyu felt that he would lose face.


The clothes he wore after he became a human were not brought over.

Now, he still had to take them from the closet.


Jun Qingyu thought about it, he had better revolve his spiritual energy and become a little mermaid.

The only difference was just his fishtail and his legs before he went to sleep; Fu Yuanchuan shouldnt care too much about it.


It was just a pity for the clothes on him.


Jun Qingyu completely restored his little mermaid form, and he breathed a sigh of relief.

Fu Yuanchuan did not have any intention of waking up the whole time—safe.


After such a scene, Jun Qingyu didnt feel sleepy at all, he simply lay down silently and looked at Fu Yuanchuan.


He would see when he would wake up.


Fu Yuanchuan felt the little mermaids gaze, but he wasnt in a rush to open his eyes.

He was up all night last night, and he closed his eyes when the little mermaid woke up.


If he woke up at this time, the little fish might feel uncomfortable.

In any case, they had been lying for such a long time, there was no harm in pretending for a while more.


Almost half an hour later, it was enough time for the little fish to adjust his mentality.

Fu Yuanchuan then slowly opened his eyes and he pretended to be sleepy by rubbing his glabella.


Jun Qingyu smiled as he said, “Morning.”




It was said to be early, but the time was not early and it was almost afternoon.

Fu Yuanchuan lifted his quilt and sat up, and he fixed the collar of his pyjamas.


Jun Qingyu glanced at him and said doubtfully, “How did your buttons fall off”


Fu Yuanchuan said stiffly, “The quality isnt very good.”


Jun Qingyu picked up a few buttons scattered on the bed, Fu Yuanchuan dropped so many buttons when he slept and his clothes also looked wrinkled.


Fu Yuanchuans clothes were of good quality, so he didnt know what was going on with his clothes.


Jun Qingyu said, “Buy a new one.”


“Mhm, Ill place an order later.” Fu Yuanchuan put the buttons away and was about to throw them into the rubbish bin with that set of pyjamas.

However, in the process of throwing it away, he thought about it and still put his pyjamas back into the closet.


They were going out today, it was not convenient to go out as a little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu waited for Fu Yuanchuan to go downstairs to prepare their meal before he transformed into a human, put on some clothes and went downstairs with his light brain.


Jun Qingyu walked into the kitchen and said, “Yuanchuan, do we have to make an appointment to look at the store later”


Fu Yuanchuan wiped his hands, “No, the store has been bought.”




We looked at the sales information of the stores yesterday, how come he had bought it on the double


Jun Qingyu asked quizzically, “When did you buy it”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “I had some trouble sleeping last night.

During the time I could not sleep, I paid for it.

The contract has been signed, its written under your name.”


The contract was signed electronically.

There was no need for both parties to show up for most things in the Interstellar Age, things could be handled directly online; it was convenient and fast.


Initially, he wanted to look at something else to divert his attention.

He happened to see a message from a landlord and simply bought the store at once.


Jun Qingyu didnt expect to have a house of his own when he woke up, “But we havent visited to check on-site yet.”


Buying a house was such a big matter and if you dont go to the site to see it, what if you get deceived


“Its the same if we go later.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “I purchased the store with my identity as a guarantee.”


Jun Qingyu nodded.

If Fu Yuanchuans identity was used as a guarantee, there shouldnt be any problems.


Fu Yuanchuan put the dishes out and said, “Lets eat first, and I will take you to take a look later.”


“Okay.” Jun Qingyu put two sets of bowls and chopsticks on the table.



After lunch, it was already past three oclock by the time they went out.


Jun Qingyu sat at the seat by the window, he opened the window by a little slit and the temperature of the wind blowing in was just right; it brought with it a faint fragrance of some kind of flowers.

He could even see the scenery outside from this angle.


The few times Jun Qingyu went out was around the city.

The development of the Interstellar Age was rapid, many green plants were made of plastic and looked pleasing to the eye, but there was always a bit of life missing.


There were a lot of wildflowers flourishing along this route away from the city.

There was a variety and all of them looked beautiful.


Fu Yuanchuan reached his hand out to tie the little mermaids long hair in order to prevent it from being messed up by the wind later, causing the little mermaid to be in a bad mood.


After a while, Jun Qingyu tilted his head and leaned on Fu Yuanchuans shoulder; he no longer looked at the scenery outside.

It was an hours journey, it was boring to look outside the entire time.


Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Do you want to watch a video Or a movie” He didnt bring the fish tank when they came out; otherwise, the little fish could soak in the water in the fish tank, and he wouldnt be so bored.


Jun Qingyu shook his head, he was thinking about the store.

He asked, “For the renovation, how long will it take to get it done”


“Its not set, it depends on the refurbishment team.” Fu Yuanchuan used his light brain to search for some decoration styles for the little fish to see, “Choose a few that you like.

When the time comes, we can just renovate it directly.”


Jun Qingyu flipped through a few pictures and felt that all these styles looked similar, so he said, “Lets get a simple one.

The shorter the renovation time, the better.”


The earlier they opened the store, the sooner they could get Wen Chengyao to come over.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Okay, Ill find someone to arrange it.”


Once the renovation was complete, they could have Wen Chengyao come over.

It was just that… Jun Qingyu pondered over it before he said, “Wen Chengyao is an interstellar pirate.

If he comes, wont the stores in the vicinity be in danger”


No one came here for tourism, but the lease had not expired, so there were still businesses opening their stores to sell things.

If by any chance that things didnt work out, or he had conflicting views with Wen Chengyao, he was not afraid, but it wasnt good to implicate others.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Dont worry about this, I bought that street.”


Jun Qingyu: “”


“Are you for real” When Jun Qingyu heard this, he thought Fu Yuanchuan was joking, but when he saw Fu Yuanchuans serious look, he seemed to be telling the truth.


Fu Yuanchuan nodded, “Its true.”


He considered more than Jun Qingyu had expected.


Fu Yuanchuan clearly knew what kind of person Wen Chengyao was.

Naturally, he could not let Jun Qingyu meet Wen Chengyao alone in the small store.


His intention from the beginning was to follow Jun Qingyu and protect him.

Though Wen Chengyaos fighting ability was not strong, he could escape.

Hed be completely crushed if he fought head-on so he had to guard against some unexpected things.


Fu Yuanchuan thought about it and chose the easiest and safest way to set the whole street with his own men.

When the time came, it would be difficult for Wen Chengyao to escape.

If Wen Chengyao let his sisters illness be treated dutifully and did not stir up trouble, he wouldnt make a move.

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