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Wen Chengyao slowly raised one of his eyebrows and felt that Jun Qingyu’s attitude from his response was not quite right, “Isn’t he your boyfriend”

Jun Qingyu said, “Of course not.”

“Then are both of you married” Wen Chengyao said, “You look rather young and you got married so early.”


Jun Qingyu was surprised by Wen Chengyao’s brain circuit.

Wen Chengyao could sense Jun Qingyu’s speechlessness through his mask.

He paused, “The both of you aren’t married And aren’t boyfriends… So what’s your relationship”

Wen Chengyao believed he was very accurate at judging people.

The atmosphere between the two of them was very different from ordinary friends, it didn’t quite fit if he said they were family members.

As a result, the outcome of his bout of speculation was actually wrong

Jun Qingyu said, “Why do you care about our relationship”

Jun Qingyu no longer paid attention to him and lowered his head to eat his orange.

Wen Chengyao didn’t ask anymore; he couldn’t help but think about this matter inwardly.

What was their relationship…

From the looks of it, their relationship was between that of a little mermaid and an owner, but that didn’t seem right…the other little mermaids did not get along with their owners like this.

The reason was that the little mermaid was used to being intimate with Fu Yuanchuan, and after becoming a human, he did not take this matter to heart.

Wen Chengyao said, “You seem to be quite confused, do you need a mentor I can enlighten you.”

“I don’t need a mentor.” He would figure out such a trivial matter on his own.

Wen Chengyao shrugged his shoulders, “As you wish.

If you don’t take advantage of such a good opportunity, where can you find a spiritual mentor like me”

“……” This interstellar pirate was quite good at flattering himself.

Jun Qingyu didn’t bother to pay attention to him and tidied up the things on the table.

He got up and walked over to Wen Chengyao’s sister.

Wen Chengyao saw him coming out and his gaze subconsciously swept to the red button that Fu Yuanchuan had pressed before.

He raised his eyebrows and turned around to follow after Jun Qingyu.

Jun Qingyu put away the plates on the table.

When they left in a while, someone would come to check whether anything was pilfered, so there was no need for him to do much.

Wen Chengyao asked, “Take a look at my sister’s health.

How long does it take for her to recover from eating these things”

“It depends on her situation.” Jun Qingyu really couldn’t say.

He wasn’t a professional doctor, just that the universal life energy in spring water could help with recovery, but he really wasn’t clear with the duration.

“Each individual’s body constitution is different and has a different efficacy for absorption.”


Jun Qingyu saw that Wen Chengyao couldn’t wait for his sister to be cured the next moment, so he could take his sister away.

He put those plates away, placing them aside in a basket.

Jun Qingyu said, “There’s no need to rush.

Even if she is cured, she still has to stay for a few more days to stabilise her condition.

In addition, ordinary people can also condition their bodies just by eating some desserts from me.

Your sister is recovering from a serious illness, there’s no harm in eating them for a few more days.”

Wen Chengyao pondered over it.

It would be very troublesome to come here often, not only that, their interstellar pirate spaceship could not stay in one place for an extended period of time.

It was fine if they did not get discovered, but if they got discovered—their ship was so close to the Imperial Main Star—it was either a provocation or a deliberate attempt to cause trouble.

There was bound to be no shortage of problems.

The simplest solution was to stay in the store.

Wen Chengyao asked, “Do you provide accommodation”

If they lived here, the spaceship could leave without them and then meet up with them after his sister had recovered.


Jun Qingyu thought: In your dreams, don’t even think about staying in the dessert store.

Wen Chengyao nodded and explained patiently, “I can pay up.

You won’t suffer losses and as a store owner, you won’t stay in the store for twenty-four-seven.

I can help you look after the store, the sort without a pay.”

This was a win-win situation.

And he saved money for security, made money from lodging as well, and even secured a regular customer.

How good it was.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Look after the store

You didn’t even look at who the people next to you are.

The present you is a mouse among a group of cats and you’re even helping me to look after the store.

It was pretty good that you did not get caught by them, and yet you want to watch the store.

Jun Qingyu refused, “No.”

Wen Chengyao squinted his eyes as he smiled, “Since you let me come here, how could I be of no use”

This statement seemed to have an underlying meaning.

Jun Qingyu’s fingers stopped and he looked up at Wen Chengyao.

He was smiling, but he gave people a sense of discomfort.

After thinking about it, Jun Qingyu raised his hand and temporarily turned off the radio in the store, “I do have something I need your help for, but it’s just that I don’t need you yet.”

“As remuneration, I will cure your sister’s illness, and I will contact you when you are needed.”

Perceiving Jun Qingyu’s movements, Wen Chengyao’s smile deepened, “Then I will wait for when you need me.”

Yaoyao heard their conversation, she looked up at them blankly and tugged on Wen Chengyao’s sleeve.

Wen Chengyao patted her hand and comforted her, “It’s all right, we’re just discussing something, don’t worry.”

Yaoyao shook her head, seeming to disagree with Wen Chengyao doing this.

She stood up unsteadily with the support of the table, wanting to leave.

Although these desserts were beneficial to her health, they weren’t elixirs that would immediately make her glow with health after she ate them.

It was even difficult for her to stand up and walk right now.

Wen Chengyao was afraid that his sister would fall, so he quickly supported her, “Don’t move.

What if you fall”

Yaoyao shook her head and grabbed Wen Chengyao’s arm, trying to lead him out.

“Don’t worry.

I just need his help, not his life.” Jun Qingyu knew what Yaoyao meant with a glance.

She was worried about her brother.

Jun Qingyu said, “Besides, what I want him to do is a win-win situation.

In short, you won’t lose out.”

Not only will he not lose out, but Wen Chengyao might be the one who benefits from this situation in the end.

Yaoyao clutched Wen Chengyao’s hand tightly, but she did not shake or nod her head; she might have some scruples against Jun Qingyu.

Jun Qingyu merely explained with a sentence and he did not say anything else afterwards.

Wen Chengyao wouldn’t refuse after seeing the effects of the desserts, regardless of Yaoyao’s attitude, Wen Chengyao would not give up.

He got back to the silver counter to make desserts, leaving the brother and sister duo to sort it out themselves.

Fu Yuanchuan wasn’t back yet, perhaps what Marshal Tordis told him was quite tricky.

He had not returned, and even if Wen Chengyao and the others had left; Jun Qingyu would not leave, he would simply bake some desserts to pass the time.

The dessert store was complete, with all kinds of equipment, Jun Qingyu intended to try making a fruit cake.

There were full tutorials on the Internet, and he would follow the tutorial step by step; it should be quite simple.

Jun Qingyu whisked the egg whites while he watched the tutorial.

After the egg whites became foamy, Jun Qingyu indistinctly felt turbulent mental energy when he was about to stir.

The store was such a small space, he could clearly feel the presence of mental energy.

Jun Qingyu looked up and he happened to see Yaoyao in Wen Chengyao’s arms, Wen Chengyao lowered his head to coax her.

It was probably that the spiritual energy she had consumed was soothing the mental energy in her body, which caused such distinct tremor.

Sensing his gaze, Yaoyao raised her head, without a trace of colour on her pale face; and her eyes looked at him without blinking—gawking silently like a dummy at Jun Qingyu—until Wen Chengyao realised that she wasn’t moving and said something, only then did Yaoyao retract her gaze.

Jun Qingyu didn’t ask any questions, such dispersion of turbulent mental energy was actually good for his sister.

The more that was dispersed, the faster her recovery.

Without any other problem, he lowered his head and continued to make a cake.

Wen Chengyao sat with Yaoyao for a while and he coaxed his sister, who refused to be treated.

He stood up and said, “Store owner, I’ll send my sister back.

Don’t go yet.

There’s something I want to discuss with you later when I come back.”

Jun Qingyu said without raising his head, “Got it.”

He poured the cake mixture into a mould, adjusted the temperature and waited for it to be baked.

In the meantime, Jun Qingyu whipped some cream and cut some fruits, intending to decorate the cake with them later on.

The edges that were cut off were eaten by him and the fruits in the space, even if it was the apple flesh near the pit or the strawberry calyx, were all sweet.

After almost ten minutes, Wen Chengyao came back.

He was very prompt, and Jun Qingyu couldn’t help but wonder where this man had hidden his sister.

Their people were in the vicinity and naturally, no one would agree to take care of her, but Wen Chengyao managed to find a place.

Wen Chengyao came over.

He propped his hand on the checkout counter and discussed with Jun Qingyu, “Store owner, I want to order desserts for five months.

During these five months, you can only make desserts for me and you can’t receive any other customers.

Is that all right”

Jun Qingyu’s nose was irritated by Wen Chengyao’s perfume.

It was just a bit before, but it wasn’t that obvious.

He even sprayed himself with more perfume as he sent his sister out and then returned

Jun Qingyu raised his hand to the tip of his nose, he was somewhat hesitant in regards to Wen Chengyao’s proposal.

He did not accept other customers without a reservation and didn’t receive any other customers as well but…

“What about the price” Wen Chengyao proposed it, so he couldn’t go at the original price.

Wen Chengyao said, “I’ll pay tenfold.”


Wen Chengyao’s offer was straightforward and Jun Qingyu agreed decisively as well.

Initially, he thought that Wen Chengyao would feel that it was expensive and bargain with him, but he didn’t expect Wen Chengyao to have no intention of bargaining at all.

Wen Chengyao said, “All right.

If there’s no issue, then that’s it.

Let’s go.”

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, “Go”

“Yes, let’s go.”

Just as his voice fell, Jun Qingyu felt that his perfume was getting stronger; it was no longer just for masking like before and was like an ostentatious intrusion instead.

Wen Chengyao squinted his eyes as he smiled, “The desserts in the store can’t be taken away, then I can take the store owner away, right”

“It’s not considered breaking the rule of the store owner too.”

Wen Chengyao said, “Let me advise you, be smart and don’t resist.”

“This medicine I have is not something cheap, you had better let nature take its course.

If you resist it strongly, it won’t be good if you hurt your mental energy.”

Wen Chengyao said with a sincere face, “After all, I only want to invite you to my spaceship as a guest, and I don’t want to hurt you at all.”

Wen Chengyao didn’t wait for Jun Qingyu to speak and he added, “Also, don’t worry.

Since you agreed with five months, then it will only be five months, not a day more.

When the time is up, I’ll send you back.”

Perhaps Wen Chengyao was waiting for the drug to kick in, so he patiently said a lot to Jun Qingyu.

However, Jun Qingyu looked at him calmly the entire time and was not the least affected by the medicine that Wen Chengyao had talked about.

To be exact, he would not be affected by it.

This medicine was strong, but…it was for humans and what did it have to do with a mermaid like him

Wen Chengyao had never failed when using this medicine, so when he saw that Jun Qingyu’s expression was unchanged, he considered it as him playing at being strong.

Wen Chengyao raised his hand to obstruct the red button and said, “The person by your side is not here right now.

If you resist and when the time comes that I break his limbs, don’t say that I’m unreasonable.”

Jun Qingyu glanced at him, “You know that he’s not present too.”

Wen Chengyao hesitated, “What do you mean”

Jun Qingyu said coldly, “How dare you be so unbridled when he’s not here”


Following up with those words, Jun Qingyu directly supported himself singlehandedly on the countertop and leapt over the table between them.



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